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Publication numberUS1070459 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateAug 19, 1913
Filing dateAug 13, 1912
Priority dateAug 13, 1912
Publication numberUS 1070459 A, US 1070459A, US-A-1070459, US1070459 A, US1070459A
InventorsAnna Hanzl
Original AssigneeAnna Hanzl
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US 1070459 A
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Patented Aug. 19, 1913.

UNlTED @LQ enema nuns. HA'NZL, or crrrcaeo, trainers.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Pater'iteel'itug. 139,1??13.

Application filed August 1?, 1912. Serial Na 14,315.-

justed to fitdiiferent sizes of head wear with an entire avoidance of any punctures in the material of the protector and the consequent liability'to leakage of rainand damage to the head wear, and which. capable of easy application, and of being folded into a compact shape for carriage when not required for use, all as will here inafter more fully appear.

In the accompanying drawings; Figure l, is a perspective viewof the present waterproof protector or covering in place upon the hat or other headwcar of the user. Fig. 2, is an under perspective. view of the same, detached, and partly expanded for application to the hat or other article of headwear.

.Fig. 3, is an enlarged detail elevation of the means employed foreflecting a local gather- 111g in the body of the protector, in effecting an adjustment 1n the size of the same. Fig. i, is a detail. perspective view of the button or core forming part of said gathering 1t '1 l t means. lig. 5, is a ce a1 6 \L l011 or he gathering means or drawstr ing attlie border or margin of. the protector or covering.

Similar reference numerals indicate like parts in the several views.

Referring to the drawings, 1 represents the main body of the present protector or covering, formed from a single approxiinately circular "sheet of light waterproof fabric, preferably rubberized silk. p

2 is a narrow band or strip extending around the main body portion 1. adjacent to the margin or border of the sameyand secured thereto zit-its edges in any usual manner to form a pocket for the.- draw string or tape hereinafter describe Said band. or strip 2, will be arranged on the outer '1." exposed surface of the main body 1, and is preerably formed of an ornamental fabric as shown.

is a drawstring or tape disposed in the I is applied.

pocket just described and issuing therefrom at one or more points to atfordnieans for shirring or gathering the marginalportion of-the main body 1, beneath the rim or lower border of the article of headwear to which A. material part of the present invention, in connection with the above described arrangement of parts, comprises means whereby one or a plurality of local gatl'ierings are made in the protector body 1, without any puncturing of the same, and by which gatherings 4. of any desired extentcan be. produced in accordance with. the. required reduction in size of the protector, and in this: is a loose button or core around which a local portion of the fabric "of the body 1, is pushed'to form a neck 6. around which a preferably endless elastic band or .cord 7' is wound, to complete the required that with the necks gathering, and it is quite evident that the extentof such winding and the consequent length of neck produced, will afford alocal gathering of any extent ordinarily required. In practical use one of the gatherings 4 will be formed in the center or crown of the protector body it, and a cluster of said gatherings arranged symmetrically around the above described central gathering,- so

6 disposed in the interior of the protector a neat and ornamental ell'ect is imparted to the exterior of the same, and such effect may be increased, if so desired, by the use of further ornamentation disposed at the aforesaid series of gatherings, 4t.

Having'thus fully described mysaid invention What I claim; asfnew and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is r.

1'. In a protector for ladies headwear and the like, a body-portion formed of an approximately circular sheetof light wateris pushed, and a cord wound around a neck 1 formed in said fabric beyond said button or core, substantially as setforth.

2. In a protector for ladies headwear and the like, abody portion formed of. an approximately circular sheet of light waterproof fabric and provided with a draw string around its margin, and means for effee-ting local gatherings in the inner part of said body portion, the same comprising a central loose core disposed in a contra part of the body portion and a cluster of loose cores disposed around said central core a distance removed from the same, the material of the body portion being pushed around said cores, and cords Wound around necks formed in said body material beyond said cores, substantially as set forth,

A means for forming gathetfings in he pliable body portions of protectors for ladies headwear the same COIDUZiSiIlQ a :sovoass button or core around which a portion of said body portion is pushed aml an endless elastic cord Wound upon the neck formed said body portion beyond the button or core,

substantially as set forth.

Signed at Chicago,- filinols, this 9th day of August, 1912 a ANNA HANZL.

i /illnesses "ROBERT BURNS, M. Hw HOLMES.

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U.S. Classification2/46, 2/175.3, 2/200.2, 2/171.4
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