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Publication numberUS1081145 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 9, 1913
Filing dateSep 13, 1913
Priority dateSep 13, 1913
Publication numberUS 1081145 A, US 1081145A, US-A-1081145, US1081145 A, US1081145A
InventorsOtto Petermann
Original AssigneeStandard Typewriter Company
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Type-writing machine.
US 1081145 A
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1 5081,1415. Patented Dec. 9, 1913.

a 3 Wm wtoz -3 55a PeiEe/mann 13 Luqbtozme 1 4 I member 22 has a plate-like body with feet 2% at an angle thereto in which are openings Screws 26 have their bodies passing through the openings 25 and serve to rigidly hold the hangers to the supporting plate 11 of the frame. The hanger member 22 is provided with an annular rib 27 formed by depressing a portion of the body thereof, and resting directly against said rib is an annular rib 28 of the type-bar 16. The typebar 16 has an enlarged head or boss 29 and may also have its rib 28 formed by depressing a part of the head 29' in the manner shown. The type-bar has its rib 28 opposed to the rib 27 so as to form an annular space or chamber 30 in which a suitable lubricant may be placed if desired, and said type-bar has its head located in the space 31 formed between the hanger members 22 and 23. By providing the ribs a large substantial hearing surface with little friction is provided, and said bearing surface may be readily ground to provide suitable surfaces instead of grinding the entire faces of the hanger member and the type-bar head.

The member or strap 23 of the hanger may be made of lighter metal than the member 22 and may be of spring material and has one end, as 32, provided for an aperture through which passes the body of the 'screw 33, in order that said member 23 may be held to the member The member 23 at the end may als be provided with depressed parts, as 3 t, forming dowel pins which are adapted to enter recesses 34 in the member to assist in holding the member 23 against swinging movement and in proper position relative to the member 22. This member 23 is offset at to provide the space 31 for the type-bar hos and has a vertical portion from which my be depressed a substantially scmi spherical member or body 37. The body 37 is located at the free end of the member and performs the same function as a ball pivot except that it is immovable in a rotary direction, and said body 37 is adapted to be seated in a conical or cup-shaped recess or opening 38 formed in the type-bar head or boss 29. The recess or opening 38 tapers from the outside of the type-bar inward and is so arranged with respect to the member 37 that a hearing or pivot for the type-bar is provided at one point and that on the side opposite the member 22 of the hanger or support. A screw 39 has its stem portion passing through a central aperture of the pivot or integral bearing body 37 and engages a threaded aperture in the member 22, said screw and body 37 being substantially central of the boss or head 29 of the type-bar. The screw 39 has a slotted hexagonal head tov adapt the same to be adjusted by either a wrench or a screw-driver. The screw 39 is normally held under tension by reason of the spring action of the member 23, and in addition to this tension or independent thereof the said screw may-be held at its threaded end where it engages the threaded opening in the member 22. A slot 40 may extend on opposite sides of the threaded opening for the screw, and a part of the member 22 may be cut away at one side of said opening, as at ll, to form a yielding part or finger 42. This yielding part will keep the screw under tension and prevent the same from becoming loose, while the machine .is in use, and further the original tight fit of the screw will be maintained. 'By rotating the screw the member 23 may be forced toward the member 22, and will carry the type-bar therewith in order that the wear may be taken up in case it occurs and the type-bar forced properly against the hanger member 22.

It will be evident that by providing a hanger or a support in which a single pivot is provided for each type-bar and in which the pivot portion is forced in the direction of wear by means located at the pivot, all liability of the type-bar to twist when operating the machine which may cause unevenness in the alinement is overcome; that the ribs form means providing a substantial bearing; that said hanger or support is simple in construction and may be made by stamping the same from sheet metal; and that effective means is provided whereby the operating surface between the hanger and the type-bar may be properly lubricated.

Having thus described my invention I claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent 1. The combination of a. plate-like hanger member having means for securing the same to a support and having an annular rib on one side thereof, a plate-like spring member secured at one end to the. first-mentioned member and offset therefrom and provided with an integral cup-shaped body forming a bearing, a type-bar having. an annular rib on one side bearing directly. againstthe rib of the first-mentioned member and having a tapering opening receiving the body of the spring member, and a screw passing cenbody of the spring member, and the typebar, and held to the first-mentioned hanger member for adjusting the plate-like spring member and bearing portion in the direction of wear.

2. The combination of a late-like mema support and having an annu ar rib on one secured at one end to the first-mentioned l member and ofi set therefrom, a body formtrally through the cup-shaped bearing, the

her having means for securin the same to side thereof, a plate-like yielding memberzmnL-lar rib on one ssiiio bearizilg dimotly against tho rib of the firobznoniziimed mean bar-and having a tapering op 1mg" receiving in: body of tho yielding? mozzfoon and means; ing through iho body and serving as 112% for forcing the memborstowm'ci each and having 2m ommhsr rib on one side ehoro of and a plate-like member secured at one end to the first-mentioned member and offset therefrom and provldod with a cup shaped body forming a bowing at its froe end, a type-bar havmg an annular rib on one fgho first-mentioned member and thoro 7mm and provided Wifl; on intogr. cup shaped body forming a boating" a typoba-r oem-ing (iireciiiy against tho rib of the firstmeniioned member am? havfing a tapering opening recei'i ing the body of the second member, mui means for a ijusiving '31:, mombers in the direction of WP Efbo combination of a mon'aber having meansfor seom'ing some to support and having-an anouiar'rib on ono side thereof, second member secures am; one end to the fiosl; mentioned member and ofi'sefi therefrom oiofi provided with a cup-shaped bofly form a bearing :xe'it-s free onfi, a, typolmi' boarmg' clirootly against the rib the fix-ammonizionod mombor ami receiving the oupo qapeii body of tho seaond member, and o Pow contmfiy through aho cop-shopofl io-origm 3m typobor and the saifi mommy The oombinotion 03?. o oopport having" members, a pivot; movable with one momfimr only a y oobor onpporiiooi by flai pi voicon ono side only shomof, adjusting moans passing through the pivot 50 mm w o woo-2r.

"L The comirinoicion of a ouppol'; an ommlar bowing rib, a typohar 21mm; on ammiar rib imaz'in' dirooiaiy against the rib of the support so? forming an intorior onnuimchambem mac! a member forming palm of the suppor; and having moons oor m bag as a pivot 7501' the typo-bar at one sido thewoofi. I

86 The oombioofiion of o mppom having" no omnulaigbem'iog rib o typobw Mowing;

' the rib 01' support at (mo 11;; member forming a part an integral cone @irootiy again" side, ood a yio i ho 3111337021? mid 1 ii pivot loir mo typo-Mr at one 256+: theueoi" arr-o sobsmntiofiy control of the filo combination. of a Emmgor member having anom'ul lm' bearing rib, a type-bar Ila- 7mg an :mzmlar rib b irin directly againssk woo rib of tho su plwrt 0.110. forming; an inierior zmnuhz' chambozg am a seconfl hongor o'iomboz' held iho firok niootionod momoor and having an integral pivot for tho'typo-bar one side thereof.

10 The combination of a .oi'lpport having an annular bearing rib, o typo-bar having an annular rib bearing directly against the N the support, pivot for the t \;'pe-bor adfiusting moons: through the pivot.

1. The oom bination of o, 1: get comprising two members, one of which is provided Wii-h foot. adapiioii to be scoured to support and the other of spring 11mm! and having all: integral boc iy pro ecti thoro'fx-on'l, a typo-- hm supportod by no; as :1 pivot and bearing directly against one of the mombem of the hanger only, and ing the spriog member onward tho other n'zoniber.

12. The combinaiion of a hanger comprising two monmoT-s, one of Whioh 15 adapted to be secured to a support and the other of spring metal am having booiy oarried thoreby at one find, a typo zusupporfed by said body as a pivot and iv-soaring dirootly against one of the members of the hanger, and means for adjusting the spring member toward the other member" The combination of a hanger comprising two members, one of which is adapted to be secured to a sopporw and! the other of spring); mom} and lowing oointogmi somi spherical body projootiog}; finorofii'om out ono and, a Woo-om supported by said boc iy as o. pivot, and. a. screw passing through tho pivot for ad mating the spring n'xomii or toward the other momben M, Tho combioation of a, hanger compris- 511g two momhom, one of which. is providefi "with foot to so to o sopoori and the othor hoviog ma. imogwl pivot hotly projoofingr tiiez'efz-om om onl, typo-bar." sm ortod by boiy as o pivot and boozy mg" (Boost-1y against om of the members of filo hanger only, onfi sorew passing thrfoua h solo body for ad ustmgfllo mom-1...


15. The combination a. fikwo relatively ajuoizobio members, a typo hm having o float her-wring m: mo side: only boon-it against one mombom momma movable 'Wifll Mo who? momhoz r forming m-pivov nouns for odjzilstsupport hovi bearing for the type-bar at the other side screw passing through the type-bar and only, and an adjusting screw engaging both serving as a means for forcing the members members and passing-through the pivoting toward each other.

means. This specification signed and witnessed 5 16. The combination of a support having this 6th day of Sept. A. D. 1918.

a plurality of members one of which has a OTTO PETERMANN threaded opening and a yielding finger into which said threaded opening extends, a Witnesses:

type-bar, and a screw enga g said thread- R. I. ALLEN, 10 ed opening and held un er tension, said O. T. YATES.

Copies of this patent may be obtained for five cents each, by addressing the Commissioner of Patents,

Washington, D. G. i

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