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Publication numberUS1064077 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1913
Filing dateDec 28, 1911
Priority dateDec 28, 1911
Publication numberUS 1064077 A, US 1064077A, US-A-1064077, US1064077 A, US1064077A
InventorsArthur Lewyt
Original AssigneeInternat Tailoring Co
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US 1064077 A
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APPLIUATION FILED 13110.28, 1911A 1,064,077. Patented June 10, 1913.



Application lfiled December 28, 1911.

To @YZ 007mm, f/' may comer/2f.

Be it known that l', Aia/rotin linwr'r, a citizen oit the United States, residingl in the borough oli' Brooklyn. in the eounty ot lings and State ot' New "fork, have invented eortain new and use'tul lmprovements in llook-Stands, oit whieh the 'tollowing is a speeitieation, reterenee being had therein to the aeeompanying drawing.

My invention relates to improvements in book stands more espeeially adapted to hold a large volume Vin opened or elosed position.

lin-the aeeompanying drawings l have illustrated an application ot the invention.

Figure l represents a plan view ot' the book holding portion, and Fig. Q a trout ele ration ot' Vthe entire book stand. liig. il shows the book holding portion in elosed position with part ot the stand broken away.

at is a suitable base provided with a hollow spiinlle 5 within which projects the stem t ot the stand. This stem is provided with a flap or collar 7 adapted to rest upon the top o't' the tube 5 and has internal eollars S adapted to engage the inner walls ot the hollow spindle or tube The top oft the stem (l may be suitably secured to the plate 9, said plate being provided with hinged portions itl-10a and 11ml l. and 13 are the sides o't the book holder provided with hinged portions adapted to tit upon the hinged portions itl-m10 and lfb-1l referred to as more partieularly observable in lfig. 1. so that it will be seen that the sides .lQland 13 ean be l'i'tted o'tiil the hinges very easily. Each of these sides comprise an L- shaped strip and two straight strips 'l'astened togetlier in parallel arrangement and have projecting portions lst-41.11;, lill and l-ltia, 15b which serve as stops to limit the openingl ot the sides which it will be seen are pre'terably so adjusted that the stand opens ont quite tlat. llaeh ot these sides are also provided with transverse strips emr neeting the 'tree ends ot the other strips and which terminate `in hooks or o'll'sets -lt and 17 to engage the book and hooks 1S and lt) to support the outer extremities otf the book. The hooks 20-21 are also adapted 'lo engage the eover ot the book the same as the hooks Specification of Letters 'atent.

. x1atelrtied June 1lb, 15)! 3.

Serial No. 668,205.

Alo and 'li'. so that it will be seen the book has ample support and is well seem-ed. 'l`he swinging hook i3?, is also prelerably attached to one ot the hooks sueh as 1S) and a button sueh as 2 lisprelerablv seeured to one ot' the hooks sueh as 'ltS so that when the book holder is elosed it may be loeked in that', position as shown more partieularly in l1`ig. tl.

(it eourse it will be understood that various modilieations may be made in the eonstruetion and arrmigement o'lE parts without departing 'lrom the spirit ot the invention as set -toi-th in the elaims.

l. ln a book stand. a base7 a stem, a supportAN hinged sides upon said support to support the sides ol a book1 said hinged sides being limited in movement bv said support, and havingl means tor retaining a book in position thereupon. eaeh olf said hinged sides eomprising an l shaped strip and two straight strips 'fastened together in parallel arrangement, a transverse strip eonneeting the tre-e ends ot .said first mentioned stripsI and terminating in an oll'set to retain one side ol a book, and the bottom o't said L- shaped strip also terminating in an o'll'iset to retain the same side ot' said book.

ln a hook stand, a base. a stem, a support7 hinged sides upon said support to support the sides ot a book1 said hinged sides being limited in movement by said support, and having means Al'or retaining a book in position thereupon. eaeh ot said hinged sides comprising an L-shaped strip and two straight strips 'fastened together in parallel arrangemeiit7 a transverse strip eonneoting the Ytree ends ot said lirst mentioned strips and ternlinating in an o'tl'set to retain one side ot a book, and the bottom o'l. said L- shaped strip also terminating in an o'llset to retain the same side ot said book. and Atastening means between the oll'set's of said L-shaped strips o'le said hinged sides.

In testimony whereo'l l a llx my signature in l'n'esenee ot' two witnesses.

l'lll'tllt LlillVYT.

lvitnesses Lotnsn E'Nnnmm, Tito'xras A. llnm.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for ve cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.

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U.S. Classification248/447
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