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Publication numberUS108046 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 4, 1870
Publication numberUS 108046 A, US 108046A, US-A-108046, US108046 A, US108046A
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Improvement in show-stands
US 108046 A
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' NJErERS. PMOTO-LITHDGRAPHER. WASHINGTON. Dv CA To all whom it muy concern: l a

i .Be it, known thatLJosEiH R. PALMENBERG, of NewrYorln in the `county and State ofNew York, have invented certain `Improvements in Show- Stands of which the following is. a specification. l

The nature of my invention consists in the arrangement of l npright hars `or rods, hinged to the bottom orfoot-plate, and provided near their top with movable rods, through which theposition and' inclination `of said bars or rods.` may be regulated and securely to the upright bars oi" rods, having movable armsto. support glass or other plates, and so constructedthat `their relative heightito each other may be easilyY f changed,`and their position and inclination-changed fwhen the position and inclination of the bars orrods are altered, so as to support tbe glass or other plates either inahorizontalor any otherdesred position.

A.In the accompanying drawing- J Figure Lrepresentsa iontyview of Ya stand ern- ,hodying my invent-ion. j FigureII is a sideelevation of the same.A

` l B, fastened to the hottornplate` S. These bars` or rodsare` connected `together at or `near theirv top',through the rod N. V

Tovtherodsr, socketslG are fitted, capable of' slidingon the saine,4 and secured in their'desired-.po- `sition throughtheset-screws u. t l I) are1 sockets, fittedy o. the rods A, and secured intheir desired" 'position near vthe upper end of" said `rods, throughthe set-screwsc. A Y

, y "To these sockets Drods Gare hinged, resting on the bottom' plate G,and snpportinggthe rods A in i any desiredinclined position. i l

fixed, in combination with suitable brackets attached A Aare bars or rods, hinged to suitable.V sockets l Letters Patent No. 108,046, dated 0ctober44, 1870. v

v against the rods or bars A.

. Jos-,EPH 1r; PAL-MENBERG, or irriwnrorur,y N. Y


i I. 1-' l .l The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making p'art ofthe same in consequence of the greater or lesser inclination of the rods or bars A.

To the sockets G arms or brackets -E are hinged, at n., andprovided with short legs J, extending downward, through which screws c are fitted, bearing These brackets E support glass or or wire frames, and-are kept in a horizontal or. any other. desired position', through the action of the screws c, at any position or inclination which may be given to the rods or bars A. l

Between the sockets G, sockets H are fitted to the rods or hars A, secured, througlrset-sciews-b, in their proper and desired positions, and arranged with suitable projections lm, to support andcarry rods L.

To these 'rods L, and tothe connecting-rod N, hooks` ma: are fitted, for the purpose of suspending small articles on `the same, to be exhibited, while larger articles are placed upon the glass, or other plates, F, for show.

What I claimjas my invention, and desire t0 se-v The combination, `with Vthe upright -bars or rods A hinged to the bottom plate S, the hinged rods 'or braces C, or their equivalent, and the brackets E, provided with hinged arms J and screwsc, arranged and operating together, 'in the manner and for the purpose substantially as described and specified.


Witnesses: v


other plates F, 4

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Cooperative ClassificationD06F57/04