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Publication numberUS1074427 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateSep 30, 1913
Filing dateJan 24, 1912
Priority dateJan 24, 1912
Publication numberUS 1074427 A, US 1074427A, US-A-1074427, US1074427 A, US1074427A
InventorsClayton E Frederickson
Original AssigneeW H Stenger, Clayton E Frederickson
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US 1074427 A
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Patented Sept. 30, 1913.



' Application filed January 24, 1912. serial ne. 673,001.

To all107mm#may-concern.'

Be it known. that LCLAYTON E. Fmionn- IonsoN, residing at San Francisco, in the county of San Francisco and State of California, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Pipe-Anchors, of which the following is a specification.

In pumping oil wells, the present practice usually is to employ' a `string of two inch pipe t0 convey ,the'oil up outof the well. rIhis pipe is let down into the Well tube or casing .andowing to its great length, ithase. tendency to elongate or stretch and it not infrequently becomes broken. In order to prevent this breaking and undue elongation, and in order to render the act-ion of the pump more ellicient7 I have provided a meehanism for electingian anchoring or lixing of the pipe in the wellfcasing and therebyY support4 its weight from below instead of above.

Gene-rally, the invention embodies a slidably supported-gripper device that coperates with a spreader cone on the pipe'and with av setting -meelninism7 whereby, when the pipe :the well, by lifting upon the same and then lowering it again, the grippe'rs may be set and spread to hold the pipe in the well casing.

More `specifically Vthe invention embodies those novel features of construction, combination, and arrangement of parts, all ot which will be lirstfully described, then be specifically pointed out in the appended claims, refercneeheinghad to the accompanying' drawing, in which: j

Figin'e l is n vertical longitudinal section showing'theinvention with the parts in the position they assume while the' pipe is` being lowered into the well and taken substantially on the line 1 1 of Fig. 4. lig, 2 .is a View similar teilig. l butI taken on the line 2-2 of Fig. 4, and showing the position ot' the pnrts when the setting mechanism is in co. operative position with the gripping mechamsm, `and just priorto the lowering' of the 'plipeto wedgeout the grippers. Fig. Sis n View similar to Fin'. 2,l showing the position ot' the parts after the pipe has been lowered to spread the grippers. Fig. l is a cross section on the line 4 4 ot Fig'. 2. l

In the drawing', like numerals'and letters of reference indicate like parts in all the figures.

1 represents the well casing, which may Specification of Letters Patent. patinte@ sept, se, isis.

be of the ordina-ry ltype, and 2, represents the string of pipe employed in the well, The pipe 2 is made in sections 2, 3, and e. ,the sections 2 and being` united by a coniform collar 6 which acts as a spreader for spreading,` the grippers 9. The sections 3 andV 4i of the pipe are joined by un ordinary collar 5, which acts as an abutment, for the ring 7, that carries the resilient arms s", on the ilpp'er endsof which7 the'grippers 9 are secured. The lgrippers 9 'have their inner feces bev eled oil, as at 10, and have their outer 'faces serrated, as at l,.whereby, the

may copernte with the spreader ti, and with the well easing;` 1 ars-indicated in 3, to hold the pipe 2 fixed or rigidly supported in the well easing. Beneathv the coller 5, on .the pipe .section 4,. is slidably mounted :t pair of collars 4l2 and '13, which are united by bow springs 14, which ect :is reter'ders or friction members to engage the well easing i.. The collars 12 and 13, andV springs 1.4. *frm a part et. what I term` the setting; cnaf nism, the remainder ot which isconsiit-nted by the spring; arms 15, the upper or tree ends of which have hooi; 'or shouldered por7I tions 1G, that engage the coller 7 at times grippeis 9 to retard or holdr thc same, while the spreader G is being' forced down to spread the grippers 9. In order to prevent the settingl mechanism from leaving the pipe, a colhirlY may be employed as indicated in In the practical use of my invention, the parts are assembled in the position shown in Fig. l with the arms 15 restinf` between the arms 8, with the collars E am l2 adje Cent to the union coller 5. The pipe line or string 2 with the invention applied is lowered into the well as tar as may be desired, after which the pipe is pulled up slightly until the collar 7 passes the Shoal ders 1G, and rests in the same, after which,y the string' of pipe is 'again lowered. On again loweringy the pipe, lit, will ne noted, the bow springs 14, by reason ot' frictiomof their engagement with the well casing, will hold the collars t2 and 13 trom movement with relation to the well casing, and consoquently the arms l5 hold the collars 7 from movement while the sprcnders it. a e lowered between the grippers 9 and spr .id them into -engagement with the well casing l, es indi cated/in Fig. 3 of the drawings.

In order to remove the string of pipe from drawn from the well casing 0r tube.

Frein the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings, it is believed the complete construction, op-

eration, and advantages will be apparent to those skilled inthe art to 'which the application appertains. A

that I claim iss- 1. The combination with the pi'pe line or string, of a gripping mechanism slidably mounted thereon, and including a collar, grippers resiliently mounted on said collar, a gripper spreader mounted on said pipe, and a setting mechanism carried by Said ipe and coperative with the-well casing, or holding the gripping mechanism in position, While said spreader is broughtinto action to spread the grippers into engagement with the well casing said settinggmech# anisin being separate and distinct from and having no positive connection- .with said gripper spreader, said grippers, and' the collar on which` said grippers are mounted.

9.. In combination with the -pipe line or string, of a gripper carrying collar slidable thereon, grippers carried by said collar, a gripper spreader fixedly located on the p1 e line, a well engaging setting device slidab y mounted on the pipe line, and means carried by said device and coperative with said collar to hold said gripping mechanism from movement when said pipe is lowered, to cause said gripper spreader to act said setting mechanism being separate and distinct from and having no positive connection with said gripper spreader, said grippers, and the collar on which said grippers are mounted.

3. In combination with the pipe line of a stop fixed thereon, a ripper carrying member slidably mounte( on said pipe above said stop, a spreader relatively ixedly located on said pipe above said stop and cooperative wiih the grippeisv ofsaid gripper carrying member, a setting mechanism said 'mounted on said pi e below said stop,

including members or engaging said ipper carrying mechanism at times to hol said gripper carrying mechanism immovable with ,relation to the Well casing while said spreader is acting said setting mechanism being separate and distinct from and having no positive connection with said gripper spreader, p

said grippers, and the collar. on which said A'ppers are mounted. f l l 4. The device of the class described a pipe line, a stop relatively xedly located on said pipeline, located onsaidpipe line, a grip ing mecha nism slidably mounted o'n sai pipe line, between 'said stop and said spreader, 'and msaid spreader, a setting mechanism slidably mounted on said pipe ine beyond said sto said setting lmeeh'anis'nn including a slidab mounted well casing engagingdevice, anresilient arms having portions for engaging aV spreader relatively fixedlyA cluding gripping elements coperative 'with ipper carrying mechanismat times to lilo d' the same stationary, 'while saidv spreader is acting said setting mechanism being separate and distinct from and having no 'positive connection with said gripf .per sv reader, saidgrippers, and the collar on vv ich said grippers are mounted.-

5. In a device ofthe class described, a

.pipe line, a stop fixed onthe pipe line, a

gripping mechanism slidably mounted vonl the pipe line above said stop and including a slidable collar, a gripper spreader mounted on the 'pipe line to coperate with the gripping mechanism to force it into its gripping position, and a setting mechanism separate and distinct 'from 'said grippin mechanism, said setting mechanism inclu infI well en a 'n devices and resilient arms coperative with the gripping mechanism collar to hold the gripping mechanism immovable while said spreader is in operation,

substantially as shown anddeseribed. y CLAYTON EFREQERICKSON.



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