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Publication numberUS1076713 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1913
Filing dateFeb 7, 1912
Publication numberUS 1076713 A, US 1076713A, US-A-1076713, US1076713 A, US1076713A
InventorsWilliam Hesbhet souti-iwigk
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Air or water motor.
US 1076713 A
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Patented Oct. 28, 1913.





1,076,? 1.3. Specification of Letters Patent atented 23,1 91? Application iiiecifiehruary 7, 12-312. Serial No. 676,125.

several :finper shaped plates are I'lgidly ed together' it the center and add very gidity and strength of To (ZZZ iii/mm it may cancer-12 'l lie it lrnown that L hinner flnsnsnir seem tloc'rliwi'cn, suhject of the King of Great 1' iatorially to the ri dent of the city of Leeds, civility t h they do not add much 60 llritoiiaicnn in frame thoe; of York, l lnp'land, have invented certain Weigh;

new and useful improvements in Air or are a. plurality of vertically arranged Vi ater hilctors of which the following is 2 var ies of thin sheet material each having "ell c ear and evict d c "-h li e l t f t i it ics iipnon. s .iiahc iccs oi spun es .JQCIJEL a one 0 The i mention relates to improvements in air or water meters as described in the following s iiecificaticii and illustrated in the accompanying drawings that form part of o the same. ti:

The intention consists essentially in the p novel construction and arrangement of the i ii the are thus closed a parts of an air driven rotary member wherevery large and solid area. is exposed to the by the maximum area is presented to effect wind pressure. The spindles are it irnaled irc DillSiOii and the resistance to rotation is tr 2 so that the tones swin ezsil T on. their 0 vertical edges. The ends of the ane 65 are :iCll'liiifltl in suitable holes ll. f I. sides of the curved erins frames A: and are ar'anged at the outer edge of one rane slightly .1. spindle edge of the adjacent 70 reduced to the minimum, pirots and. swing with he wind so that 5 "6 The objects of the invention are, to eliniionly the hack or Siillitllfi edge is presented hate the heavy and cui'nhersonie mechanisms to offer r esistancc to rotation. This is very at present in use in this class of motor end c iarly exemplified by the arrows shown in to devise a li 'ht and strone construction of l ie. .4 of the drawings.

i) C i motor Which may be operated at high speed Iii a re small angular h 'aclrets secured to 25 and Will develop a. high percentage of he, forward or front faces of the vanes 10 power and by means of which the enormous at the outer edges said hraclt-el's having the amount of free energy in the air currents swivel pins 12 rctotahly secured therein.

may be utilized to a much greater extent 13 are ligat steel rods extending through than. hitherto. and secured in the pins 12 and jliorining com 39 In the dii'aiving's, Figure 1 is a perspeci1 tire View of a motor constructed in accord f ance with th's invention. Fi 2 is a plan t in unison View 0: tie motor with the top portions of i to flopping. the frame cut away. r secured to the outer 9o Like numerals or refer nee indicate cores t and arrespondiog parts in each figure.

Referring to the drawings, 1 is a shaft eating members Uniting the outer free e-erably in right at lar relation *l-lfitil plane of arch frame. These which is stepped in a suitable form of hears fcrni welding steps to limit ing, preferably including balls or rollers, in the ct: lWai-d swing of the vanes. 95 40 the standard tllCl projects upwardly therein the operation of this device, the inorfroin. ing air rurilring; the vanes swings some of 3 is a circular block, rigidly secured to the them closed and passes freely hot teen others shaft 1 immediately above the top of the end as the "vanes close a pocket is formed supporting stem erd. A similar block is sewhich receiving the pressure of a large 100 cured to the top end of the shaft. volum of states the whee. with con l are rectangular frames of light and siderallef rigil tubular construction open at one side tirely i i revermng th-v s iilling of the air and having the e' d s rigidly secured in the at the nd hottoni tin s adding greatly blocks 3 and extending radially outward t. the ciiiei .y. 105 therefrom. The horizontal portions 6 end flescription it will he readily 7 of said frames are preferably curved e reat efficiency will slightly in a direction as clearly l is perfectly shown in the drawings. a i very lllilijll speed 8 are flat plates of thin metal secured to ollO J-ll; i1 ...i e'vice .may therefore its the curved arms 6 and 7 of the tubular he readily adaoted to the operation of power frames and have the straight radial edges 9. plants as batteries of these motors may be o oti to edecutilized to operate electric generators and the power stored by the use of accumulators.

It will be also readily understood that this form of motor can be very easily adapted for use as a water motor.

hat I claim as my invention is In an air motor, a Vertical shaft, a plurality of rectangular shaped frames having the top and bottom bars thereof curved horizontally in arc-shape, said frames extending radially from said shaft, horizontal plate members secured to the curved top and bottom bars in said frames and extending WILLIAM H. SOUTHVVIOK.

lVitnesses E. HERON, A. G. KELLY.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

' Washington, D. C."

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U.S. Classification416/119, 416/212.00A
International ClassificationF03D3/06
Cooperative ClassificationY02E10/74, F03D3/067
European ClassificationF03D3/06E6