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Publication numberUS1080273 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 2, 1913
Filing dateMay 11, 1911
Priority dateMay 11, 1911
Publication numberUS 1080273 A, US 1080273A, US-A-1080273, US1080273 A, US1080273A
InventorsEverlyn Albert Fountain
Original AssigneeEverlyn Albert Fountain
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Telescopic bib-cock.
US 1080273 A
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1,080,273. Patented Dec. 2, 1913.

1720672502 Eve/972 J7. Fox/Zita COLUMBIA PLANDGRAPH COIJVASHINGTON. n. c.




T 0 all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, EVERLYN ALBERT FOUNTAIN, a citizen of the United States, residing at Pasadena, in the county of Los Angeles and State of California have invented a new and useful Telescopic Bib- Cock, of which the following is a specification.

An object of this invention is to provide for fire hydrants, garden valves and for railroad tank delivery and for other purposes which may hereinafter appear a cheap and simple bibcock of the push and pull type that will be maintained in closed position by the pressure of the water and which when opened will remain open irrespective of such pressure until closed by external force and which may be swivel-mounted when open.

An object is to construct such a bibcock with a minimum number of pieces in such a manner as to be assembled with a minimum amount of work.

The accompanying drawings illustrate the invention.

Figure 1 is a plan of this newly-invented bibcock. Fig. 2 is an axial section of the same on the line :0 Fig. 1. Figs. 3,4 and 5 are cross-sections respectively on lines a m and x Figs. 1 and 2. Fig. 6 is a fragmental detail partly in axial section, of a form in which the nozzle is swiveled both when fully drawn out and when fully closed. Fig. 7 is a detached axial section of the. casing for a non-swiveled bibcock. Fig. 8 is a fragmental axial section of a case for a fully swiveled bibcock the nozzle of which to that shown in Fig. 2.

The body 1 is threaded. at one end for connection with a service pipe 2 and is threaded at the other end for connection with a case 3 which is enlarged to form a packing chamber 4 and is screw-threaded at the end of said chamber to receive the body 1 which is thereinto screwed to compress packing 5 in the chamber 4. The case 3 is provided at the other end with one or more longitudinal ways 6 extending from the free end part way to the chambered end.

The nozzle cylinder 7 fits the intermediate tubular neck 8 and slides freely therethrough and is packed by the packing 5 to prevent leakage. Its outer end may terminate in any desired way for the various uses in which a bibcock may be employed. The

Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed May 11, 1911.

lateral is preferably closed may correspond in closed position and it Patented Dec. 2,1913. Serial No. 626,585.

and is spaced apart from the inner walls of the body 1 to allow liquid to pass to ports formed by perforations 9 arranged at a distance from the closed end sufiiciently great to allow the ports 9 to pass the packing 5 and be sealed thereby without withdrawing the nozzle from the case. The inner end of the nozzle cylinder by the cap 10 screwed thereonto and projecting laterally therefrom to form an annular shoulder 11 to contact with the packing 5, thereby to prevent the nozzle from being withdrawn beyond the packing. The particular location of the packing is of advantage for three reasons for it prevents leakage between the nozzle cylinder and case neck, and between the threaded portions of the body and case, and

also prevents leakage around the shoulder when the shoulder is against the packing, thus providing to prevent leakage, particularly when the nozzle is drawn out to close the ports. The nozzle may be provided with one or more lugs 12 fitting the longitudinal ways 6 in the ease and said case may be provided with one or more circular ways 13, 1-1, so that when the lugs are in a circular way the nozzle may be turned around and when the lugs are in the longitudinal ways 6 the nozzle is prevented from turning around. By this arrangement the same nozzle may be adapted for rotation or non-rotation as may be desired for different purposes. The nozzle may be provided with a handle 15 by which it may be easily rotated or moved endwise. When the nozzle is fully pushed in to bring the ports inwardly beyond the packing as shown in Fig. 2 liquid from the pipe 2 will flow through the annular passage 16 around the cap to the ports 9 and thence out through the nozzle. When the nozzle is pulled out into the dotted position shown in Fig. 2, the ports 9 are closed to the pipe 2 by the packing 5; the force of the liquid pressure in the pipe 2 pressing against the closed end 10 holds the nozzle can only be opened by overcoming that pressure. In case of large hydrants lever means, not shown, may be employed to force the nozzle in to open the bibcock. Such means may be permanent or detachable as the case may require in different instances.

In the form shown in Fig. 2 the nozzle an extra tight construction tip is threaded at 17 to receive a hose and when the bibcock is opened it may be rotated, thus giving a swivel connection for the hose. When the bibcock is closed the lugs 12 in the ways 6 prevent rotation.

In order to close the bibcock the nozzle must be brought to a certain position, so that the lugs may slide along the ways. By omitting the annular ways as shown in Fig. 7 the nozzle is kept from rotating at any point and by widening the annular way as shown at 13 in Fig. 8 the nozzle is swiveled both when open and closed, and being opened and closed.

The body 1, case 3 and packing 5 constitute a gland or stufling box for the axially movable nozzle cylinder, so that the fixture will not leak either open or closed.

It is thus seen that the bibcock is com posed of only five pieces including the packing and that to assemble the bibcock it is only necessary to insert the packing into the chamber, to insert the nozzle through the case and packing, to screw the cap 10 on the end of the nozzle and to screw the body 1 into the chamber.

I claim 1. A bibcock comprising a case provided at one end with an enlarged internally threaded chamber and at the other end with a longitudinal way and contracted between the way and the chamber, said way being open at the end of the case; of a nozzle slidable in the case and provided with a lug slidable into and along the way and with nal ways at the other end and an annular way at the inner end of the longitudinal ways, said longitudinal ways being open at the end of the case; of a nozzle slidable in the case and having lugs in th ways adapted to slide therein and to all o w the nozzle to rotate when the lugs are in the annular way, said nozzle being provided with a port, packing in the chamber and around the nozzle, a body in the chamber forming a passage to the port, and a cap on the end of the nozzle, normally inside the chamber and projecting laterally from the nozzle to engage the packing when the nozzle is out to close the port.

In testimony whereof, I have hereunto set my hand at Los Angeles, California, this 5th day of May, 1911.


In presence of JAMES R. TOWNSEND, L. BELLE Bron.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. 0.

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