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Publication numberUS1067646 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 15, 1913
Filing dateApr 12, 1912
Priority dateApr 12, 1912
Publication numberUS 1067646 A, US 1067646A, US-A-1067646, US1067646 A, US1067646A
InventorsAlbert J Downey
Original AssigneeAlbert J Downey
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Search-light for umbrella-handles.
US 1067646 A
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Patented July 15, 1913.


ALBERT '.T. nowNEY, or Franja, onto.

snaren-LIGHT ron UMBanLLa-HANDLES.

Specification of Letters Iatent.

`:Patent-,eu July 15, i913.

Application led April 12, 1912. y Seria1No.6 90, 27Q.

T0 all whom it may concern.'

Be it kno-wn that I, ALBERT .T.\Dov\fN1-ir, a citizen of the United 'Stat-es, residing at Piqua. in the county of Miami and State of Ohio, have invented new and useful Improvements in Search-Lights for Umbrella- Handles, of which the following is a specification.

This invention is an improved sea-rch light for umbrella handles, cane handles and the like, the object of the invention being to provide a handle of this kind with an electric lamp, a battery, a circuit closer, a reflector and a lens therefor all of which are arranged in a chamber formed in the handle Where they are entirely concealed and out of the way and thus enabling an umbrella or cane to be readily equipped with an elect-ric light., the invention consisting in the construction, combination and arrangement of devices hereinafter described and claimed.

The accompanying drawing is a sectional view of an umbrella handle provided with an electric light, battery, circuit closer, reflector' and lens, in accordance with my invention. y

For the urposes of this specification, I show an um rellahandle l, the outer end of the stall at 2 being connected thereto as at 3. The handle, however, may bepart of a cane within the scope of my invention, as the same is adapted for canes as well as for umbrellas.

In accordance with my invention, the handle 1 is provided with a chamber 4 which is open at the outer end of the handle. I also e provide a hand hold 5 which forms a cai-p or cover for the outer end of the handle and is detachably secured thereto, a screw joint 6 being here shown between the handle and the cap orhand holdi The cap or hand hold is provided with an opening 7 which is concentric with the chamber 4 and is also provided on its inner side, with an annular seat Stor the reception of the rim or edge of a lens 9.

An electric'storage battery, preferably. a three-cell volta salt battery 10, the casing of which is indicated at 11 is in yaccordance with my invention placed in theinner portion 'of the chamber e and the inner end of t-he said battery bears against a spring 12 which which lears against the inner sideof the lens 9 so as lo eoact with the cap 5 in holding the lens in place., the reflector being detachably fitted in the outer end of .the chamber 4. The inner, reduced end of the reflector isr provided with a shell o-r socket 16 in which the-base 17 of an electric lamp 18 is screwed, one of the contacts of the lamp engaging the contact or pole piece 14 of the battery and the base 17 being, of course., electrically connected to the shell or socket 16.

A conductor 19 is secured as at 20 in one side of the wall of the chamber 4 and comf prises a wire 21 which terminates in a contact piece 22 which is held against the pole 13 of the battery by the spring 12, the spring also, by pressing outwardly on the battery holds the pole piece 14 thereof in the socket or lshell 16 of the reflector, the battery being thereby securely but detachably held in the chamber of the handle. The outer end of the conductor 1*.) is a spring arm 21 which is normally out otl contact with the shell or socket 16 but may be put in contact therewith to complete the electric circuit through the lamp filament and the battery by means of a push button 24 which projects outwardly through an opening in one side of the handle and is held in place by a guide.v cap or ferrule 25.

It will be understood that when it is desired to have a light, it is only necessary to press the button 24 so as to close the contact 23 against the socket 16. The licht is reflected and concentrated by the reflector and lens and is very strong. It will be understood that by rst removing the hand hold or cap 5 of the handle all the part hereinbefore described may be then taken t from the chamber in the handle so tha a new part may be substituted when any part becomes broken or Worn.` The battery may be also in this manner readily renewed.

While I have herein shown and described a preferred form of my invention, I would have it understood that changes may be made in the form, construction and proportion of the several parts Without departing from the spirit of my invention and Within the scope of the appended claim.

I claim 'A body having achamber therein eX- tending to one end thereof, in combination with a cap detachably secured on the open endv of the body, a filler in the chamber of the body having a reflector chamber at its outer end, abattery chamber extending to its inner end and a passage connecting said chambers, a reflector held in the said re-A flector chamber by the cap and having a socket :for an elect-ric lamp arranged in said passage of the filler, a spring at the inner end of the' chamber of the body, a battery in the bat-tery'chamber of the filler removable therefrom when the filler `llas been*Y Withdrawn from the body chamber t and having .its inner end engaged bythe spring and its outer end engaged byl the lamp socket whereby the battery is detach ably held in place, a pdsh element in an opening in one side of the body, a sprin cont-act arm on`the inner side of the wal of the body engaged byJ said push element for operatlon thereby and havin a bent end arranged for operation in a racal open ing 1n the filler, the said ller also having a recess 1n one side to aford clearance for the sald spring contact arm, and a wire connectin said spring contact arm with the inner en of the battery and bearing between the inner end of the battery and the said spring. l

` In testimony whereof I aix my signature in presence of two witnesses.

ALBERT J. DOWN EY. Witnesses:


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