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Publication numberUS1072341 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 2, 1913
Filing dateMay 18, 1912
Priority dateMay 18, 1912
Publication numberUS 1072341 A, US 1072341A, US-A-1072341, US1072341 A, US1072341A
InventorsCharles B F Lincoln
Original AssigneeAlva Gentry, Dallas H Platt, Charles B F Lincoln
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US 1072341 A
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Patented Sept. 2, 1913.








Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Sept. 2, 1 913.

To all whom @'15 may concern:

Be it known that I, CHARLES B. F. LiN- coLN, a citizen of the United States, residing,- at San Francisco, in the county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented new and useful Improvements in Certificates, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to identification and introductory systems and to certificates used in connection therewith.

One of the principal objects of the invention is to provide a simple and etiicientt device of this character wherein the description of the purchaser is indicated by punch holes formed in the main portion of the certificate and in both the general otiice coupon and the agents coupon, said punches being formed in all three parts simultaneously.

A. still :further object of the invention is the provision of' a system employing an identification certificate, an agents and general oflice coupon, all three parts ot' which are provided with a common license or serial number and are used in connection with a license card and an identification button, both bearing the license number which is inserted on the certificate (lupper right hand corner) whereby the sait number' may be used as a credential for identification purposes in case of accident or otherwise.

Further objects of this invent-ion will appear as the :followingl specific description is read in connection with the accompanyimel drawings, which form a part ot' this application, and in which Figure 1 is a perspective view showing` the manner ot folding the `general otlice and the agents coupons upon the body of the certificate. Fig. 9. shows a face view of the certificate. Fig. shows a rear view oi the certificate with the coupons in open position. Figs. 4: and 5 show front and rear view of the license card used in connection with the system. Fie: 6 is a perspective view of the button employed.

Referring more particularly to the d 'awings, the certificate consists essentially in a single sheet of aper l, the main body 2 o'f which is provic ed on its face with indicia indicating the name of the company and also indicating the nature of the certificate. A space 3 is left on the certificate so as to receive indicia which will indicate the point at which the certiiicate is issued. Immediately below this space which extends across the body is an a't'lidavit as shown at 7 and below the affidavit are spaces S and 6 for the signature of the purchaser and his postottice address. Below the signature a space is left where the name of the party to whom the purchaser wishes to be introduced may be placed. In the lower right hand corner, a space 9 is lett for the witness who is preferably a general manager, and at 1.0 a space is lett 'for the agent to countersign the certificate.

Attached to the body of the certiticate separably therefrom upon the dotted line 11 is a general ottico coupon 12 having suitable indicia thereto to direct the agent in filling` the same in so as to indicate the point at which the certificate was issued, the address of the purchaser, his occupation, or profession, what country he is a citizen ot, any references he may wish to give and his nationality. rlhe coupon is provided with a space 13 Yfor the signature of the purchaser andl the space 1&1; 'for the issuing agent with the legend immediately below the same that these coupons are to be forwarded to the general ollice ot' the company. Att ached to this coupon 12 is a similar coupon 15 but instead ot' being identical with the coupon 12, this coupon is supplied with the legend at the bottom which instructs the agent to keep the coupon on file in his ollice. At the bottom ot each of the coupons is a legend which gives directions as to the :foldingr of the coupons and in each upper right hand corner oit' the coupons 'l2 and T15 and the body of the license, there is proviiiled a space 16 t'or the license number.

Upon the back oil. the body 2, the upper portion of the sheet is divided oft into twenty-six columns, as shown at 17, each column having' a plurality ot similar letters ortie/ally arranged, seven of which have been shown in each column. This arrangement provides seven distinct alphabets, whereby the tirst seven letters (iit the name has more than that number) oit the surname may be punched in this field and immediately below the field, there is a legend 18 which instructs the agent regarding the punchingof the purcl1asei."s name.

lflollowing` down the sheet from the .tield 1 7 are spaces 19, 20, 21, Q2, 23, 24, 25 and 2G, which permit the insertion of the followinpr information: occupation, citizenlio ship, references, type of transportation,v

baggage check numbervand where checked to, travelers check numbers, bank drafts, and whom to notify in case of accident. Im-

vmediately below the space 26 is a field' 27,

which has indicia therein indicating many',

,of the nationalities in the world, and immediately adjacent these is a punch column 2S in which a punch hol'e may be'made to indicate the nationality of the purchaser.

Above the field 27 and to one side of the fields 17 to 26 is a space 29 for the Signature of the purchaser and this space is placed upon the back purposely in order to give ythe holder a placeV to sign his name for character of the nose, ears and miscellane-` ous indicia, also to indicate the height, weight and age, whether the purchaser is a male or female, and whether he or she is medium, slim or stout. Adjoining the field 31 on the coupon V12 isa similar field 32 which when the coupon is folded upon the body of the certificate has the indicia thereon registering with the indicia in the field 3l. The coupon 15 is provided with a similar field 83 that is also adapted to register with the fields 30 and 31 when the coupon is folded, as indicated in Fig. 1, so that looking at the face of the certificate if the coupon 12 is folded over to the left and the coupon 15 folded to the right, lthe folds 31,

`general office will coupons. license. card 84 counter signed bythe issu- 82 and 33 are all in register and the indicia in each one will be punched simultaneously and accurately, whereby the description of cach will be identical and the agent and have corresponding Issued with the certificate is a ing agent and bearing a license number corresponding wi'th the license number upon the body and coupons of the certificate and bearing indicia showing the place of issue of the certificate and license. The rear of the license card bears suitable indicia which instructs the purchaser in the use of his license number and also a facsimile signature of the general manager in the space 35. The lapel button, shown at 36, simply bears the license number and the initials at the top N I Co and at the bottom U S A, showing that it was issued in the United States.

Vyhat is claimed is p An identification certicate comprising a body having identifying indicia thereon,v p

coupons foldably and detachably connected to vthe certificate and having similar indicia thereon adapted when folded to register with the indicia upon the body lwhereby identifying punch holes may be made in all the parts simultaneously, and a field bearing a plurality of alphabets to permit the purchasers name to be punched out on the certificate.

In testimony whereof I affix my signature *i in presence of two witnesses. y CHARLES B'. F. LINCOLN. f


Copies of this patent may be obtained for ive cents each, by addressing lthe Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. C.

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