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Publication numberUS1077199 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 28, 1913
Filing dateAug 2, 1906
Priority dateAug 2, 1906
Publication numberUS 1077199 A, US 1077199A, US-A-1077199, US1077199 A, US1077199A
InventorsWillard C James
Original AssigneeWillard C James
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Combined couch and bath-tub.
US 1077199 A
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Patented Oct. 2-8, 1913.

wimessw l. 75% I Lila 66 Gama)",

Ally fla UNI I TED szrnzrns .onnicn WILLARD c. mains, or Los #ANGELES, CALIFORNIA.

cousin-no concn' 'ANID Baron-Tina.


To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WILLARD 0. JAMES, a citizen of the United States, residing at Los Angeles, in the county of LosA'ngeles and State of California, have invented a new and useful Combined Couch and -Bath-' Tub, of which the following is a specification.

It is of the objects of. this invention to provide an article of furniture embodying the-conveniences of a couch or bed, a bathtub, commode, 'and toilet appliances, each of which maybe used -pendently of the other, and in which the will be concealed when the furniture is in position for use as a couch or bed.

from the subjoined detailed description.

- the invention.

ture closed for use as a bed or couch. Fig. 2

opened to commode. showing the box by a shiftable hinge. Fig. 4 is a detail showing the construction atthe front right hand corner in Fig. 2. Fig.5 is a plan detail of the front left corner,-the front-closed and the lid raised. 1 p t 1 in ajgeneral way designates a box having a floor 2, end walls 3, 4;, back wall 5, front wallfi, and lid 7. The floor 2 does not come flush with the front ends of the .end walls, but terminates rearward therefrom a distance approximately equal to the thickness of the front wall 6, and said front wall is hinged to the front edge of the floor 2 ofthe box, and its ends 71 are beveled to fit the ends 8. of the end walls 3 and 4 which are mitered to fit the beveled ends of the front Fig. 3 is a fragmental detail the front side of the box.

9 is a catch to hold the front wall of the.

box .in upright position for closing the same.

.10 designates hinges by which the front wall 6 is hinged to the floor 2.

11 designates a bath=tub in the box 1.

12 is a rim inside the box atthe level of the bath-tub to close over the space between the bath-tub and the walls of-the box. The bath-tub is provided with a' sloping or slanting head 13 asin the usual-construction, and

. tab, the

separately and indepresence of the bath and toilet appliances The accompanying drawings illustrate? connection of the lid with the s ecification oil-otters rat n Patented Oct. 28, 1913. Application filed 'Ang'ustZ, 1996. 'Serial 1705828374. 3

14 designates-the space underneath said sloping portion between the same and the head end of the'bo'x. 15 is a. shelf in said space to receive a blacking-brush or other appliances. 4

'16 is a receptacle between the foot end wall 4 of-the box and the foot ,of the bath-.

sam being adapted to receive towels, wash-cloths, and the like. The lid.7

may be upholstered as at '17 to form a couch 'orbed,

and "the lid is preferably hin ed to theend walls of thebox by shifting hinges 3, which are conto bring the rear 18 shown in-detail in Fig. struc't'ed t shift the -lid edge 19 and the upholstered surface 20 approximately flush with the rear edge of the box when the lid is in closed and-open p'o- Other objects and advantages may appear Q sitions respeetively.

21 is a'oo'mmo'de drawer tacle 22 in which-a commode ja'r23-may be placed. Figure 1 is a. view of the article of furn'i- 5 24 is a perforated seat, and 25 a cover thereforhin'g'ed at 26 to the-commode 'drawer 1s a view of the same article of f'nrnitureg give access to the bath, tollet, and

and adapte to be closed down upon the perforated seat 24550 as to cover the perforatio'n when the commode drawer is slid into the receptacle-'27 formed in the end of the-box at the foot of the bathtub to receive the commode drawer.

The wall 28 of the receptacle 16 forms aclosure for the front of the commode drawer when said'drawer is pushed into the recep tacle 27. The lid 7 may be provided with a towel-rack29, a mirror 30, and a swinging soap-dish 31, so that'wh'en the lid, 7 is raised the person us'i'n' the bath will have appliances at ban for performing his bath and toilet. Y Y

32 is a strip of carfpet on the inside of the hinged front wall 6 the 'boxto serve as a mat forthe foot-rest. When the front 'wall is opened down-to the floor it forms a protection for the carpet or other "floor coverin The bath-tub may be supplied-with water through any suitable lumbin connections.

33 designate the usual bibs inside the bathtub. Saidplumbing connections will be understood by anyone skilled in the art and are therefore not illustrated in detail hereln.

34 is alid for the receptacle 16-.

In practical use, when the article is closed as indicated ii1 Fig.- 1, the'same bein appropriately upholstered, forms an attractlve couch which maybe used as abed as ooforming a recep- I I drawn out and its not shown, together with taken with the usual convenience; the towels and other appliancesbeing accessible when the lid and front wall are laid open. To use the commode drawer will be lid25 raised. To return the article to the condition of acouch the box will be closed in the usual way by reversing the operation just described. When the lid is closedthe towel-rack with its towels, the mirror and swinging soap-dish, are stored out of the way inside the bath-tub. The lid may be shiftably hinged by'means of a plate 35 fastened to the rear edge of the lid, and two links 36, 37, each pivoted at one end to different points on the plate and at other points on the end wall of the box. 38 is a spring for one of the links. The link 37 is pivoted to theend of the box by pivot 39 and to the lid by pivot 40, and the link 36 is pivoted to the box by pivot 41 and to the lid by pivot 42. The pivot may be located equidistant from the inner face and the rear. edge of the lid, and the pivot 42 is preferably located at a like distance from the inner face ofthe lid. The pivot 39 is the commode,

preferably located vertically below the mid dle of-the lid when. said lid is raised, and the pivot 41 is preferably located at a point below the topv of v tance at which the pivot 39 is located from the rear of the box. By this'construction, from the position shown in Fig. 3, the links, operate to carry the rear edge of the lid backward as the lid eled ends 8 and 71 closed and also pivoting the closes without throwing the rear corner of the lid back from the vertical line drawn from the rear of the box. By this means the boxlid when closed and when'openwill stand .flush with the rear of the box. The rear of the box-may be with or without a'wall. In Fig. 3 the back wall'for the box is shown as formedby the wall of a room. The spring 38 tends to hold the link 37 forward, thus tending to hold the lid open. The box may be covered or upholstered in any way, and said covering 43 may be folded on the bevof the end walls and the 11d. By means of the shifting hinge the inside wall of the lid when raised maybe brought flush with the inside of the back of the tub so that any drip from the lid will fall directly into the tub the link 37 to a lid, said lid being of definite near the face thereof that is inverted when the lid is link to the box at a distance from the rear thereof, equal to half the thickness of the lid, and pivoting the other link to the lid above the'pivot of the first mentioned link 37 when the lid carpet covering 7 box inclosingthe the box equal to the dis-- and not on the rim ,thereof. This result is effected by. Lpivoting is upright and pivoting the other end of said link in Fig. 3.

What I claim is v 1. A bath tub, a box inclosing the bath tub, the bottom of the box being adapted to rest flat upon the door, the front side of said box being hinged to swing down flat upon the floor and form a protection for the floor, and the top of the box being hinged to swing upwardly and form a holder for toilet articles, the front face of the top when in its vertical position being in position to drain into the bath tub. I

2. 'A bath tub, a box inclosing the bath tub, the bottom of the box being adapted to rest flat upon the floor, the front side of the box being hinged to the bottom of the box and adapted tofold flat upon the floor, and the inner face of said front side and overlapping the edge of the bottom of the. box to form a protection for the 3. A bath tub having a sloping head, a bath tub and having a front side adapted to swing flat upon the floor, a head, and a lid for .the box for covering the bath tub, said hinged front giving access to the shelf and also forming a protection for the floor.

4. A bath tub provided with a sloping head, a box inc'losuing the bath tub, the front side of the box being hinged to fiat upon the floor and to give access to the space beneath the sloping head, and a lid for covering the bath tub.

v5. A bath-tub, a box inclosing said bathtub, the end walls of said box extending forwardly' beyond the edge of the floor of the box and being beveled at their front edges, the front wall of said box being hinged to said floor of said box and adapted to swing fiat upon the floor of the apartment and beveled at its ends to fit the beveled ends of the end walls of the box, and means for holding the front wall of the box upright in closed position.

' 6. A combination article of furniture comprising a bathtub, a box inclosing the same and provided with a lid spaced-apart from the end of the bath tub and extending to the top of the bath said space, a drawer in side of the partition a out of the same through box and provided with said space upon one dapted' to be drawn a chamber and a the end wall of the 4 3.6 to the box forwardly, as seen shelf in the box under the sloping tub, a vertical partition in r erforated seat, a cover for the space upon the other side of the partition, and a cover for the erforated seat.

7. A ath-tub, a box inclosing the same and provided with an upholstered lid, and a shifting hinge shiftably hinging the upholstered lid to thebody of the box to bring the edge of the lid and top of the lid flush into the bath tub.

thickness and a shiftin with the edge of the box in closed and open position, respectively, the rear wall of the tub being spaced from the rear wall of the box to accommodate the lid when raised so that the front face of the lid will drain 8. The combination with a bath-tub, of a box provided with a lid of determined hinge connecting said lid with the body of t e box and adapted to shift the lid to bring the edge and the to thereof approximately flush with the bac of the box'when the lid is in its closed and its. open positions respectively; so that when the lid is elevated itsfront face will drain into the bath tub; said lid comprising a link pivoted to the inside edge of the lid and also pivoted to the box at a distance from the rear side thereof, equal to half the thickness of the lid, and another link pivoted to the lid above the pivot when the lid is upright and pivoted to the box in front of ,said upright lid, and a spring fastened to the box and tothe first named link to draw said link forward.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand at Los Angeles, California this

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Cooperative ClassificationA61G7/0005