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Publication numberUS1069803 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 12, 1913
Filing dateNov 30, 1910
Priority dateNov 30, 1910
Publication numberUS 1069803 A, US 1069803A, US-A-1069803, US1069803 A, US1069803A
InventorsHenry J Nelson, Thompson William Black, Oscar Zapfe
Original AssigneeHenry J Nelson, Thompson William Black, Oscar Zapfe
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Floor-surfacing machine.
US 1069803 A
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Patented Aug. i2, 1913.




- 27 is a bushing 9 is the upper disk heretofore described. which forms a bearing for the shaft 12. The end of the shaft 12 is bored out for a distance'and a coil spring 28 is placed in the bo-re.

29 is a cup resting on the upper end of the spring, 30 is a set screw With cone point, 31 is a jam nut and 32 a' strap attached to dislc'9. The set screw is tapped through strap` 32. By this means the downward pressure of the spring is adjusted.

We claim of rubbing heads, the adapted to grinding terrazzo, marble, concrete, composition, asphalt mastic, etc. For Wooden floors a plain disk with a ring for holding a sheet of san'd paper willbe used. We also claim the right one here shown being to-use friction Wheels in place of gears 25 two forward Wheels 2 and 26 Without impairing our patent rights.

Power is supplied to driving pulley 5 by a motor 38 through belt 34 which is given a quarter turn. Any form of engine may be used for power, the engine or motor` to be placed at the opposite end of the carriage bed from the rubbing mechanism, balancing the weight of same and giving the necessary distanceafor the belt.

The carriage upon which the rubbing mechanismv and belt are mounted is here shown as a` three Wheeled arrangement, the being placed as close to the rotating gear head as possible. The single rear Wheel 3 ismounted in a swivel 35 With bearings attached to the under side of the carriage bed 1, 36 are operating handles by which the carriage is pushed about the floor by the operator who stands behind or to the right of the machine in F ig. l. rlhe machine is trundled about the floor by the operator Who gives it a forward and. back or swinging motion as desired. The springs of the rubbing heads take up the inequalithe right to use various formsl down the surfaces ofv ties of the floor or uneven levels of the can riage due to high places, chips, etc.

"What we claim 4as novel and desire to. secure by Letters Patent is C- l. A door surfacing machine comprising a carriage, a motor or engine mounted upon said carriage at one end, a series of rubbing l heads arranged in pairs, a gear head mounted upon the opposite end of said carriage from said motor or engine, means for rotating the rubbing heads in pairs, means for rotating the gear head, as set forth.

2. In a floor surfacing machine a carriage,

an engine, a gear head, a plurality of rubhing heads; means for rotating the rubbing heads in oppositedirectio-ns in pairs; means for rotating the gear head; shafts of rubbing heads movable axially; springs for holding down said shafts, set forth.. V

In a floor surfacing machine, the com; bination of a. carriage, a ino-tor connected with one end of said carriage, a gear head connect-ed with the opposite end of said car riage, said gear head comprising two plates of metal, spacing bolts` connecting said plates and. a plurality of vertical shafts passing through said plates, a rubbing-head connected with each ofA said shafts, a main driving shaft passing through the upper plate and connected with said motor, a .gear on transmission gears bey gear and the gears'of l said rubbing` heads, the shafts of said rubl bing heads being adapted to more axially, springs for holding down said shafts, and means for simultaneously rotating the gear head around its common center as set forth.


P. T., Bannon, .Tous 'Nr.nson.

said driving-shaft, tween said driving

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U.S. Classification451/353, 451/271, 451/548
Cooperative ClassificationB24B7/186