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Publication numberUS1075864 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 14, 1913
Filing dateFeb 6, 1909
Publication numberUS 1075864 A, US 1075864A, US-A-1075864, US1075864 A, US1075864A
InventorsRobert W Scott
Original AssigneeScott & Williams Inc
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US 1075864 A
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APPLICATION FILED Imm, 1909v Patented Got. i4, 1913.


ff-yg lil vitil lill lill l l titl" jt. "i lli ETGBERT YV. SCOTT` OF LEEDS POINT, NEVI Qe'ltlEYw L.




Specification of Letters 'titfsut.

a ew

@Musicali t'llct.

Bc it ltnmvn that l. lmn-n'r XY. Stu'rr., a ritimn nt thc l'niteil Statesfresitling in Leeds Paint, Atlantic cnnnty. New Jcrscy, have invented certain mprorenienta in Ilnsiery. ot which the fnllowing is: ay specification.

Bly inrcntimi rrlach"especially tn the im'- niatinn if-thc tav pnrtinn of an article if hfrsicry, my object being tioy prnritle a toe' formation which will he at once cheaper to produce axnl nmrc shapely than thc. 10c formations usually adopted.

ln thc accompanying drawingslfignres l and 2 are vicwa of socks with tnv tarmationsI in accordance with my invention; Fifi. i, is a ricw of a stocking;r having my iniprm'etl toe formation, and Fig. 4 is an exaggerated View of a piece of ribbed wel) illnhtrating` one nf the features of my inventina.

in thc clra\-'ings, I have illustrated my iniintimi as; applicd to that class of lmsicry known as seamless," 1 representing lthe seamlehs, tnbnlar leg, 2 the scamless heel, 1:3 the seamless. tnbnlar faut, and i the scamless, tubular ribbed top, all if which may hc prudnccd in ways nlm' cmnnnin to thc art'.

The toe port-ion I 0f thc stnclting is com prsfwl nt ribbed` web nml. by pretercnce. the inncr portion at thc tire is tubular :intl seninless, the outer kpnrtim nf thc tue. bring; Ihapetl by cutting the vcb ainl sewing tn- ;:cthcr they atljvniniing cnn edges.

ln the suck shown in Fig. 1. the tout, licei anni leg' are n? plain web and assuming that thin-c arc the same number nl wales in bath the plain and ribbed Wcbs` the aclnptinn nl ribbed knitting in the toe serves rmitraetthu diameter of the inner portion of the. saine and (if that portion uf the plain tout web adjacent to the. toe, the shaping` ot' thcv toc being cmnplctcd by the cntling and Sewing of' the forward portian of the, ribbcr'l toe web.

The sewing opcratimi is facilitated by reason of the fact that a ribbell web will lie flatI or without the tendency to curl which is a characteristic o the cnt; edges of a plain knitted-web, and this permits of the formation of n smaller seam than would be p0`ssi ble. if vplain wel) were used in the' toe porvarices tonarrl thc tout.

When ther` knitting at thc riblaai im? irai; has becn cmnpletell .stitchcs arc trifzis'nffrsnl from thc ribbing mailles onta plain. #acti neefllcs Ywhich werc notv theretotnr in actian and plain wel) is; prmlncccl for the 'flint `anti leg nf the stocking, the seamless heel iierinn t'nmncrl nggnn this weh in the initial wav anni tina stifufiifs4 bring than transtrrretl `cran crcry alternate, nccclle sante, a. rilihi i if-:ir tlic nrmlnctinn of the ritilieil illimietlgzc at which can ne any suitable way. nr the nietlnnl ai? .in may if desired, be rcrcrseih the rihic being knitted til-st with a nnn-i'arelingr walt; the stitchesA boing then trana.Peri-fnl trani the rihfhingy nemllc tu tlicrctcnra inactive plain wcb nercllcs` the legis heel and tant; ing knitted nt' plain wal; anti the stitrhea thcn transferiiwl from :,iltcrnate plain canti neeiilea tu ribbing ceillnis for itin farms tion of the ribbiel toe wel@v` but the ca web ia carrici thrcsnglwnti' 'part-,ian with thc re:=.\il"that Y nir an ia nti lesser diameter than tta-rich ina amtlication at im' invention tn alioclmzs tan il or in any other (lasiratile Way.

The toe seam 7, by preference, extends armlnd the toe from sidc 'to siflc as shown in the, drawing, although thascam Owing is not no allay as to prove objcctinnable even if 1t extentie; armani the im@ .fram top to bottom.

The 'knitting nl the. ribbed toe @ortica of the web in thin can@ ta aiiape the inn of the leg can lic tinisllect by a tznr'ncfl limi".

to its' bein torment at the, edges of the web,

web beginn at thv point. of the tti- 5' anti at? uf fiile wei? can be effected in much iess time tiran isrequired to produce the usuel seemiess toe 'pocket one plain web, nigh-speed roundend-round knitting being resorted' to @e form' the ribbed lweb instead of the reim 'isiveiy slow reciprocating knitting equired to form a seamless toe pocket, and the cui;-

vting and sewing together of the cut edges,

of the ribbed ,web can be effected more cheaply and expeditiously than the ioopin 'f together of e toe pocket end foot Web en Without the employment oi the skilled labor .which is required in the iatter opei'ation,

consequently the production of hosiery having my improved,toeformetion is cheepened and quickened and the toe formation ie; of e more shapely character than the usuel so-eeiied Seamless toe.

I claim:

A11 article of hosiery having its toe port-ien composed of ribbed. web cui; diagonaily across' the Wales and having the cut edges united by a seam which extends around the point of the toe.

In testimony whereof, I have Signed my name to this s cication, in the presence of two subscribing Witnesses.




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