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Publication numberUS106964 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 30, 1870
Publication numberUS 106964 A, US 106964A, US-A-106964, US106964 A, US106964A
InventorsLouis Schulze
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Improvement in apparatus for pitching barrels
US 106964 A
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Specification forming part of Letters Patent No. 106,964, dated August 3U, 1870.

To all whom it may concern:

Beit known that I, LOUIS SCHULZE, otLouisville, in the county of J eiferson and State of Kentucky, have invented new and useful Improvements in Apparatus for Pitching Barrels; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full and correct description of the same, sufficient to enable others skilled in the art to which my invention appertains to fully understand and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawing, which makes part of this specification, and in which- Figure l is a side elevation of my improved apparatus. Fig. 2 is an end elevation of part of the same 5 and Figs. 3 and et are detached views of parts of the same.

Like letters ofrei'erence indicate like parts in the several figures.

My invention consists in certain improvements on apparatus for pitching barrels, which I will proceed to describe.

A in the drawing represents a frame of suitable dimensions, supporting a metallic retort composed of two. parts, B C, the lower part, B, being held in the frame, and the upper part,

C, being secured to it by means of what may be called a bayonet-lock, it having inclined edges c fitting on similar edges b on part B, which,when turned in one direction, lock each other, but unlock when turned in the opposite direction. The retort ends in a pipe, I), which at el forms a joint with a short pipe, c, which may be made revolving for the purposes hereinafter specified. From the bottom of' the part B of the retort extends a tube, E, connecting the retort with a fan, F. The pipe c is surrounded by a water-jacketJ", which carries a small reservoir, g. A short tube, h, extends from the water-jacket j' upwardly, and is at its upper part bent downwardly into the reservoir g. The pipe c is at its free end bent downwardly, and is provided with slots i and openings j, and may be revolved by means of a handle, 7., which can be removed at pleas ure, being constructed as shown in Fig. The part C of the retort is provided with a door, G, having a central opening, H, which is covered by isin glass, suitably secured in the same. This door has beveled side edges fitting into similar grooves in the part C, so that the door may be easily removed for the purpose of illing the retort, and again closed tightly. y

I is a table having a central opening, through which moves up and down a frame, J. This frame is operated vertically by means of a treadle, K, so as to raise or lower it.

The operation of my improved apparatus is as follows: The part C being secured on the part B by means of the bayonet-lock described, and the part B being filled with-suitable fuel, the latter is ignited, and the fan put in operation to create a hot blast from thc retort to the barrel to be pitched. The opening H of the door G, being covered with isinglass, enables the operator to sec the exact force of the blast and regulate the saine. A barrel is placed on the frame J, and by means of the trcadle K is elevated, so that the pipe c may be passed through its bung. A sutieient quantity of pitch is placed in the barrel previous to its being placed on the frame J.

It will be readily seen that by means of the treadle barrels of different sizes can be instantly adjusted to the pipe c.

Any device may be employed to keep the frame J in place while the barrel is being pitched, and the treadle may be so arranged, by a ball-and-sockct joint, that the frame J can be revolved, if desired.

The tube c being revolved, the blast is thrown out with great force through the slots 'i and openings 7' to the sides, and through the mouth etthe tube to the ends of the barrel, melting the pitch and distributing, by this revolving motion of the tube c, evenly over the entire inside ot' the barrel. lhe blast, passing withgreat force through tube c, heats the same, and would burn the bung-hole but for the provision of the watcr-jacketf, which is automatically fed from the reservoir g by means of tube 7L, through which the water, expanding as the pipe cheats it, asccnds and is again poured in the reservoir.

By means of the bayonet-lock c l the upper part, (l, of the retort is prevented from b1owing oft, and can yet be easily removed for the purpose of cleaning and iilling the retort.

Having thus described my invention, what I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is-

l. The bayonet-lock c d, for the purpose ot`v uniting` the parts B and C of the retort, substantially as described.

2. rlhe beveled door G, with its opening H covered with isinglass, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

3. The combination and arrangement of tube c, water-jacketj', reservoir g, and tnbe h, substantially as and for the purpose described.

4. The revolving tube e, having its bent end provided with slots fi and openings j, and operated by handle 7.-., substantially as and for the purpose described. 5. The combin ation an d arrangement of table I, frame J, and treadle K, for the purpose ot' adjusting the barrel to the apparatus, substantially as described.


lVitnesses ALEXR. A. Kil/moms, ll. Q. MILLER.

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