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Publication numberUS1079479 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1913
Filing dateNov 6, 1911
Priority dateNov 6, 1911
Publication numberUS 1079479 A, US 1079479A, US-A-1079479, US1079479 A, US1079479A
InventorsGeorge F Earnshaw
Original AssigneeEarnshaw Knitting Company
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US 1079479 A
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.1,079,479 Patented Nov. 25, 1913.

engage r. mnnsnaw, or omesso, rumors. Assrei'ron me' marisa-nw murrine 'CQM1 A1SY, CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, A CORPORATION 0F ILLINOIS.

a citizen of will t snugly about the waist of the wearer' diagonally which is placed on the infant and an enlarged view similar following is a specification.

burma. 1,079,479, w specincation of Letters Patent. l Patentd NOV, 25, 1913,

fu v Appliatipn filed November B, 1911. Seriai No. 358,341, `l

To all whom t may concern.'

Beit lmown that I, GEORGE F. EARNSHAW, the.r nited States, residing at Chicago, in the obllinty of Coo-k and State of Illinois', have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Diapers, ofwhich the This invention relates to diapers adapted particularly for infants wear and aims to produce an article of this character which and which can be easily and quickly secured in place-without the use of buttons or ins.

' The ordinary diaper, as is well wn consists merelyiof a piece of cloth folded secured in position by means of a sa ety-pin passed through the three over-lapping corners. These diapers,

wearer and, if drawn tightly around the waist, they bind and cram the infants legs and seriouslyinterfere with) their freedom of movement. Furthermore, the fastening' of the diaper by means of a pin is a delicate and dangero-us operation because of the liability of sticking the pin into the infant.

' My presentl invention provides a diaper which is formed to t .snuglyaround the Waist of the wearer but does not interfere with the movement of his legs and is provided with tapes andzloops by means of which itcan be secured in placewithout any danger ofinjury to the infant. v

My 'invention' will be best understood by reference to the following description when considered in connection with the accompanying drawings illustrating one preferred form of the invention.

Referring to the drawings-Figure 1 isa view of the cloth blank from which the diaper is formed showing the position of the tapes and loops thereon. Fi 2shows the blank after it .has been folde transversely. Fig. 3 4shows the corners folded up to roduce a substantially triangular article. Fig. 4 shows the completed diaper with the edges and corners secured together; and Fig.- 5 is to Fig. 4 showing the position of the tapes before they are tied.

On the drawings 6 designates generally the cloth blank from which the'diaper is formed, the blank being preferably of oblong shape and nally extending opening loops 9 as will be later however, do not ordit narily lit snugly varound the waist of the 1nto the Lbe observed that the 7, the edges of which are subsequently sewed together as indicated at 8 to produce a dart which causes the diaper to'fit snugly about the waist oftheiwearer.- The-loops 9 are secured yto oneface of the cloth blank at each side of the dart opening 7 anda fastenlng tape 11 is secured near the .upperedge v o f the, blank, viewing Fig. 1, so as to leave both ends free for 'insertion throughl the described. Between the loops and the fasteningtape 1.1 are secured the front leg-tapes 12 and the side leg-tapes 13. After the tapes and loops have been secured to the cloth blank-andthe sides of the opening 7 have been sewed to ether to produce the dartthe diaper is rea y for u se. `It will be manifest that the-diaper when unfoldedinto the position shown in Fig. ly can be washed and hung out as readily as the ordinary plain square diaper commonly employed. 'A HWhen it is desired to use the diaper it is first folded transversely upon its central line position shown-in Fig. 2. 4It will tapes and loops are all on one face of the lfolded blank and that the dart 8 reduces the widt-h of the blank at the upper edge or waist line so that it will fit snugly around the waist of the wearer while the wider or fuller portion below the dart affords suiiicient freedom for movement of the wearers legs. The lower corners of the foldedl blank are then folded upwardly one over the other into t-he position shown iny Fig. `3 to produce a substantially triangular article having but two thicknesses of cloth around'the waist but providing six thicknesses where the corners are folded overeach other. The diaperrmay'now be placed upon the infant, the dart 8 beingepositioned at,95 the back, the corners provided with theloops 9 being drawn over the hips and the corner lprovidedwith the' tape l1 being brought forwardly between the legs into the position shown in Fig. 5. The three corners are then" overla pet?v and held with one hand while the engsgfghe tape 11 are inserted through the loops v"'9""""1`he two ends are then pulled together to draw the diaper snugly about the waist of the wearer whereupon the ends are tied together as shown in Fig. 4. IIfhe diaper is thus securely fastened in position and held in place fwithout the use of pins. The dart 8. of course, reduces the diameter of the diaper at the waist line so that it fits snugly vented from becomin displaced.

, snug In order that the. 'aper may for childrenof various `sizes I may provide the auxiliary loops 14 if desired through ,which fthe ends'of the tape 11 may be passed so that the size of the waist portion of the diaper may be reduced if required.

For the purpose of providing a .snug t around the legs of the wearer I have provided the lower leg-tapes 12 secured adjacent to the edges of that portion of the diaper which is brought forward between the legs of the infant and corresponding side legtapes 13 to which the tapes 12 are tied in front of the legs of the wearer, These tapes draw the edges Yof the diaper together-around the le s of the wearer thereby insuring a t' and also assisting in holding the diaper in place.. v

It will be apparent Qfrom the foregoing description that I have provided a diaper 'adapted to t snugly b ut comfortably to the body of`an infant, having but two thick nesses of cloth aroundK the waist but providing six thicknesses where it is more desirable and that-'the diaper can be readily and easily secured in position without the use of objectionable pins o-r buttons.

While Ihave shown and described a pre- "ferred form of my invention it will be obi vious that variouschanges may be resorted lto within the spirit ofthe invention such,

for instance, as reversing the position of the tape 11 land-theloops 9,v placing aloop on the upwardly projecting corner andvtapes 0n the forwardly projecting corners. Other changes-in detail may readily suggest themselves `to those familiar with. the will be understood that the broad invention is capable of considerable variation within the purview of the following claims.

be adapted i art but it I claim:

1. A diaper comprising a piece of fabric,

the lower corners of whlch are folded upwardly and inwardly. on the body fabric to produce a substantially triangular article having a plurality of layers or thicknesses at a point below the upper edge of said article, and means secured to the corners of the triangular article for securing the diaper in place. 2. A diaper consisting of an oblong piece of cloth folded transversely and having the lower corners folded upwardly to produce a substantiall triangular article, the corners of the article eing provided with tapes and loops whereby the corners may be fastened together to hold the diaper in place and having tapes secured adjacent the folded edges below the waist 3. A diaper consisting, of an oblong piece of cloth provided with `a centrally disposed longitudinally extending dart, said piece of cloth being folded transversely ofthe median line ofthe dart to pro-duce a substantially rectangular two ply blank, the lower corners of said blank being folded upwardly one over the other to produce a substantially triangular article, loops secured to the article adjacent the `upper corners, a tape secured near the lower corner, the ends of said tape being adaptedito be passed through said loops and tied 'together to secure the corners together at the waist line' of the wearer, and tapes secured adjacent the edges of said article in position to be tied together in front of the legs of the wearer.

Gnonsnfr. EAn'NsHAw. Witnesses: i

IRA J. WILSON, M.` A. Kmnm.

line for securing the diaper 4 around the legs of the wearer. I

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U.S. Classification604/392
Cooperative ClassificationA61F13/49004