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Publication numberUS1079281 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 18, 1913
Filing dateMar 3, 1911
Priority dateMar 3, 1911
Publication numberUS 1079281 A, US 1079281A, US-A-1079281, US1079281 A, US1079281A
InventorsJohn H Ackroyd
Original AssigneeJohn H Ackroyd
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US 1079281 A
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` Patented N ov. 18, 1913.



Specification of Letters Potent.

Turrini eil Nov. i 8,1923.

ppliention filed Merch 3, 1911. Serial No. 612,091.

To all /wm/n t may conca/rn:

`Be it known that ll., `Jobin Il. Aoiiiwro, n. citizen of the United States.v uml u resirlont oflEliznheth, in the County oil Union und State of New Jersey, have inventori certain new and usefulv Improvements in iins-lurn ors, of which the followingr is si specification.

This invention relates to gas burners adapted for general use. :nul especially adapted for various usm-s in which :i high temperature is necessary or desirable, as in mantle vlamps and in various types of heuters, oven und furnaces, and the objects oi the invention are to provide :i simpie, ilurnhle und inexpensive burner which will produce complete combustion of the' gas used, in which the parts will not become unduly heated, :in which there will be .no suction on the burner orifices :unl consequently `the mixture of ges and air in the mining eiuuubei.' will remain unehimgefl und fimininea back of the flame Will be prevented, :nul which will develop a maximum temperuture with a. minimum amount of cross sectional iii-ee..

VYWith these ends in. View the invention eon sists in certain constructions end in certain parts, improvements .und eomiiinetions which will. be hereinafter tleserihml and then specifically pointed out in the claims hereunto appended.

iin the aeeompenying thinning?, forming :i part of this specification, Figure it is e. seetiounl elevutioii oi' the lower noi-lion of my novel burner, the hefitinggY chiami* r lining reinoveil; 9 n plain View eorxesnonflingr with Fig. 1; i in lfig. l, looking in the flirten/ion o1' the orron's; Fig. l n (letuii seetionzil rien shoufing the manner o't' securing the tubes to the bottom plete of the 'freine' Fig. 5 e section of the frame showing the heights of the sets 0f burner tubes und showing eliuigraiuineti cally the paths of the lateral air currents; Fig. :i 1vieriY partly in elevation :mfl partly in setion showing the epuli'tniion el? the invention 'to n.- Wnter lie-eter; Fig. 7 an elerution corresponding therewith, the floor of the heating eluunher being open, :nul the point "of View at right angles to that in ilig. il., nui

8 is zi section on the line (im-ain Fig. 5 *denotes the gas supply pipe shown :is provided with n, Coeli i3. Above the rus sup ply pipe :nul seemed thereto i.' a tube f), hun:

ing zur inlets i', hy which gus unil un' eon ducted to a. mixing chamber S. Within the 3 n. section on the line mixing cheniher is :i diaphragm 'l0` which 'rnrries '.z rent-rel lulllle plete l0 which (lellecls the nir unil gus und causes it to he thoroughly rnixeil. in passing through -the diaphragm. rihove ll'ie mixingr rlnunher und secured thereto is u Viiune I3 whieh supports n heating; ehmnher il, the holtoni plete 2i of the freine serving as the top plate of theA mixing chamber.

1, l, le, und l denote burner tubes seeurerl in the bott-oni pluie oi' the freine, open 111g' into the mixingl f'hzuuher und extending upward within lhe i'x'uuie. These tubes ure lof progressively rallying heights. At the center is preieiuhly u single tube '1" which is shox-tesi. lhis is surrouiuled hy u. series oi" higher tubes imlieuleil h v l". 'lhis series is surroutuleil in.' n serieu of slill higher Lubes uu'liruted hy l, uml the lust mentioned seriet ot' tulle is surrouuflml hy u still higher series ol' uhes iuilii-utwi hy l. rlhe tubes in @eeh series-1 iro ol the suine. height und there is :i uniform llill'rreuee in the heights ot the r-.ereiul series :nul helween series l :nul ihe cnrul tulle `i. An iuiiloi'tunt fen` `ture ol' the invention is that :ill oi! these iuhes :ire nlm-oil ut suhshiuii-.illy u. uniform i'iistunee upuri.

Vihe 'i'rzuue is provided with lateral nir inles i which :ire ol :imple size uml number to supply un); ruuiutity of uir that cnn possibly he required. "lhe limiting,r ehruuher 1l rests upon the sum'iori or iiruuie und muy be secured thereto in :my preferred niunner. 'il denotes u huille pluie which is secured to the Ainvii-et lf2 of this elmniher.

llei-mies un inlet to the healing.; Chmnher from he freine uhove the burner tuhes, ln-i the outlet troni the heating chamber, i2" the door oi the heating ehuinher, vhieh is also provided with ai baille plete 17, l5 u waiter coil within the heating oiminher und lo :mil 'LG' the connecting; headers of the witter roil. A. llunge 18 depending from the heating; ehemher surrouzuls the nir inlets to the 'Yi-:une to prevent mitsicle nir currents `i'roln :il'leetiiur the burner, hut et such u clistunre Vironi the fi-:une irs not to interfere with the vfree luierul enirunee of nir thereto. ihe i'inl Venture of the nir inlets is that they extend flown. to the level of the lons. '1'. u., the burner orilires of the shortest lun-ner iuhes anni entonil here the level of tite tops of the highest burner tubes so as to nroviifle :imple lateral uir currents above all ol the burner orifices to support coratubes leated aheve and in cenmiiinitiation l with said mixing eliainhei, `said hin-ner tiilieh' being spaced apart at siiiist'antiallir eipnil distanees5 for the piii'pesie Het foi-th, tif :i tii'zinie inelesing said hin-lier tubes and pievided with lateral ail' inlets extending substantially the height'el' said iframe) i). In a gas hiiinei, the ei'iinliinatien with a mixing ehanilierI having inlet pni'ts for gas and air and :i pliii'iilit')Y et' et hin-ner tiihebl let-ated ahni'e, and in eeniiniinieiitiiin with lsaid mixingl chamber, Said liiii'iiei tubes being spaced aparti at `aiilistiintially eiiiial i'lintaneesN fer` the lpin-pese set tiii'th7 et' a Vtraine inelesing said hin-ner tiihes and prn` vided with lateral nii' inlet` for the pin-pese set' fei'th7 and with an ini'ai'dly extendingr flange aheve the tops el the hin-neil tiilie, whereby eXeesS of outside air if; exeliided.

It). A gas hin-nel' eeinpi 'i. iiig1 a mixing ehainlier, series el ljininei' tnlie leading:r tlieretrnn'i, all of said lliihes heilig' :it substant'iall),v eeinal dint-.inves :ip-art and manifI ilei supplying; air in lateral euri-ents te the llames aliei'e the level et the llame (iiitilenA 1l. gais lini'ner eeinprining.l a mixing ehainliei', serie1 et' hiiriier t'iilies lailine` tli'ei'eli'ein, all et" the tubes being at? snliitantiiill)y eiiinil diritanees apart. tilie tiilief: in eai'h series heine; eit the saine height and the ser* eral Series` inereaeing pi'egiesnii'el'i' in height itfi'ein the eenter iiiitwai'il and ineamI ter anpplyingi air in lateral euri-ents ti'i llie llamen` aliei'e the level el the llame iiritieea.

`1Q. gaa liniiiei' eeinitii'isinggj a mixing' elniiiiher, series et' hiii'iier tiiheei leading` tlieife'li'eni, all el" :said tinlies heini;l :d siilii-tantialli' eiiiial dii-'tanees apart. a heating; eliamhe' and means t'ei' Supporting Aaaid healing ehiiinlier provided with means liiil supplying air in lateral eiii'ients tn the llames alinie the level et? the llame orifices.

13. A gas lint-nei' eeinpifising :i mixing;l elniinliei', series et' hiirner tnlieei 'leadingI tliei rrl'ifein, all et the tiihes beingl :it lsiilistantiall'i' eipial distance` apart, the 'iiiliea` in each aerien heine nt the :Janie height and the several `erieg inereasing; piiie'ieasiivellv in height. `treni the eenteil entwiiid. a heating,r ehiinihei time the liiiiiiii tiilies and ii support, 'for said heating' i'liainhei' pi'ni'ided with means i'iii raiiipli'iire) air iiilatei'al eiiiientS te the llamen :diere the lei'el it the llame orifices.

tl. A gas hiirnei eeniprining zi mixing elianilier, eerie et lnii'ner tnlies lending tlieietii'iiin, all nlI the tiiilies lieing' at Substantially et|nal distances apart, the tiilies i't` each sei-ies` lieing e't" the same height and the several sei-ies inereasing priigi'ei-tsi i'ely in height t'rfini the eeiiter nnliiaid, a heating' ehainliei' alinve the hin-ner tiiliehy and means comprising; a niippni-ti t'iii` the heating eliainhei for Laiipplying' air in late "al ciirients te the llames el said hin-neialieve the tops of .mid lnii'ner tnhes. i

15. In a gas hiirner7 the combination of a mixing eliaiiiher having' ii phi ality 01 hin-nei' eritil'eh` li'liiiliiie,A lheieti'ein. a heating eliaiiilieihaving: an inlet and :in Outlet, and haring; itsl inlet'` lneated abeve the tops (if the liiiiiieieriliees :ind means for supplying iiii in lateral ein-rents te the (laines :here the level et. the hiirnei' niitiees.

tti. .v\v njas lininei' eempriing :i mixing` i'hainliei haring' i pliiralitif elf [laine eriiees, a l1 ating ehaiiihei' haring an inlet leiated :dime said flame ni'itieezl and aii .iiiwardly extending;` flange at iraid inlet enri'ed in eei1'espend with the llame erili'ea, whereby eX- i'efifi et' iiiitiiide iiii' it; prevented freni enit-i'- ing.,r the heating;l rliaiiihei' and nieanh` fin' .anppliing xiii' in liitei'at ,i'iii'reiitiz-i te lille thihieS :View he level nl' the tlaiiie iii'iliees.

Signed a New Yeil; in the eeiinty n'f New Yii'li and State el New Yeih this first: day iiiE )ilai'i'h ii. lf). 1911.

l )l l N H. AU lfllOY l). ii'itiiesses:

'lliiNiiY Giisifiiiiii, RilieiNALii W, ICAiniic.

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U.S. Classification431/298
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