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Publication numberUS106425 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 16, 1870
Publication numberUS 106425 A, US 106425A, US-A-106425, US106425 A, US106425A
InventorsOtto Stoelker
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Improved barbers furniture
US 106425 A
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Letters Patent No. 106,425, dated August 16, 1870. Y


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Pate'nt and making part of the same To' alla-hom it may concern.-

Bevitknown that I, -Orro Slosnunn, of Montgomery, in the county of Montgomery and State of` Alabama, have invented new andimproved Barbers Furniture; and I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description thereof, which will enable. others skilled in the art to make and luse the same, reference being had to the ac- .companyn g drawing forming part ot' this specification,

inl whichi Figure l represen-ts afront elevation of my iinproved barbers, furniture.

Figure2 is a vertical transverse section, on an enlarged scale, ofthe fluid-vessel contained in the same; Similar letters of reference'indicate corresponding lparts.

This invention relates to a new apparatus, which. is to be set up in barber-shops, with an object of economiziug time and labor, and preventing lwaste of ma.` terial. Y y

- The invention consists chiefly inthe arrangement of vessels for holding the. necessary liquids which are Aused for shaving, hair-dressing, and similar purposes.

. These vessels Aare so constructed, by having openings in their bottoms, and valves for closing the same, that the contents can be poured out in the desired quantities without disturbing the vessels.

The invention consists, also, inthe novel construc` tion of apparatus for holding the various implements and devices that are used by barbcrs.

A in the drawing represents a case or shrine, supported on legs B B, and made of wood, metal, or other suitable material. 4

Upon` its bottom ar'e placed- Vthe vessels C C, containing the liquids used for the several processes of shaving, hair-dressing, &c.

Each vessel C has adownward-projecting nozzle or discharge-tube, a, which fit-s through an opening in the bottom b of the case A.

The nozzle is closed by a valve, c, which s'secured to the lower end of a vertical rod, d, and h'eld down -agaust its seat by means of a spring, e.

The upper end ofthe rod l is suspended from a lever, j', which is pivoted to 'the top of the vessel.

From the free end of the lever f is suspended a rod, g, which projects through the bottom b of the case, and has a knob or weight, h, at the lower end.

By slightly raising the weight or knob h the valve c will be raised oi its seat to let the liquid escape 'through the nozzle a.. v

The person using the liquid has, therefore, only to hold the hands under the nozzle, and press with one t finger or hand against the knob, when the desired p quantity will iiow into the hands. As soon as the pressure against the vknob is removed t-he valveis instantly closed by the weight or spring. v

It is evident that the spring can be dispensed with when t-he weight is used,V and viceversa.

ABy this construction of vessels the necessity' of handling, and danger of breaking or misplacing the v-arions bottles usually employed, is overcome.

Below each nozzle is fixed, ou the frame of the case A, acup, i, for receiving the drippings. f

The'vessel C, arranged as above described, may be -secured in a case or receptacle, of suitable construction; and Ido not confine myself, in the use of the same, to any particular construction of case or recep- 1 taole A. i Y

The case is provided'with sliding plates 1D D, which,

when drawn out, serve to Asnppoi'tthc shaving-cups,

brushes, 8vo.

Drawers E E are arranged on the sides oi' the case A, for the reception ot' money, razors, 85o.

Shelves F are provided in the middle portion of the case, for towels, 85e., while at the sides of said shelves are chambers for receiving water-vessels G, that may, by tubes or faucets,be'connected with the shampooing-basin. p

' rlhe top of the case A may support a series pi' shelves, H, for receiving customers cups.

VEach vessel O can be retained'iu the case by a pivoted lever, j, which tsagainst the froutof the vessel, or in any other suitable manner.

A cap, l, may be arranged upon each vessel C, for

vfilling* the same.


OTTO 'STOELKER lVitnesses:

SAM. RAMBO, E. P. Moumssmzr.

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