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Publication numberUS1077177 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1913
Publication numberUS 1077177 A, US 1077177A, US-A-1077177, US1077177 A, US1077177A
InventorsAndrew H Vagas, Michael F Vagas
Original AssigneeAndrew H Vagas, Michael F Vagas
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US 1077177 A
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' eeigureien vffifi neas.; 'being adapted te extend downq Il HAM, visi-cdv ovex' he si 1es of tile head in pesi- United Sintes of Amer'Ls, residing i tien. te seeuiely cove? and siiieid eae.. Youngstown, in the county of Iiahoni The member ll is piovided. butin@ and Siae of Unie, have-invented new heiss l2 te lrecevve "alle buttons 9 mi 'he useful improvements in Storm.-Coeis, of membei 8. which She following is s speeicaien. @ne

' This inven'ien relates te storm coats and s pai'tleuieriy to one designed for use by posmen er the like, amd the ebgecof the mveii.- i

ion is provide a costi wh petiei o' the head and fa e can be concealed and preee'e o ne d in "the mest L ecient manuel against die vveaiihe'. .L

n he drawing forming l iion 0f; es speciicaion and in Wheh e of reference indicae siniiar ears the several .f'eivsz--Figure l is a, perspecive View of thev fri it ef the coat sheeting be implication theeof te the usen Fifa 2 is a l* 1 perspective View es she reef o "*e eem l mi showing the appiica'eon therein is the us Fig. 3 is a vertical sect-ien tiiz'eugii t" portion of the coat and ih members. i

The co2- is ermed o suitable iight Wel imeivfi teria-,L resided wie Q, d Ceiei' :uid the relai and 5 which sie edaped ether when iae seal@ 's uoned t son. one side, ti buens ei ohei su'fr ing devices G and L Cesi the cee-t when i e meme across the face Ate acoss 'the eoivii the of the coat, a cured, being i0 die neck within EL 'i umwle si .Gs-ed and te cause the neck te om 1s 'ermed to picri is Ole the e of the Geiler is providedv Win e i.

Areceive *die belt l? se that 'the boom of lhe sont can be securely closed around the weist e the Weaiei. A@ the back, and ad'aone side, the sont is provided with inail bagsupporting stz'ap 18 1s passen wel. "constructed as desciibed ,hei'eizri as dearly showi will' be found metdue. and will assisi'J meteiiaii.' in insuring =vee1er against injury, ineident te exfao the Weaiie V l to be underseed met ehe spaees be" the buons 9 viii,

l tei across one shouidez a i meh ispeisadaped E0 overiap each fue?, s face protecting membei' hav'ng ibs r ed* ecuied ie "Lise under side T @ne o cove the "i mie-mbe? being disieee the protecting members,

' vfee-proo meeifiei prued'apted 'to @verliep each eating member having its y d Vs'oifie under side oir1 ene sed adapted to cove? the said from goz'ien ei the Wesress heed.

ap 13 to be engaged with the ba'sen le at de yopposite side of the coiar te Lssisi the fasenings 6 rein #he giesez c suitable peekefs b ioop i7 to 'eceive and hold in( 'D the upper edge of seid member being disposed medialiy with respect to the heed, a protecting member for the rear portion of the head having its lower edge secured to the inner side of the beck portion of the coat, Ineens for detachebly securing the meeting edges of the seid protecting members together, an" upwardly projecting neck portion of the coat adapted to inciose the 1o lower portions of the protecting members,

and a connecting strip detechebly secured to the rontedges of the seid prejecin por tions ofthe coat.

In testimony whereof we afx our signatures in presence of two witnesses.


GEORGE P. Voscrmcn, Jr., ALEX. RoNAY.

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U.S. Classification2/84, 33/15, 2/202, 2/9, D02/831, 2/87
Cooperative ClassificationA41D2200/20