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Publication numberUS1079849 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 25, 1913
Filing dateDec 13, 1912
Publication numberUS 1079849 A, US 1079849A, US-A-1079849, US1079849 A, US1079849A
InventorsAufbed Ebnst
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US 1079849 A
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1 ,079,849,l Patented Nov. 25, r1913.

Fgt 1.

@vi/menno l U/glid, :s



A'PPLIOATIDN FILED 1220513, 1912. v

Patented Nov.25, 1913 @wax/mmmY I I Olga@ z /vndwm entren sTATns PATENT lorruon.,



To aZZw/Lom t may concern.'

Be it known that I, ALFRED ERNST, a citizen of the United States, resident of Pit-tsburgh, in the county of Allegheny and State of' Pennsylvania, have made a certain new and, useful Invention in Gas-Cleaners; and I' declare the following to be a full, clear, and'exact description of the same,- such as will enablel others skilled in the art to which it appertains to make' and use the invention,

reference being had to the accompanying drawings, and'to letters or figures of reference marked thereon, which form a part of this specification.

Figure 1 is a central vertical section of the invention. Fig. 2 is a section on the line 2-2, Fig. 1.'

The object of this invention is to provide an improvement inapparatus for cleaning gas, particularly that from bituminous coal, and it consists in the novel construction and combinations of parts, as hereinafter set forth.

In the accompanying drawings, illustrating the invention, a casing is indicated by the numeral 2, having an inlet 3, for the gas at its lower portion, and an outlet 4, at its upper portion.

Through the top of the casing, which isA designed to be of cylindrical character, eX- tends a shaft 5, to the upper part of which is attached a driving pulley 6. .Below the pulley, the entrance of the shaft into the casing is provided with a water seal device 7, in a central recess in Athe top, around which is a drying compartment 8, of annular form, provided with perforated racks 9, upon which drying material, such as coke or wood shavings,is placed. This portion of the casing is preferably of larger diameter than thebody part below, in order to provide more room for drving material, and to cause the gas to pass through the co1npart nient more slowly than through the body portion. The top portion of the casing may be connected to the cylindrical lwall lof the body part by an inelined'wall portion 10, the lower part of which projects into the chamber ofthe body part in the form of a,

downward and inward sloping flange 11.

The casing is provided with a water h0ld` ing drip connection, tank or cistern 12, at its bottom, 'which is preferably inthe form of afwater seal, .the lower end of the wall of the casing extending down into the saine,

and anA Overflow pipe 13', being connected in specification of Letters Patent. Application filed December 13, 1912. Serial No. 736,556.

' slope Patented Nov.v25, 1913.

proper position to provide a constant water level.

lVithin'the casing the shaft 5, is provided with disks 17, and fan blades 14, in series one above another, sloping ian'ges 15 of the casing being'respectiv-ealy arranged between the disks and ext-ending inward and downward from the casing wall toward the disks, the-edges ofwhich are substantially in vertical alinement with the -ed ges of the ianges. lIn the construction shown the disks 17, are

provided with fan blades 14. The lowerianges 15,' ofthe casing may have the same as the iange 11, in the upper part. Fan blades 16, are secured to the end of th'e shaft below the series of disks 17.- In the lower portion of the casing is lprovided a'tubular partition passage 18, the wall 19, of whichrextends upward a short distance to join a Isloping annular partition wall 20, which is attached to the inside of the casing wall. The tubular wall 19, of the passage is .I provided'with a horizontalcircumferential series ofpassages, notches or serrations 21, at'or just above the water level, so that the casing is arranged to be separated by the -water at the bottom thereof into an upper main chamber 24and an annular compartment-'25, below, around the main chamber, and'into which the inlet at 3 provides for the entrance of the crude gas. Later dis.- charge spouts 22, directed toward the serration's 21, ma be vprovided in the Aeasing around the passage 18, and, in the upper part of the c sing below the drier co1npartnient, one or nore jets are designed to be jintrotli'iced, to provide additional water for use,'inv connection with the' flanges and disks, in cleaning and coollng the gas.

Inthis apparatus it is designed to pr0- mote'rapidit-yof action through simple construction. 'lhe heated gas entering the annular compartment in the lower portion of the easing passes inward through the ser'- rations of thetubular wall 19, and throughE the wat rat the water level, in'such wlse that it' s separated or subdivided by thev action of these"notches and the water into small portions -in bubble form, Awhereby it 1s designed to be evenly distributed yin its entrance tothe main chamber. ber it is drawn upward through the passages between the cylinder anges and the disks, which are designed -to be supplied with' In this chamwater-from above. All of the crude and heated gas entering from the producer is in this way immediately subdivided in small portions and subjected to the cleansing and cooling action of' the body of water at the bottom of the casing. And much of thel tarl is eliminated, and to soine extent the ammonia and soluble by-products are taken up by the water, after which the upward moving gas is subjected to centrifugal movement and active washing, through the operation of the rotary disks or ledges of the shaft, cooperating with the interior inclined flanges of the casing, in connection with the films and particles of vapor or water spray produced from the upper water supply. The inclination of the casing flanges and of the passage wall is designed to be about 45, or sufficient to facilitate the. downward flow or drain of solutions of extractive into thek tank. Before passing the gas out of the apparatus it is caused to pass through the drying material on the racks in the-upper compartment of the casing, where it is designed to be relieved of moisture, so that when it is discharged from the apparatus it is in condition for immediate use.

l. Apparatus for cleaning gas, comprising a cylindriform casing having an interiorly flanged main chamber, a drier chamber in its top, perforatedv racks between the drier chamber andy main chamber, an entrance lchamber circumscribing the main chamber, an overflow water holding connection at the bottom of the ci sing, a tubular partition between the entrance chamber and the main chamber having a horizontal series of passages at the water level, and rotary disks and fan devices in the main chamber.

2. Apparatus forcleaning gas, comprising a casingl having an overflow water-holding connection at its bottom, aninteriorly flanged main chamber, an entrance cliai'nber around the lower portion of the main eliambei' and constructed tol separate the entrance chamber andA the main chamber, a water supply to the main chamber, a series ot' rotary disks for ceiiiiningling the water and gas in the main chamber, fan blades located in the main chamber, and separating the enii'ance chamber and the main chamber a tubularpartition wall having` an annular 'sloping upper portion and a horizontal t. vvs of iiassages substantially in the plane oi" the overflow.

iipparatiis for cleaning' gas, comprisingsaving a vertical; series of inclined flanges, an overflow` water-holding connec- .tion at the bottom ofthe casing, a drying compartment in its upper portion, below the drying. compartment a washing chamber, perforations between the drying compartment and the washing chamber around the washing chamber an entrance chamber, a central passage communicating above with the'washing chamber and below ,with the entrance chamber by a circumferential series of. passages at the overflow level a rotary shaft and a series of 'disks and fan blades on said shaft extending outward tothe inclined flanges of the casing and arranged in vertical alternation with said flanges.

j 4. Apparatus for cleaning gas, comprising a casing having a series of inward and downward sloping circumferential flanges,

a water seal drip connection, a water supply jet in the upper portion of the easing, an

inward and downward sloping annular partition wall, a tubular partition Wall extending from said annular partition wall rto the water seal level, an entrance chamber around this partition wall, a rotary shaft, and connected to said shaft a series of horizontal disks in vertical alternation with said flanges, and fan blades in connection with said disks.

5. In apparat-us for cleaning gas, a casing having at its top a drier compartment, at its bottom a water Seal tank, between the drier and tank and communicating with both a washing chamber, a circumserib'ing entrance chamber, and a tubular draining partition wall extending downward from the casing wall and terminating,at the level o'f the waterseal, in a serrated edge.

6. In gas cleaning apparatus, an overflow water holder, an open bottom cylindrical casing having its outer wall extending be'- low the water level, an inner open-bottom tubular partition wall in its lower portion extending to the water level, an annular series oil perforated racks in its upper por.

tion, annular wall flanges between the racks andthe partition wall, a spraying device above said flanges, and rotary disks and fan blades interior to and concentric with said wall flanges.

ln testimony whereof I aflix in v signature, in presence ot two witnesses.

ALFRED E INST. Witnesses B. F, RioiiAiins, E. E. ELLio'iT.

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