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Publication numberUS1072560 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1913
Filing dateJul 29, 1912
Priority dateJul 29, 1912
Publication numberUS 1072560 A, US 1072560A, US-A-1072560, US1072560 A, US1072560A
InventorsEdwin T Baskin
Original AssigneeEdwin T Baskin
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US 1072560 A
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tf1?. BASKIN.


APPLIOATIONILBD JULY 29, 1912X Patented Sept. 9, 1913.


MIL, ,1% ik@ ...tmhww t UU Inventor Attorneys E. T. BASKIN.



Patented Sept. 9, 1913.


Inventor Witnesses Attorneys Independer@ in' :he county of Jackson, mi `Stone o Missouri, have inventeda new and Thisinventionvrelates to '.r. instru, es :Nomen-'Nonnen' Mrssonno Emviif G loveifof' follovvin semaine-f claimed, rit, bein understood theol-his. device susceptible o alberaiions o r deviations in Athe love. F' 2 s a' lan View of the.




claims Witlioii departing from the spirit of' tlie'invention. '1 'The invention-has been illustrated in the' located mosh, convenientl dfhumbpockes glovev being jabl T his inventionf duction'- of. a'gsgloveifhe for the indei f ingerfa reinforces the quir l ..Anotlietobgeet nt, ni to pro'.- x rve .s npvergl herein thethumbfand foxgnied;from single-:in novel man-f Vlitli` the foregoing`- 'general objects-olitlned, the. present.;igiizniion 3residesfingthe. novell construction. luid combination of .parts hereinafter-I sei'.v fortlif and.' vprticularly its details within the scope of tlie appended acompaxying' drawings, wherein similar reference -c larnciaex's vhave `been employed to def note corresponding parts, and wherein,

in Fi 3, iliis blank' being symmetricalz at;

the Si eS- Of'thelnedin line( sind has the ppositely projecting linger sind thmb, por- -tions 8 `and 9'; 1jespectively,'a1n .themedian 90 line., This'ieeingl blank is dou led 'on-foldanddasli lines inFig.-2. .'It vvill therefore. 95

be seen? that-the facing will extend along the .Figure 1 is aside elevation of one form of.' outer 'sitle of the'index. finger ocket,' around the quirk of iahethx'nband a ong the inner side of thlimb pocket, the lsections of the facing extendingfom ythe medaln'line 100 s'ew'fed or ptherwisescued to the respective hlchzili'e" index finger land '1155 poelets'ibfxhe Efourth lform of 60 Y A'the thumb pocketreinforces same, so'that the index finger and thumbpockets are suba stantial andere devoid of a seam therebetween or along their outer and inner sides, respectively. The-remainder of the glove'comprises two symmetrical palm sections having the f I- middle'or second finger and t-liirdand little finger sections 11 and 12, respectively. IThe 1a edges of the 'opposite iingersections 11 and 12 are sewed together, the outer edges of the palm -portions 10 being sewed-togethernnd the inner edges thereof being sewed to the edges of the blank forming the index finger lsf-and the thumb pockets along the edges prof vided by the cuts 5. The edges of the blank forming the'index linger and thumb pocketsare also sewcd together along the inner and outer edges, respectively, of the index linger and thumb-pockets.; :i A knit wristv portionlBis attached tothe lower edges oft e extensions 4 and the palm portions 10, this 'wrist portion-yielding'to provide a ready-passage of ,the .handltheire'r*- through and contactin vabout. the wrist'of thewearer 4'when the g 'ove' is in nse, asf-'is` customary.

The -form of glove shown vFigui? 1S 'similar to 'the form shown in Fig. 1,w'ith so the exceptionthat. the palm pottions'f-loare` ,each provided with a single linger section 14\ for t e rece tion ofthe second, `thirdnnd fourth or middle, annular and-little lingers.A Theform, of glove shown Ain Fig.',5/ is similar to th form shown in Fig. 1, with the exception thatthe'wrist portion '13 iss'ub-.

glove is inthe form-of a tion.

somewhat similar to the form shown n Fig. 1, the inde` or fore-finger sectionsf2 being substituted' for the sections 2 for receiving both th'e 'forefand' midd1e-..Iing`ers,jth'exten. 1 sioxjs'4 beingfsubstituted byenlarged .extent a portion-'of the wrist ofy sions A4J forming the love',"the-"palm sect-ions; 10 'having the sing e finger section 's12'-for receiving-the 'jv annular and'. little .iin'gers,` and. op l wrist sections lbeing rovided whic arel osito sewed to 4thefedges of t eextension`4f vand the lower edges of the' palm sections 10. f

-The form of 'glove' show n 'in 9 60 10 is also similar to the form show n in Fig?- 1, with the exception that one-palm section 10 is provided with the nger sections 11, 18 and 19, respectively, for.receiving*thel second, thirdand-foln'th fingers, and the other palm 'section 10 being only provided the present'in'vention is applica havlng'varius numbers and forms of finger fingerpoc 'ts formed from a blanlr .vifith a with the Y correspon ing finger section of the other palm section toprovide .the vlittle finger pocket.` `V The middle 'andannular linger pocketsare completed by 'the respective .fourchettes 11' and 18", respectively, as will be apparentfandaswell understood in the yart sections 10 are provided with a single finger section 20,"the'iner' edges of the blank forming the index linger pocket being sewed to the edges of the iin' er sections 20,'so as to providei a sin le poc et for the fdur fingers.

-' It is desira le to rovidea lacing 17 for the form shown in ig.' 7; which lacing is threaded around the-wrist portion of the Asaid glove, so that the wrist portion may be Inrthe form shown in Fig. 11,'the palm contracted about :the wrist of the wearer,

this lacing being shown indetail'in the iaforementioned application.'

,Fronithe'foregoing, taken in connection zi.with` thedrawings,fit.will be apparent that `j le to gloves 'pocktsfthecnstruction of the index iin 'r1 'fand thumbfpockets andthe facing remainiingth'esanie throughout the .various forms.'

IThe*var ious"'glov'esfmay also be'provided Wlth'yarious forms of wrist port1ons. It' will'also beapparent, that the objects aimed 'at havebeen'attained in a convenient and -s'atisfadtory manner, and that this glove 1s 4susceptible'of numerous alterations or devia-- tions in its details within the scope of the i Ppended claims withoutdepart'ng from the SPH'S theeinvention, I V

vv fHaying thus described the' invention, what l `nally and nt intermediate its ends to form 'bothlsides of the index finger and thumb v.

kets, the'sections of the thumb pocket aving extensions projectinggvtoward, the

2. aiglvga blanl: having oppositely: lprojectin index inger and thumbsections separate .byj'cn'ts, the thumb sections having wextenscns, the .blank being doubled longitu- `dinallyf .andfbein benty between the said sections to *formu thisides `-o f the index finger and thulnbpockets, the 4said extenf sions projecting -toward'the wrist..,= 3.`Ina. glove, palm, sec.tions,'1ntegral m-Y intermediate its ends toiprovide both sides,

-5' ofthe said pockets, oertalin edges of the said blank sewed together to';detine. the.

pockets, an the other. edges beingjsewed to vthe`palm sections. ..4 L 4'." InLa love, "integral ,thumb and index Symmetrical at the Sidesof itsmedian vline and having -oppos'itely projecting index finger and thumb sections along the xnedian line,

'separated .by eutsterminating short of the median line, the blank being doubled on the median line and being bent between the index nger'and thumb sections to provide the quirk, the edges of the blank being secured to the remainder of the gl0ve.

In tes'timon that 'I claim the foregoing as my own, I avehereto aixed my slgnature in the pesence of two witnesses.





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