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Publication numberUS107882 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1870
Publication numberUS 107882 A, US 107882A, US-A-107882, US107882 A, US107882A
InventorsH. Orozier
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Improvement in roulette
US 107882 A
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`Anonnantm) H. onozinn, or osWEGoNEW YORAND VMART 'ot' HARTEORD, ooNNEoTIoU'r.

tanim iztaz emi 091mm.

IN ramce,

iMPRovEMEN'r iN RouLlz-TTE.A

The Schiule refen'e to in these Letters Patent'an making part of the same i We, ARCHIBLD H. Cnozrnn, of Oswego, Oswego county, in the State ofNewfYork, and MARTIN T xY- i xLoR, -.o-fiHartford, Hartford county,"inlthetate of sha-ft projecting throughithe topl of said dolne, as will .be more fully set forth below.

Referring to the accompanying drawing, forming a part of this specification- `Figura 1 is a plan or top `viewof our whirling toy,

Figni'e 2 is a Vertical sectionthroughthe center of the same,

The stand may rest upon a table,'o1' bc provided with 'feet' or legs, as may be preferred; and the'disk I B is supported upon a pivot, O, resting 01' turning in a depression in the .top surface of the. stand.V

` The pivot C, as here represented, is formed on the lowei' end of the Vertical shaft 'D,` which passes up ``number of spaces, 1, 2, 5, S, Sue., each space lhaving placed on it one or more figures, and each 'being pro- `vided with an indentation, G, to receive a small ball or marble to be placedon the disk. i

The'top surface of the disk is curved or hollowed `out somewhat, as shown'in fig. 2, and the spaces be tween the indentations G should be slightly convex,

` p so that the ball may not find any testing place, except' in the hollows or indentations provided for it.

i In using this toy a'small ball or marble., I, is placed upon the top of the'diskB, and thetop of the shai't D being't-akenin the thnmb and fingers, a brisk whirling motion'is given to 'the disk.

The ball I, being carried around by the disk, the

` ccntrifuga-l force `thns generated takes it to the outer and upper edge of the same; but when the motion of the disk is allowed to slacken, or is stopped, the imotion of the ball gradnally slackens, and it will then descend to the lowest part of the surface, and finally settle in one of the indentations G.

This play eounts for the player the number expressed by the figure or figures on the space 'within which the ball has come to rest.

'- The next player then perfori'ns the same operation,

and 'the one whose numbers make the largest sum iu such a number of plays or ronnds, as maybe agreed on, is the Victor.

There may be any number; of players, from two upward, and, to save time, the motionof the whirling disk maybe checkcd, so as to bring it to a state ot' rest the sooner by pressing the finger upon the top of the shaft D. p This game is adapted to fnrnish innocent amusement to children, and to increase at the same` time their familiarity with figures and the addition of numbers; and it will be readily seen that the convenience, interest, and satisfitction of the game will be greatly enhanced by the use of the' glassl dome, which furnishes a support for the shaft, protects the ball from all outside influences, and at the same time affords a complete view, to' all around, of the inovements of the disk and ball bencath it.

The foregoing being a description of our improved whirling toy,

What we claim, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, isi The combination ot' the glass dome E, provided with an opening. through the top, with the stand A,

'pivoted disk B, shaft D,and ball I, when constructed' and arranged to operate substantially as herein set forth. ARGHIBALD `H. CROZIER. MARTIN TAYLOR.

Titnessem w E. Y. Bnxfrnn, `H. O. BnNnDIofr.

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Cooperative ClassificationA63F5/00