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Publication numberUS1067891 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJul 22, 1913
Filing dateJan 22, 1912
Publication numberUS 1067891 A, US 1067891A, US-A-1067891, US1067891 A, US1067891A
InventorsAtbeet S. Wagner
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US 1067891 A
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Fatented July 22, 1913.


@EHESS WIT #ESSE 5' Specication of Letters latent. Application led January 22, 1912. Seria! No. 672,717.

Patented July 221,. 1913.

To all whom t may concern.

Be it known that I, ALBERT F. WAGNER,

- a citizen ofthe United. States, and residing especially at New York, in the" county of New York and State of New York, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Motor-Cleaners, of which the following is a specification, such as will enable those skilled in the art to which itlappertains to make and use the same.

This invention relates to a device for use in cleanin complicated machinery, and 01* cleaning automobile engines or motors, and the object thereof is to provide a device of this class which is simplel in construction and operation, and which may be easily manipulated to clean the outer surface of all parts of an apparatus of the class specified without disconnecting said parts; and with this and other objects in view the invention consists in a device /of the class specified constructed as hereinafter described and claimed.

The invention is fully disclosed in the following speciiication of which the accompanying drawing forms a part, and in which the separate parts of my improvement are designated by suitable reference characters, said drawing being a sectional side view of my improved cleaning device.

In the practice of my invention I provide a nozzle head a comprising a body portion a2, and a nozzle a3 which projects at an angle to said body portion, the angle of the nozzle to the body portion being referably an obtuse angle. The body portion a2 is provided with two tube sockets a4 and a5 adapted to receive respectively tubes, b and c, and the nozzle a3 is provided with a comparatively large longitudinal bore a having a reducgd. angle portion a which co-mmuni- Cates with the tube socket a, and a small supplemental bore as forms a communication between the tube socket a and the bore a of the'nozzle c3. The tubes b and c may be screwed into the sockets a4 and a5 or be secured therein in any desired manner, and

the tube b is larger than the tube c, and

mounted on said tubes is a handle Z'by which the devicemay be manipulated. The outer end of the 'tubeA b is provided, in the form of construction shown, with a coupling e with which a flexible hose or tube f may be connected, and the outer end of the tube c is providedwith a head g with which a Hexible. hose or tube k may be connected, and

the outer ends of the tubes b and c are preferably separated to facilitate the connection of the hose or tubes f and 7L therewith. The nozzle a3 is provided with a spray or vapor- 1z1ng outlet a of any desired form of construction, and in practice the iiexble tube or h ose f is connected with a tank containing a1r under pressure, or with any suitable air .compressing device, and the tube or hose la 1s connecte `with a tank containing petroleurl *not er suitable oil, and when the device is in operation there is a strong discharge of vaporized oil and air from the nozzle ay which may be directed onto, or into, any part of an automobile engine, or other apparatus for the purpose of cleaning the same, vthe said device in this operation being manipulated and the direction of the scliarge controlled by means of the han- In cleaning automobile engines or other apparatus, and especially an apparatus con- .sisting of a large number of small parts, it 1s very hard, especially with the devices usually employed for this purpose, to so manipulate the same as to clean out the corners, connections, angles, and other parts of t-he apparatus, but with my improved cleaning device, which operates vas a blast cleaner, all of said parts pan be quickly, easily, and completely cleaned by directing the blast of air and oil thereinto or thereon. It must be understood that only a small amount of oil is used in the blast, and the amount so used is regulated by the size of the bore as in the body of the head a. It will be understood that the pipes b and c may be provided with valves if desired, or

valves may be placed adjacent to the tanks or other source of supply with whichy the pipes or hose f and it are connected when the device is in use.

Having fully described my invention what I claim as new and desire to secure by Let# ters Patent is y In a spraying device for cleaning motors,

the combination with a' pair of tubes arranged side lby side, a handle provided with apertures therethrough engaging said tubes, an integral spraying head connected to said tubes at one end of the same, said head having a discharge passage, sockets to receive said tubes and reduced passages extending from said sockets to said discharge passage, one of said reduced passages discharging into the discharge passage ,in advance of the other,' the other ends of said-tubes being presence of the subscribing witnesses this provided with means for connecting them 19th day of January 1912.

f respectivel to supplies of gasolene, and

compresse zur, the tubes being held in fixed 5 relation by the integral head and the handle.

In testimony that claim the foregoing as my invention I have signed my name in ALBERT F. WAGNER.


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International ClassificationB05B7/04
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