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Publication numberUS1076778 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1913
Filing dateMay 11, 1912
Priority dateMay 11, 1912
Publication numberUS 1076778 A, US 1076778A, US-A-1076778, US1076778 A, US1076778A
InventorsPhilip S Medart
Original AssigneeFred Medart Mfg Company
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Caster mechanism for vaulting-horses.
US 1076778 A
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Patented Oct. 28, 1913.




Application filed May 11, 1812.

To all whom t muy concer/u.'

Be it known that l, 'Finale Fri. a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of the city olI St. Louis, in the State et Missouri, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Caster Mechanism ior Vaulting-Horses, of which the following is a specification.

This invention relates to that particular class ol exercising apparatus generally known as vaulting horses and bucks, and has for its object to provide a simple and efficient caster mechanism adapted to render the apparatus readily transportable when required, and which is housed within the floor plate or base of the apparatus and entirely out of the way in the ordinary use of the apparatus Yfor exercising purposes, all as will hereinafter more fully appear.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure l, `is a detail horizontal section on line aid-m, Fig. 2, of an apparat-us embodying the present improvements. Fig. 2, is a detail central vertical section of the same.

Similar reference numerals indicate like parts in both views.

Referring to the drawings, 1 represents the central portion of the supporting` base or floor plate ot the apparatus formed with an open bottom cavity or chamber 2 for the reception and inclosure of the hereinafter described caster mechanism. Said contrai portion of the supporting base 1 is provided with the usual integrally formed radial or side supporting wings which are recessed on their under sides to attain the proper degree ot lightness combined with strength, as usual in the present type of apparatus.

3 is a central annular neck extending vertically from the central portion 1 of the sup porting base and having a cylindrical bore for the reception of the attaching shank et the post or pillar now to be described.

4 is the vertical post or pillar upon the upper end of which is mounted in any ordinary and suitable manner the vaulting horse or buch body. it its lower end said post is :termed with a reduced cylindrical shank 5 adapted to have a driven lit in the cylindrical bore of the annular neck 3 aforon said with its oft'set or shoulder abutting against the upper surface of the neck 3, to stop further downward movement of the post. In the presentconstruction the di- Manner,

Specification of Letters Patent.

ameter of the post L1 and that of the annular .Patented Uct. 253, 1913.

seran no. essere.

neck 8 are ap prorilnately the same, in order to attain a substantially smooth exterior where the parts meet when assembled, and as shown in Fig. 2.

(i a cylindrical extension depending from the cylindrical shanlr 5, into the interior otl the cavity or chamber 2 of the supportinobase, to provide a trunnion or support tor the caster mechanism now to be described.

7 is a sleeve journaled on the cylindrical extension G aforesaid, and provided near its upper end with a gear rim 8, and on the periphery ont its lower portion with a screwthread 9, as illustrated in Fig. 2.

1 0 an internally screw-threaded hub having operative engagement with the aforo said screw-threaded portion ot the sleeve 7, and so that in the rotation. ot said sleeve in manner hereinafter described, the said hub will have a vertical rise or tall in accordance with the direction of rotation of the said sleeve. ln the present const-ri'lction the hub l() carries the central depressed web of the caster-carrying trame 11 which is arranged horizontally in t-he open bottom cavity or chamber 2 ot the supporting base, and the wheel casters 12 of any usual and suitable torni are attached to the under side of the raised side plates or wings 18 of the carrying trame 11, as shown.

1li is a vertical guide spline on the sup porting base 1 tor engagement in a side notch of the caster carrying frame 11, to hold the same against rotation.

l5 is a vertical eountershaft journaled in a bearing` formed therefor in the top plate ot the chamber 2, aforesaid. 16 is an operating handle on the upper end ot said countershatt, and 1T is a gear wheel secured to the lower end of said countershaft and having operative engagement with the above described gear rim 8 of the sleeve 7. The construction is such that with a manual rotation of the handle 16 in one direction or the other, corresponding rotation is imparted to the sleeve l". Such rotation oi the sleeve 'l' will in turn. impart an upward or a downward adjustment to the caster carrying trame 11, through the before described screw-thread connection of the sleeve 7 and 10, to bring the casters into an active or inactive position in accordance with the direction in which the operating handle 16 is turned.

Having thus full described in7 said in- .31 T 1 vention ivnat i oiaini as new and desire to if Vcnre by 'Letters Patent, is

i In a vanlting horse or buck, the coinbination or a supporting base ferined on its underside with recess adapted to receive a caster niechanisni and having an integrally Jformed and centrally disposed nec; which in turn is formed With a cylindrical here open at top and bottoni, and a vertical post having a reduced cylindrical shank at its lower eiidiisting the cylindrical here of the aforesaid neck and adapted to previde a supporting ineaiis for a caster ineclianisni,`

the oiiiset or slicfulder of the post abutting against the upper surface oi the aforesaid neck, substantially as set forth.

Y 2. in a vaulting horse or buck, the coinbination or a supporting hase having an open bottoni Cavity ai; its center and an annular post, receiving neck on iis upper surface, a vertical post. having a reduced cylindrical shank fitting the here of said neck, a tixed -triinnioii iii axial alinenient with said shank shank fitting the bore of said neck, a ixed irunnion in axial alineinentwith said shank, a sleeve journaled onsaid trunnion and Vhaving a screw-thread on its pe *iphery, means for imparting rotation to said sleeve, the saine comprising a gear riin on said sleeve, a gear Wheel engaging said gear rim, a countershaftU Carrying said gear Wheel and an operating handle on said countershaft, a frame having a screw-threaded huh engaging the screw-threaded lperiphery of the sleeve, and a series of casters carried bysaid franie, substantially as set forth.

ei. in a vaulting horse or buck, the e0nihi- 4nati-on of a supporting base having an open 'bottoni cavity .at its center and an annular Apost receiving neck on :rits upper surface, a

vertical postJ having `a reduced cylindrical shank fitting the bore of said neck, a ifixed Y trunnion in axialfalinenient with said shank,

a sleeve journaled on Vsaid trunnion and rhaving a screw-:thread on its periphery, means for imparting rotation `tosa-id sleeve, afranie having side Wings and la vsiinken center carrying a screw-threaded hub engaging the screivet'hreaded periphery vof the sleeve, and a series et" casters secured to the underside oi the raised side Wings of the said frame, substantially as set forth. y

Signed :at Sti. Louis, Missouri, `this 30th day or" April, 11912.



V(lorries of this patent may be obtained for five cents cach, by addressing the Commissioner of 'Yaten'ts Washington, G.

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