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Publication numberUS1073071 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 9, 1913
Filing dateAug 21, 1912
Priority dateAug 21, 1912
Publication numberUS 1073071 A, US 1073071A, US-A-1073071, US1073071 A, US1073071A
InventorsWilliam D Hall
Original AssigneeHall Milk Bottle Cap Company
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Milk-bottle seal.
US 1073071 A
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Patented Sept. 9, 1913.

I panying drawings, in which UNITED "STATES PATENT OFFICE.

WILLIAM 1). BALL, or PHILADELPHIA, rnnnsnvanm' ASSIGNOR, BY manor AND missus ASSIGNMENTS, T0 was HALL M LK so'r'rnn CA1 COMEANY, A hormone-- mm-sqrrns snarl.

won or new mess I a citizen of the United "States, residing at Philadelphia, in the county of Philadelphia and State ofennsylvan1a, have invented new and useful Improvements in Milk-Bot tle Seals,' o f.wl 1ich the following is a speci- This invention relates to milk bottle seals, the object of the invention being to provide a simple, inexpensive and reliable type of sealing diskwhich-will maintain its shape and seal the. bottle securely at all times while in use,-;and which may be conveniently extracted;and" also employed as an advertising, mediumfl The inventoneonsists of the features of.

construction, combination and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described and claimed, reference being bad to the accom- Figure 1 is a vertical section throu h the .upper portion of a milk jar showing t e application of the invention. Fig. 2 15: a per-. spective view of the'seal removed and the flap turned up.. Fig. 3 is .a vertical transverse section through the seal in normal condition. Fig. 4 is a to plan view thereof.

Referring to the rawings, 1 designates a milk jar or similar receptacle, the mouth of which is provided with an internal shoulder-2 ada ted to serve as a support for the seal 3. T e seal 3 comprises a 'pair of sui so perposed disks 4 and 5 made of paper or other suitable material and of proper size to fit within the1mouth of the receptacle and rest upon the shoulder 2 to form a. t1ght closure. Secured to the upper surface of the bottom disk 5 is a sheet or strip 6 of paper or other suitable material on which anysultable advertising. matter may be printed, which advertising matter may, however, directly printed upon the'disk 5, 1f deslred.

The disks 4 and 5 are pasted together or otherwise suitably united, and arranged between the same is a reinforcing element 7, preferably consisting of a disk-shaped plece of woven wire gauze or other fabric, tape, timgofr' other suitable material correspondmg in diameter to the disk, whereb the shape of the disks is preserved and t e seal prevented from cracking, breaking or otherwise becoming injured or getting out of shape.

The top disk 4 is formed with a-substankeystone-shaped opemng 8 normally Specification or Lettersbratent. Application flied August 21, 1912. Serial No. 716,251.

Patented Sept.9, 1913.

closedby an inte al flap or finger piece 9 of corresponding mm, the opening and flap being produced by suitably slitting the disk. The fla is integral" with the upper or wider wall o the opening and at the lower or narrower edge of the opening is provided a finger recess 10 to enable thenail of the finger to be inserted beneath the flap for the purpose of raising the same.

The reinforcing layer 7 is slitted to form a portion 11 which is secured to the flap and forms a hinge whereb the flap may be opened and closed wit out breaking at a point ofv bend. This construction permits the" seal, when made of durable material, to be repeatedly used and if desired the disks may be made ofa water-proof substance to enable themto be cleansed without"injury., v

As is well known all prior seals of the double disk or superposed layer type, in which the upper disk is slitted to form 'a finger tab or flap,are open to two main .ob-

der them inoperative as a seal-for repeated removal and re-application to a milk jar or and the contents often spoiled. Again through the bending of the tab or fla om normal -to extracting position, an back again, the flap is liable'to break or tear at its hinging point, causing it to break loose under the pulling strain thereon, which may be considerable in order to eifect the extraotion of the seal when the seal fits, as it should, tight enough to hermetically close. the jar. By my construction these objections areovercome, as by the use of the intermediate fabric layer the paper disks are reinforced and preserve their rigidity, while by partially removing and attaching a portion of said layer to the tab or'flap '-the latter isstrengthened to a sufficient ,de-

gree to prevent it from tearing loose and a hinging member provided which adapts the tab to repeatedly opened and closed jections which impair their efliciency or re'n like receptacle, to permit of the intervalar.

Without fracture along its line of bend. A seal constructed as above described will thus preserve its shape indefinitely and thus .from and connected to and movable with said fiap.

2. A seal for receptacles comprising a pair of superposed disks, the upper disk having an opening and a flap adapted to lie thereln, and a reinforcing body of woven material between the disks and having a. separated therefrom end portion partiall connected to and movable with said flap.

3. A seal for receptacles comprising a pair of superposed disks, the upper disk having a keystone-shaped opening and a cor respondingly shaped flap adapted to .fold therein, and a reinforcing disk of woven material between the aforesaid disks havin a portion partially separated therefrom in line with said opening and connected to and movable with the flap.

4. A seal for receptacles comprising a pair of superposed disks and intermediate layer of woven material, the upper disk being provided with an opening therein and forming a flap partially separated therefrom, and

the said intermediate layer having a corre-.

sponding portion partially separated therefrom and-united to said flap and serving as a reinforcing hinge on which the flap is adapted to be opened and ,closed..

5. As a new and improved article of manufacture, a seal for receptacles compris ing a disk formed of a pair of superposed paper layers and an intermediate reinforcing layer .of woven material suitably united together, the upper paper layer being slit-ted to provide a finger tab adapted to -be bent upwardly therefrom and downwardly into the plane thereof, and said intermediate layer being correspondingly slitted to provide a free portion secured to said tab and reinforcing the same and also serving as a hinging member, whereby said tab may be the disk along its line of bend. y

In testimony whereof I afiix my signature in presence of two witnesses.


iWitne'ssesz HELEN G; BAILEY,


continually bent without separation from

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U.S. Classification215/298, 215/230, 40/311
Cooperative ClassificationB65D39/02