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Publication numberUS1079431 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1913
Filing dateJun 17, 1912
Priority dateJun 17, 1912
Publication numberUS 1079431 A, US 1079431A, US-A-1079431, US1079431 A, US1079431A
InventorsAlbert Nitka
Original AssigneeAlbert Nitka
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US 1079431 A
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Patented Nov. 25, 1913.




To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, ALBERT NITKA, a subject of the Emperor of Austria-Hungary, residing at'Sobieski, in the county of Oconto and State of Wisconsin, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ourtain-Poles, of which the following is a specification, reference being had therein to the accompanying drawing.

This invention relates to curtain poles, and the objects of my invention are, first, to obviate the necessity of using rings and pins for retaining the upper ends of curtains in engagement witha pole;-second, to provide a metallic curtain pole that is inexpensive to manufacture, neat in appearance and highly eflicient for the purposes for which it is intended; third, to provide a metallic curtain pole that can be easily rolled and pressed from'sheet metal, and fourth, to provide a curtain pole that can be supported by inexpensive brackets. j

I attain the above objectsby a mechanical construction that-will be hereinafter specifically described and then claimed, and reference will now be had to the drawing, wherein V Figure 1 is a perspective view of a portion of a pole in accordance with this invention, Fig. 2 is a cross sectional view of the same. Fig. 3 is an end view of a clamping member, and Fig. 4is a similar view of a modified form of member. v p

A curtain pole in accordance with this invention comprises a hollow tubular shell 1 having angularly disposed flanges 2 extending from one end of the shell to the opposite end thereof, said flanges providing a long i-. tudinal V-shaped groove 3.

Extending into the groove 3 is a longitudinal V-shaped clamping member 4 that has the longitudinal edges thereof provided with flanges 5. The clamping member 4 is of less length than the shell 1, and the upper ends of curtains 6 are placed between said member and the walls of the groove 3 to be frictionally held bysaid member. To retain Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Nov. 25, 1913.

Application filed June 17, 1912. Serial No. 704,155.

brackets being mounted in the frame or support in connection with which the. curtain pole is to be used. The brackets 10 extend upwardly between the flanges 2 at the ends of the member 4.

The upper ends of the curtains 6 after having been clamped by the member 4 can be suitably draped, whereby the curtains will present a neat appearance in connection with the pole.

,What I claim is:

A curtain polecomprising a split cylindrical shell having the longitudinal edges thereof spaced from each other and each terminating in a depending longitudinally disposed inclined flange, said shell having its bottom formed with openings, said flanges projecting towardeach other and forming a V-shaped groove at the top of the shell, a longitudinally extending V-shaped clamping member arranged within said groove and provided at its top with oppositely disposed clamping flanges overlapping the longitudinal edges of the shell, said member adapted to retain the upper end of a curtain against said inclined flanges, the supporting means for the shell having vertical portions extending upwardly through said openings and between the lower edges of the inclined flanges and' at the ends of said member, and annular clamping bands mounted upon the shell for maintaining said member in said ALBERT NITKA.



Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, byaddressing the Commissioner of Patents, Washington, D. G.

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U.S. Classification160/330, 24/460, 160/394
Cooperative ClassificationA47H13/00