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Publication numberUS106680 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 23, 1870
Publication numberUS 106680 A, US 106680A, US-A-106680, US106680 A, US106680A
InventorsSamuel M. Firey
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Improved hair-brush
US 106680 A
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` ttttat Gt-iiiitt.


Letters Patent N 106,680, lated August 23, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and makmg part lof the same.

Ifo all whom yit may concern e'it known that I, SAMUEL'M. Finnv, of Clear Spring, in the county oi' Washington and State oi' Maryland, have invented a certain new and usei'ul lmprovcn'wnt in Hair-Brushes; and I do hereby declare that the bllowing is a t'ull, clear, and exact description thereof, reference being had to the accompanying drawing which makes part ot' the same, and in which- Figure l represcnisa view, in perspective, of a brush embracing my improvements,and y Figure 2 represent-s a vertical longitudinal section through the saine, showin-g the central wire-toothed section, as also a brush of ordinary construction attachcd to the back, and ibi-ming part oimyimproved brush.

My invention relates to hair-brushes ,and

lt consists in constructing the same with a central section oi' tine steel-wire teeth, and surronlnliug said teeth with aborder of bristles, whereby an acting sux'- l'are is obtained, which etfectually cleanses the scalp,

produces thereon a healthl'ul irritation and glow, and

the brush permanently retains it-s elasticity.

In the accompanying drawinglhe'stock or body A of the brush is of the usual eonstrmetion, and is provided with the ordinary handle l by which to grasp it.

A central block or bed-piece, C, ot' dimensions less than the body A, is attached to said body in any conconcave i'nrm, to more evenly accommodate themselves to t-lu.-,cui\'aturc ot' the head, and are bent at an obtuseaugle toward the handle of the brush, which has the eil'ect ot' presenting their acting surfaces obliquely tothe scalp, while the greater elasticity imparted to them by heilig so bent avoids the scratching which would otherwise attend their use.

Surroumling this section of wire teeth, and extentiing` therefrom to the Outside of the brush, one or more rows of bristles, E, are arranged and secured to the body or stock ot' the brush in any approved fmanner. They have a projection a little greater than the wire teeth, and serve' toguide the latter in their action upon the scalp, by reason of their sustainingr a part oi' the pressure upon the brush by the hand of the user.

By this combined arrangement of a central section ot' elastic wire teeth within and bordered by one or more rows of bristles, a brush is produced which possesses the requisite degree ot' stiii'nessto perform the work usually done byatiue-toothedcomb, withoutany of its injurious effects.

A brush with a central section of wire teeth, therefore, is not only invigorating to the scalp, but is very durable, and always retains the saine elasticity.

To the back ot' the body A of the brush a second stock, F, is glued or otherwise secured, carrying bristles oi' the ordinary construction, which can be used when the other is not desired.

Instead ofa central section of wire teethsurroun-ded by a 'bordering ot' bristles, as described, they may be arranged in alternate circular rows, or in parallel lines, iu either of which cases the results and advantages abovc'stated are apparent.

The bed-piece C may be provided `with a copper plate, in which the wire teeth are secured, and the latter may be galvanized, in order to produce an electric action upon the scalp.

The. bordering et' bristles also serves to protect the steel teeth from in juriniy furniture, 85e.

Having described -my invention,

I claim- The combination of the irritating section ot"wire teeth D with the bordering ot' bristles E, in the manner and for the purpose herein shownaml described.

In witness whereof' I have hereunto signed my naine. Y A




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