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Publication numberUS108153 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 11, 1870
Publication numberUS 108153 A, US 108153A, US-A-108153, US108153 A, US108153A
InventorsP. Jones
Original AssigneeHimself and 0
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Improvement in permutation-lock faucets
US 108153 A
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Letters Patent No. 108,153, dated October 11,1870.

The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent and making part of the name.

To all whom 'lt may concern.:

Be it known that I, Wummar F. J oxns, of Baltimore, in the county of Baltimore and State of Maryland, have invented a new and improvedv Permutation-lock Faucet; and I do hereby declare the following to be a full, clear, and exact description thereot', reference being had to the accompanying drawing making apart of this specification, in which- Figure lis a transverse vertical sect-ion,l showing the internal construction. i

Figure 2 is a side view ot' the tumblrs which iiiclose the key, andon which the index is stamped.

Figure 3 is a view and a section of one ot' the tumblers, the upper part of the ligure being a bottoln view, and the lower part an inverted vertical section of the tumbler.

This invention relates to an improvement in loc-kfaucets, and consists in the combination of a permutation lock of peculiarconstruction, with a faucet, for the purpose of preventing any person unacquainted with the combination upon which the lock is set, from drawing oli' the contents-ofthe vessel in which the faucet is used.

In the dra-winga is the pipe, and b the plug of a faucet, the pipe being provided with a plate, c, and the plug with a similar plate, (l.

A permutation lock is secured to the cock l1, and consists of a slotted tube, o, incased in an indefinite number of tumblers j', having recesses g upon the inside, and milled beads upon the outside, the tumblers being held by a milled nut, h, having a corresponding recess, so as to revolve on the tube 0.

liis a cap, provided with a key, j, and bolts It.

y is the lever used to turn the cock l).

The tumblers f are first arranged upon the slotted tube 0,1'n such a manner that the recesses g meet the slot in the tube o then the index-letters, which form a straight line, with marks located centrally on the cap and plate c and (l, between the bolts 7c, will indicate when the key can be inserted or withdrawn. The combination to which it is set vat present is numerals 1 2 3 4 5 6, and letters YV F J C A E. When the key j is insert-ed into the tube the nibs 'm enter the recesses y, and permit Athe keyk jV topass down until the nibs enter the seats p ofthe tumblers j, and the bolts lc pass through the plate d and enter the plate c. The tumblers f are then revolved in either direction, the seats p ot thetumblers admitting of such revolution around the key.

A person not familiar with the combination upon which the lock is set will bennable to unlock the faucet, and it cannot be'turned so long as the bolts k remain in` the holes in the plates, By placing `-the tumblers in different positions on the tube o, different combinations may be found. V

This lock can be used lon a molasses-gate, the arrangement being similar to that already shown, holes being provided for the reception of the bolts k.

The key j and bolts lo are never Aentirelyr withdrawn, it being sutlicient to remove the bolts 7a from the holes in the plate d.

I am aware that the locking of the cock of a faucet .is no'novelty. What I consider to be 'the' novelty of my apparatus-is the adaptation of the bolts k to the plate c d and the permutation look.

Having thus described my invention,

What I claim as new, and desire to secure by Letters Patent, is, i

The bolts la k, connected with the locking-keyj'm by the cap i, `and with theV perforated plates (l and c, to.allo\ v or prevent the rotation of the plug b by the adjustment ot` the notched tumblers f on the slotted tube lo and said key j, all said parts being constructed and arranged as shown and described.




Cooperative ClassificationF16K35/06