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Publication numberUS1074595 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1913
Filing dateMar 14, 1913
Priority dateMar 14, 1913
Publication numberUS 1074595 A, US 1074595A, US-A-1074595, US1074595 A, US1074595A
InventorsAlbert Aumont
Original AssigneeAlbert Aumont
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US 1074595 A
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Patented Och-7,1913.

w m m m m 1 0 t H w r w w M w y r B N w 4 /a x 2 w 5: r. w 5 5 w 9 l x 5, :1 4 a r .5. 7 4 M i m V e 1T n W: 1

the same parts.

ALB-Ear sworn. snowmanama, tenant;

' nnrnmeeanoni I inclination of letters l tent;

Application filed March Serial No. 754,297.

. PM as. '1, 191a.

To all whom it may co cern: y Be it known that I, ALBERT A 'MoN'r, a subject of the King of Great Britain, re-

. siding at 564-Dorchester street east, in the city of Montreal, Province. of 5 Quebec, Canada, have invented certain new and use -ful Improvements inyBathing-Shoesyand 'I do hereby declare that the following is a full, clear, and exact description of the invention, such as will enable others skilled in the art to which itappertains to make and use the same. y The invention to be hereinafter described relates to bathing shoes.

In order tomore clearly disclosethe' construction, operation, and use of the invention, reference should be had to the accompanying drawings formingpart of the present application. 1 l Throughout the several figures of the drawings like reference characters designate In the drawings: Figure 1 is aside view of the shoe; and Fig. 2 vertical sectional view. The main objects ofthis invention are; to provide a bathing shoe which will protect the foot of the wearer, as well as prevent sand, gravel, or other foreign matter from entering the shoe; which will be neat in ap-i pearance; and which may be cheaply manufactured. v

The shoes is molded of. one continuous piece of soft. rubber. a The bottom of the shoe is made much'thicker than the bodv 1 so as to form asole2. It should be noted that; the sole 2 is inside of the shoe and integral with the bodyl. By,this means the expense attendant upon making an independent sole and attaching it to the body'.

1 is dispensedwith. Also, the sole being molded integral with the body 1 the bottom of the shoe-is absolutely water tight. "By having thesole inside of the shoe the shoe is. given a very neat appearance; also there is no possibility of sand or gravel beingvpicked up onthe upper surface of the sole while walking or bathing, as in the or dinary shoe; The sole 2 being of thick ing 5.

a longitudinal,


" rubber effectually protects the foot of the bather, while at the same time producing a cushloning effect which greatly diminlshes the ar of walking and thus prevents the bather from tiring as quickly as if wearing the ordinary bathing shoe.

The leg portion 3 of the shoe is turned inwardly as at 4 to form an elliptical open- I In putting the 'shoe on, the foot is inserted through the opening 5 and the shoe drawn upon the foot so that the turned over portion 4 comes well above the ankle. In

this position, the upper part of the shoe, owing to its being turned in and reduced, fits snugly about the leg of the wearer and effectually prevents the entry of. sand, grave], or other foreign matter into the shoe. As it is turned over at the top, the shoe will not grip the leg of the wearer tightly enou h to cause discomfort, as the turn will perm1t a slight give and thus create a cushioning efi'ect of the gripping portion.

It is thought thatthe constructiomo eration, and use of the inventionwill be clear from the preceding detailed descrip- Changes may be made in the construction,

arrangement, and disposition of the several arts of the invention without inany way easily and f eparting. from the field and scope of the same, and it ismeant to include all such within this application wherein only a preferred form has been disclosed.

Having thus fully described by'invention,

,what I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patentis:

1. A bathing shoe moldedof onepiece of gum or indie rubber and having its bottom made much thicker than the body of the shoe so as to form asole integral there with and contained therein, and having the upper end of the leg portion turned inwardly to form means for closely the leg of the wearer.

2. A bathing shoe formed exclusively of soft flexible elastic sand tight' material adapted to conformto and completely in close the entire foot ina snug glove-like ppi sand tight fit, and means for maintaining a snug sand tight closure between the upper open end and the leg of the wearer.

3. A bathing shoe formed exclusively of soft flexibleelastic sand tight material adapted to conform to and completely inclose the entire foot in a snugglove-like sand tight'fit, and flexibleelastic means for maintaining a snug sand tight closure be tween the ripper epen end antl the legfef i0 the wearer.

In witness whereef have 'hereunt0set my hand in the preseneeioii-iwo witnesses. I


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U.S. Classification36/8.1, 2/239, 36/4
Cooperative ClassificationA43B5/08