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Publication numberUS1064641 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1913
Filing dateJan 22, 1913
Priority dateJan 22, 1913
Publication numberUS 1064641 A, US 1064641A, US-A-1064641, US1064641 A, US1064641A
InventorsAnnie W Halstead
Original AssigneeAnnie W Halstead
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US 1064641 A
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Patented June 10, 1913.






Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented June 10,1913.

Application filed January 22, 1913. Serial No. 743,610

T 0 all whom it may concern,

Be it known that I, ANNIE W. HALSTEAD, a citizen of the United States, residing at Keslers Cross Lanes, in the county of Nicholas and State of WVest Virginia, have invented a new and useful Bath-Brush, of which the followin is a specification.

My invention relates to new and useful improvements in; a bath brush, and more particularly to a fountain bath brush.

The object of the invention is the provision of a brush of this character which is flexible and will fit the hand and which will hold the water or other liquid used until the brush is applied.

A further object of the invention is the provision of means for preventin the water or other liquid from splashing w i ien in use.

With the foregoing and other objects in View which will appear as the description proceeds, theinvention resides in the combination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter described and claimed, it being understood that changes in the precise embodiment of the invention herein disclosed can be made within the scope of what is claimed without departing from the spirit of the invention.

Figure 1 is a perspective view. Fig. 2 is to partial transverse sectional view showing parts when not in use, and Fig. 3 is a partial transverse sectional view showing the parts when in use.

In constructing my brush I provide a hollow body portion. which comprises a top 1, a bottom 2 and the sides 3. As clearly shown in Figs. 2-and 3 of the drawing the sides 3 are of greater thickness than the top and .bottom in order to support the top from the bottom. The body is formed of flexible material, preferably rubber and formed integral with the bottom are the perforated teeth 4 of such construction that the perforations will be closed when the brush is not in .use as shown in Fig. 2 and which will open when the brush is applied to the body, as shown in Fig. 8. Secured to the bottom An opening formed in the top of the 3 brush for filllng the same and is closed by the cap 6. I also provide the straps"? for securing the brush to the hand and the ends of the strap are secured by the fastener 8 as shown in F ig; 1. It will be seen that the brush being forme of flexible material will conform to the shape of the hand when in use and by placing the openin for filling in the center of the-brush itwi 1 not interfere in any manner with the brush conforming to the hand. As above described the teeth are closed when the brush is not in use but when the brush is applied to the body the pressure on the top of the teeth and from the bottom thereof, will open'the same and allow the liquid to pass through the teeth. The flange 5 being formed of sponge rubber, will conform to the curvature of the body of the brush and contact with the body when the brush is in use and thereby prevent the water from splashing from thebrush.

Having fully described my invention what .I claimand desire to secure by Letters Patent is:

A bath brush comprising a hollow flexible body, the sides of which are of greater thickness than the top and bottom, perforated flexible teeth leading from the body, said teeth being normally closed and opened by pressure thereon, and a flange secured to the body and encircling the teeth? In testimony that" I claim the foregoing 4 as my own,'I' have hereto aflixed my signature 1n the presence of two w tnesses.




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