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Publication numberUS1066129 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 1, 1913
Filing dateJun 10, 1912
Priority dateJun 10, 1912
Publication numberUS 1066129 A, US 1066129A, US-A-1066129, US1066129 A, US1066129A
InventorsMelville J Manasse
Original AssigneeMelville J Manasse
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US 1066129 A
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Edh/ V 'mfiz/ g M. J. MANASSE.



1,066, 129, Patented July 1, 1913.


Arronn m:



Application filed June 10, 1912. Serial No. 702,641.

To all a 710m it may concern Be it known that I, MELVILLE J. MANASSE, a citizen of the United States, residing in the city and county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Key-Tags, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to a key tag.

The object of this invention is to construct a simple, inexpensive and substantial key tag particularly adapted to be attached to hotel keys and the like, and which will embody a normally-concealed loose-leaf directory for the use of the guests.

The invention consists in combining with a key, a covered receptacle which is designed in outline and formed to resemble the ordinary key tag, and in providing means whereby a series of leaves may be detachably mounted in book or tablet form within the receptacle. The leaves are designed to contain printed matter, such as general data, which will contain useful and valuable information for the traveling public.

Further objects and advantages will appear in the following description; it being understood that various changes in form, proportion and minor details of construction may be resorted to without departing from the invention.

The invention consists of the parts and the construction and combination of parts as will be hereinafter more fully described and claimed, having reference to the accompanying drawings, in which- Figure 1 is a perspective view, showing the cover of the key tag in the open position. Fig. 2 is a longitudinal section through the key tag. Fig. 3 is a perspective of the leaf holder.

This invent-ion relates to a key tag which consists of a hollow receptacle A, designed in outline to conform with the usual shape of key tags. This is provided with a cover 2 suitably hinged and mounted, as at 3, on a rod 4 which extends across one end of the receptacle and which is secured in lugs 5 provided for that purpose. The hinged cover is constructed or formed to close an open end A of the receptacle and is provided with a snap catch 6 adapted to interlock with an engaging member 7 formed on the bottom portion of the receptacle. This provides an inexpensive and practical means for locking the cover when in its closed Specification of Letters Patent.

. Patented July 1, 1913 position. The cover is also provided with a knob or projection 6 by which the cover may be disengaged and raised.

The object in forming the receptacle with an open end is to allow the operator to engage the ends of the leaves when raising these in search of information.

8 indicates a holder, having a base 9 and upturned portions 10 which are provided with spring lock arms 11. The spring lock arms 11 are adapted to engage with the rod 4:, which extends across the receptacle, and lock or secure the holder in position within the receptacle. The holder is designed to carry aseries of leaves 12 provided with perforations 13 by which they may be threaded. onto the holder before this is placed in position within the receptacle. The holder and leaves are then placed within the receptacle and the spring arms 11 forced under the cross-rod 4 until this is engaged by the hook portions 14: on the arms which will lock the holder securely in place and prevent any accidental removal.

The leaves 12 are designed to be printed to carry general information which will be useful to the traveling public. The leaves may contain such data as points of interest, maps of the city, taxicab stations and rates, railroad and steamship time-tables and general mercantile advertising.

If for any reason it is desired to renew certain portions of the data contained within the holder, it is only necessary to depress the spring arms 11 to disengage the hook portions 14: with their rod 4 and withdraw the holder and leaves from the receptacle. Certain leaves may then be removed and replaced by others containing later data or new advertising, and the holder containing the leaves may again be snapped into position within the receptacle.

The leaves within the receptacle may be formed of any suitable material, as paper or celluloid, and may contain any form of data which may be stamped or printed on the surface of the leaves.

The outside cover of the receptacle may receive any stamped or printed matter, as the room number and directory to the information contained within the receptacle. The receptacle is also provided with means, as a loop 15, to which the key 16 may be secured by the usual chain. The receptacle may be constructed of any suitable material and shape, and it is obvious that various changes in form, proportion and minor details of construction may be resorted to Within the scope of the claim.

Having thus described my invention, What I claim and desire to secure by Letters Patent is A covered receptacle adapted as a key tag having a bar extending across one end of 10 and Within the receptacle, a detachable leaf holder provided With spring arms to interlock With said bar.

In testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. C. k

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