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Publication numberUS1079535 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1913
Filing dateDec 7, 1911
Priority dateDec 7, 1911
Publication numberUS 1079535 A, US 1079535A, US-A-1079535, US1079535 A, US1079535A
InventorsDe Roy Austin
Original AssigneeDe Roy Austin
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US 1079535 A
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Patented Nov. 25, 1913.




L79fi35 Specification of! LettersPatent Patented N4JV..=25-, 1913 Application filed December'Z, 1911. Serial No. 664,502.

To all whom it may concern: .parati vely heavy thread, which, it has -been Be it known that I, DE ROY Aos nm a found wears longer than leather so that citizen of the United States, and a resident the durability of the outsole is increased by of Omaha, in the county of Douglas and said seams. Where the seams pass through 60 State of Nebraska, have invented certain the resilient sheet the same is drawn down new and useful Improvements in Shoes, of and compressed .so that the surface thereof which the following is a specification. is depressed along the lines of the seams,- y invention relates to the manufacture as shown. When the parts are assembled of boots and shoes and more especially to the said lines of depression form air-chan- 65 '10 the sole-construction thereof. nels adjoining the lower side of the insole It is the object of my invention to provide which assist in ventilating and keeping the in a shoe a resilient body secured bet-ween sole dry.

the insole and outsole in such a manner that It will be observed that while the filler it cannot be displaced from the points where formed by the fibrous sheet is securely held 7 it receives the greatest pressure and become in place so that there is no chance for it to localized in lumps and bunches. work out from under the points which 're- Further objects of my invention are to ceive the greatest pressure from the foot, provide certain air-spaces adjoining. the there is free relative movement permitted lower side of the insole, to secure free play between the insole and the filler. By .per- 75 29 and movement between the insole and the mitting such movement between the insole. resilient filler,.and to increase the durability 'and filler the shoe is made more flexible of the outsole} V than those of similar structure in' which the In the accompanying drawings, Figure 1 filler is secured to the insole by sewing, is a partial longitudinal section of a shoe pasting or cementing the same thereto. 3 constructed in accordance with my. inven- Also, where paste or cementing material is tion, Fig. 2 is a transverse section of the used with a fibrous material, the paste peneshoe before the sewing of the outseam, the trates and fills up the pores of the material outsole being shown separated therefrom, and causes it to form a compact non-resiliand Fig. 3 isa planview of the front part ent mass, so that by securing the filler in 5 of the outsole as prepared for securing to place without aste or cement I am able to the welt. preserve the 11 resiliency of the filler in carrying out my invention the upper material. welt 2'and the insole 3 are prepared and Now, having described my invention, secured together by the inseam 4 in the what I claim and desire to secure by Let- 90 -.35 usual manner, it being preferable that the ters Patent is:

insole be of relatively pliable leather. The 1. In a shoe, an outsole, an insole, a filler outsole 5 is prepared for attachment to the of fibrous resilient material disposed bewelt by having secured onto the upper side tween the outsole-and the insole, and seamsthereof a sheet 6 of fibrous resilient material passing only 1 through the outsole and. the 5 such as felt, shaped so as to fit within the filler to secure them together.

space below the insole and between the lips 2. Ina shoe, an outsole, an insole, a filler turned down from the edges thereof for the comprising a sheet of fibrous resilient mainseam. The resilient s eet is preferably terial disposed between the outsole and in-' secured to the outsole by a seam 7 extending sole, and means for positively securing to- 100 around the edge thereof, and a number of gether the outsole and the edges and interintersecting seams 8 extending diagonally mediate parts of the filler sheet, whereby across the same. The exact arrangement of the filler sheet is attached only to the outthe latter seams is not arbitrary andany sole. 7 arrangement thereof may be'employed by 3."I.n a shoe, an upper, a welt and a 1 5 which there is no considerable area of the leather insole, an inseam securing them tofibrous sheet left unattached to the outsole. gether, a leather outsole secured to the welt, 'After being prepared as above described the and a sheet of fibrous resilient material disoutsole is secured to the welt, by the usual posed between the outsole and the insole and outseam 9 and the shoe is completed in the secured only to the outsole. 110

ordinary manner. 2 1 v 4. Ina s oe, an outsole, a sheet of fibrous The seams 7 and are made with comresilientmater'ial disposed on the upper side thereof, a, seam securing together the outsubscribed my name in the presenceof two sgle and-dthe edge portions ofhthe hfibIOlS witnessesr s eet, an seams securing toget er t e mi dle portions of the-outsole and the fibrous DE ROY AUSTIN sheet, whereby the fibrqus sheet is attached Witnesses:

only to the outsole. D. O. BAnnnLL,

In testimony whereof I have hereunto EDWARD L. BRADLEY.

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U.S. Classification36/30.00A, 36/17.00R
Cooperative ClassificationA43B13/42