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Publication numberUS1074965 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 7, 1913
Filing dateAug 16, 1912
Priority dateAug 16, 1912
Publication numberUS 1074965 A, US 1074965A, US-A-1074965, US1074965 A, US1074965A
InventorsJohn Looner Mcclellan
Original AssigneeJohn Looner Mcclellan
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Extractor and capsule syringe
US 1074965 A
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Patented Oct. Y, 1913.


EXTRACTOB. AND CASULE SIY'RNGE Specieation o Letters Patent.

Patentedet. "1?. 19113.

Application led August 16. eriafl No.. 715.421. ,n

To all whom t .may concern Be it known that 1, JoHN LooNnnsMo- CLELLAN, a citizen of the United States, re-

siding at Rockford, in the county ofSpo` a desire-Kl 0f time., md also t0 .S9 C011- struct the ejecting nozzle base portion that the substance ejected, vin passing there;V through,`is brought more minutely to .that

degree of temperature desired.

Further objects of my invention are to provide .a flexible ejecting nozzle, operatively connected to the base, and relates to details of construction as hereinafter specifically set forth.

In the drawings, forming a part of this specicationz-Figure 1 is a central longitudinal sectional View through a syringe embodying my invention. Fig. 2 is a side elevation of the same.` Fig. 3 is a cross sectional view on the lines 3-3 of Fig. 1. Fig. 4 is an enlarged detailed sectional view through a portion of the nozzle and nozzle base. Fig. 5 is an enlarged detailed view partly in elevation and partly in section disclosing a modiedmeans of mounting the iexible nozzle in connection with the nozzle base.

Similar characters referto similar parts throughout the several views.

A cylindrical shell 6, having a hollow wall, exteriorly screw threaded at ends and provided with a graduated sight opening 7, suitably closed by transparent material, extending longitudinally thereof, is adapted to receive, in close contact with the inner periphery thereof, a transparent cylindrical shell 8, of substantially the same length as the cylindricalshell'. The shells 6 and 8 constitute a jacketed cylindrical structure adapted to confinefluidlaterally. A cap 9 is provided with an internally screw threaded annular flange 10, adapted to be screwed upon one end of cylindrical shell 6. This cap is provided with an aperture 11 concentric to lthe axis .ot the shell 8, and an annular recess 12 in the tace from which the flange 1.0 prot-rudes. The recess 12 is of a .depth adapted .to receive a gasket 13, and a portion of the ends of shells 6 and 8, and is of a Width to -closely confine the shells 6 and -8 against thewalls thereof, as clearly shown in the drawings. By ,this means lthe hol- V119W i .in the-.wall of shell 6 is brought .even with .the tace o the Cap 9, .0r may extend into the recess@ beyond such face., .itsiih is desired.

Within .Shell .8 a pistonlylozt any y.suitabledesigniisprovided, having a rod l .extendingthrough aperture 11 in cap 9A to reciprocate the pistonwithinthe 'shell. ,A ysuitable handle 16 is provided at the end of rod. 15 to facilitate actuating the same.

The end of' cylinder 6, opposite from cap 9, isvprovided with what I hereinafter form a capportion 18, similar to cap 9, in that it has an internally threaded flange 19 and annular recess 20, in connection with a washer 21, serving a purpose like the flange 10 in recess 12, respectively, of the cap, that is, to conine the fluid within the shell to the extent desired. From the cap portion 18 extends a tubular projection 22, in comhaving the end portion of its bore enlarged a purpose to be subsequently disclosed. The outer face of cap portion 18 and tubular projection 22 is jacketed, as by wall 24, and this jacketing may extend about ange 19. A screw threaded plug 25 permits access to the hollow of the wall of shell 6, and a similar plug 26, access to the hollow formed by jacketing 24, so that the heated fluid may be placed therein.

The outer end face of tubular projection 22 is provided with an annular Irecess 27, concentric to the enlargement 23 of the bore of the tube, this recess being adapted to receive a'gasket 28.

r1`he ejection nozzle 29, which is made of flexible material, may be provided with a screw threaded extension 30, to fit into recess'23 of extension 22, formed integral there-with, as shown in Figs. 1 and 4 of the drawings. By this construction a continuous duct is lformed through extension 22 and nozzle 29 of uniform diameter.

In Fig. 5 1 have shown va modied means term a nozzle face 17. llt is constructed to.

munication with the interior of shell 8, and` and internally screw threaded as at 23, for' vof mounting-Hexble nozzle 29iwhich latter,

in this case, has an'enlar ed ore 31 at its end adjacent lthe end o .extension 22, av

'.nipple 32 being interposed bet'vveenthe two.

This nipple includes a threaded portion 33 Ato fit into lbore 23,- a nut portion 34 tofacilitateconnection of parts, and tubular extension 35 fitting into bore -31' of nozzle 29,l to which it is soldered or`otherwise secured.- A continuous duct is provided, of uniform diameter, from the interior lof the shell 8 to the ejecting end of nozzle-29. When either orm'of nozzle mounting is used, the gasket'.

`28 provides a.. fluid tight jointat the end of extension 22.

, In operation,l prior to ejecting the iuid from the shell 8, the material therein is made warm by. introducting heated fluid,

`such as water, into the hollow of' the Wall of shell 6.. Fluid, alsoy of .the desired temperature, is introduced into the hollow formed by jacketing 24, and as the iuid passes through the duct formed byextension 22, it is brought more minutelyv lto the ejected.

I claim desired temperature'qbefore 'being An extractor. and.capsule syringev comprisingin combination, acylindrical structure, a piston and piston 'rod for said cylindrical structure, a cap closingone end of said structure but permitting assage of Said piston rod 'exteriorly' of the atter', and

'a nozzlebase for the other end of said cylindrical structure, including a cap portion,

tubular extension having its duct in com-v inunicationwith the interior of said cylindrical structure, and a jacketing wall for A said Vcap portion `and tubular extension,

adaptedfor thel introduction of luidvthere-l about, substantially as and for the purpose set forth.

In testimony whereof I aiiix my signature

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