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Publication numberUS1064660 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJun 10, 1913
Filing dateJan 15, 1913
Priority dateJan 15, 1913
Publication numberUS 1064660 A, US 1064660A, US-A-1064660, US1064660 A, US1064660A
InventorsConrad H Klee
Original AssigneeConrad H Klee
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Globe faucet or valve.
US 1064660 A
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- horizontal part of the casing, vwhich to Groen FAUcpfr on VALVE.'

- siarns Specification of Letters Patent.

Parana" aerien.. y'


To all whom, it may concern:

Be it known that l, CONRAD KLEE, a

citizen lof the United Stat/es, residing at' Honesdale, in `the county ofgWayne and State of Pennsylvania, have invented'` a new and'useful Globe Faucet br Valve fand IA do hereby` declare theqfollowing to bea full, clear, and exact. description of the invention suchas will enable@ others skilled 'in 'the rt to which it appertains to make and use t e same. v l

This invention relates to a new and useful globe faucet or valve.

As an objectof the invention, it is the aim to provide an improved faucet in which j To' overcome the resistance' to a very-greatextent, and-to= eliminate the vchoking 'or' clogging up of the casin it will be seen-I is provi ed -with an up` that the casing\ wardly curved Aunolpvstructed passage ad- 'jacent the entrance end of the casing. lt

will also be noted that, adjacent the outlet' end of the faucet a similar unobstructed curved passage is rovided. l f

A A feature of the invention is the centrally arranged wall rising .fromthe lower-wall of the valve casing. up .to and substantially in alinement with the upper poption of the gether with a part of the upper horizontal portion of the casing vforms a valve seat.-

Another object of the invehtion is the 'provision ofla valve .stem -having a loosely or exibly connected valve at its lower end to cooperate with the valve seat. v

The object in providing the 'improved' flexibly or loosely connected valve is to a\l low the uid'to hold .the valve securely closed, when thesame is resting loosely upon the valve seat, -and'to allow the hardr` rubber packing of the valveto accommodate -itself to the unevennesses ofthe valveseat,

when the valv is completely closed by the operation of t e stem..

A; feature of the invention9 is thepractical desirablev and*y improved manner in whichthe hardrubber-packing of the valveI is embedded in place. l

VThere are disclosed inthe drawings cerfeatures 'of construction, but prac alterations, to lwhich the patentee is entitled, provided the alterations fall within the scope of what is' claimed.y

and combination' of'parts', as hereinafter set-rl forth, shown Nin ther drawings and claimed.

view through'the improved 'globe faucet.' or valve, showing the vsame constructed yin `acconnected'valve of the stem'.

Referring more particularly to the drawings '1 designates a casing'o'f-the improved faucet, said casing having' an inlet" end and n outlet end, and provided with an upwardly vextending wall upon the interior rlsing'fromthe lower portion of the casing. rlhis wall 3 ex ends'upvvardly` to a point substantially"inI 'line with the-upper horizont-al portion of the casing, as indicated by the .dotted line 4. The opposite side portions (i and or mer e into the lower interior surface of the outlet 10 will pass over a smooth surface in. assing over `the wall. The upper rib 11, which together with the rib 12 of 8 of t 'e'valve Casin forms an improved valve seat, with which the valve 14 cooperates. -The upper portionu of the wall 3 adjacent the riB 11 is provided with a clined toward the valve seat, so as to cause \the flow of water or other duid to press lupon the uppler surface 16y ofthe valve 14,

in order to hold the same securely Iclosed.

The globe extension 17 vof the casing is interiorly threaded at 18, withfwhich the 'casing y19 is connected. The valve stem 2O passes/through the casing l9`and throu h the nut 22, which vis threaded tothe cas'in 19, there-'being an 1 annular` plate include 1n the packing gland. in engagement wlth annular flange 251, whichI extends between stem is provided with'the usual hand wheel The inventionocomprises 'further features'.

.cordance wit-hthe invention. Fig.'2 is an` enlarged detail sectional view of the flexibly' 7 of the wall gradually curve' the horizontal portion of the casing, so that. the fluid through the inlet 9`land through the packing. This annular plate23 has 'an Patented Junel; 1913.` Application led January 15, 1913. 5 Serial N7425116.

' tical 'fieldsthese features 'may necessitate In the drawings'Figure '1 is, a'sectional" portion ofithewall-B'is provided with a the up er portion 13 of the horizontal part goose neck lip 15, rising abJoLve and inf a packing gland 21, which is formed y i the nut and the valve stem.- Thev valve,

25 whereby the stem may be rtated', in 110 order to raise 'and lower the same relative to the'ncasing 19, into which the stem is threaded, as sho-wn at 26. The valve .14 isjconstructed vin the forni of a disk member having an upwardly eX- tending` annular flange 28,'the innersurface of which is threaded,to be engaged A-by the threaded portion 29 of thenut 30, between which and the disk valve the enlargement 31 of the valve stem is interposed, t-hereby not only swivelly connecting the valve disk to fthe stem,- but also loosely or flexibly -connecting the valve disk, so thatthe fluid in passing through the inlet, portion of the casing will held the valve closed, provided che same 'is loosely resting upon the valve seat.

The outer peripheral. portion of the valve disk is constructed with a downwardly eX- tending Hang/Q32, and engaging within this -iange is a hard rubber packing disk 33, the

' same being held in place by@I the nut 34,

which is threaded to anextension 35 (which passes through an opening 36 in the hard ,rubber packing disk) of the valvedsk. Byj

rotating the hand uwheel, the valve stem is Vcorrespondingly rotated, .which vwill cause the valve to seat or unseat, thereby -controlling` the 'fluid or waterin its flow.

From the foregoing it will beiwnoted that there has been devised a simple and. efficient Y globe faucet or valve, and o-ne which has been found practical, owing to its unobstructed smooth 'inlet and outlet passages.

, The invention having been set forth, what is claimed as new and useful is l. In a globe faucet, a casing havingy an inlet and a discharge passage merging together in communication, a valve seat 10- cated substantially at the point of communi# cation, the inlet passage terminating in a lip adjacent to and rising'fabove and inclined toward the valveseat, and a valve member to coperate with said seat.

2, In a globe faucet, a casing having 'inlet and discharge passages', a lValve seat located substantially at the junction of the two pas-l sages, the inlet passage being contracted adjacent to and above the valve seat, theinlet pa sage terminating in a goos'e neck lip at the-contracted portion of the passage adjacent to'and rising above and inclinedJ toward the valve seat, and a Valvel member coper-4 ating with said seat. v

In testimony whereof -I have signed my two subscribing witnesses. Y l


name to this'speciication in the presence ofv .Witnesses:


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