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Publication numberUS1081817 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 16, 1913
Filing dateDec 30, 1912
Priority dateDec 30, 1912
Publication numberUS 1081817 A, US 1081817A, US-A-1081817, US1081817 A, US1081817A
InventorsEli Rogers Deming
Original AssigneeEli Rogers Deming
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US 1081817 A
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1,081,817. Patented Dec. 16, 1913.

IN VEN TUI? To all whom it may concern;


E111 noenns Damme, orsa'n rnlanciseo, oa'mrbmim.


Be it known that LEI; R. DEMING, a citizen of the United States, residing at San Francisco, in the county 'of San Francisco and State of California, havrinvented `a new and useful Measuring-Pum ofwhich' .the following is a specification insuchiull and clear terms as will enable those skilled in the art to construct and use the saine.

This invention relates to a measuring pump used for the purpose of measuring iquids, such as gasolene or oil, and 1t especially relates' to a pump intended for use ortable tank or container. l An o ject of the invention is to provide an easily constructed frame for the support of the pump operating-l gears, which frame shall also have a lock for the pump connected therewithto eration. 4 Another object/.of the invention is to provide the pumpfframe `with adjustable stops whereby the quantitjLof liquid tol be drawn can be 4quickly and accurately measured.

In the drawings in which the same nu- Vmeral of reference is applied the same portion throughout the several, views, Figure 1 is a view partly in section of the pump barrel and gear operating frame, Fig. 2 is a frontilelevation1 of a portable tank having the pump 'applied thereto, Fig."3 is a side elevation of the pump operating frame, and Fig. 4 is an elevation partly in section of a pump support used when the pump is placed upon a floor independent of a ortable tank.

The numeral lrepresents t e to of the tank 2 to which the top flanged cy ind'er 3 prevent its-unauthorized opis suitably secured.' This cylinder to has a s uitable packing gland 4 andthe ey inder '5 1s held tightly in contact therewith by `means of, a number of bolts 6, which bolts also secure-the cylinder base 7 tightly in 'contact with the bottom of the cylinder 5.

The base 7 has a depending portion 8 on' which the valve support 9 is secured. This valve support supports the valve 10 and has suitable openings therethrough to permit the ingress o the fluid to be measured. Above the iianged to piece 3 there is a support 11 having a s'ot at 12`and`carrying the stops, lock 'and gears for thepperation of the plunger of the pump. i'

The pump piston rod 1 3 basa piston 14 securedth reto at its' lower end, said piston being of a well known typeand having a ygasket 15 held n1 'place by means of a langed l specification f mais raient. application mea nebenher' so. ioia serial no. 739,183.

Patented lie'. ie, 1913.

movable verticallyin said piston and he d in its proper position by means 4of a screw 19 passed therethrough.' In order to press the piston packing-outwardly there is a round gasket .which is caused to bear upon the pack- .ing more or less by adjusting 4the flanged collar 16. f At the upper end the iston rod has a rack 22 secured thereto, sai rack having a stop at 23 and a detent for a lock bolt at 24. In the upper part of the frame there is a shaft '25, on whlch the crank 26 is secured, said shaft also carrying a pinion 27.y The pinion 27 meshes with a larger pinion 28 o'n a shaft 29, while the pinion30 carried bythe shaft 29 meshes with the rack 22.

The overhanging portion ofI the frame 11 has a hole therethrough, throughwhieh the pipe 32 is inserted, a seterew 31 bein used tohold the pipe and frame in axe position with respect to each other, said set screw being inserted in place afterthe pipe has been threaded into the top of the plate 3. The upright `portion ofthe frame carries an L shaped stop 33 which is'secured thereto by means of, the bolt. 34, said stop having a slot 33 thereinto permit this adjustment. The vertical portion of the frame is also provided with a slot M12, in which slot the blocks 35 and 36 are adjustable. These two blocks `fit into the slot and are secured substantially in contact with each other by rreans of a bolt 37, this bolt holding a spring 90 ball holds the stop pins 40 in the extended or retracted position as may be desired. There are two of the stops, one above the other, and each is substantially a duplicate of the other. The object of these two stops is to provide means for drawing smaller determinate amounts of the liquid than would be drawn with one entire stroke of 100 the piston, and they are made adjustable to permit of a close regulation of the differlent amounts to be drawn,

On the top of the pipe 32" there is a T .41.. This T41 has a nipple 51 connected 105.

thereto, on which nipple a check valve 52 Ais secured. .The check -valve discharges `throu h a faucet 53, which faucet is connecte to. a suitable hose 42 for the delivery of the liquid to any suitable place, said hose 110 having a stop cock 43 at the end thereof.

The tank 2 is provided with a handle 44 Q mener? -use said handle to pull the tank around.

In order to count the number of gallons passed through the pump, a ten gallon'counter 55 is secured on the pump frame, an arm 56eXtending over the piston rod to con tact with 4a projection 57 thereon to enable the user to count the number of gallons delivered. And in order to provide a complete check on anyv movement or the pump piston a smaller counter 58 is suitably conp nected with the shaft 29. Also for the convenience of the operator a strap 59 with an opening therein is secured to the faucet 53,

in which the nozzle of the stop cock at the end of the hose may be inserted when the pump is not in use.

At the upper portion of the frame l1 there is formed an opening for the insertions or a lock 47, said lock having a bolt 48 which may be -extended or retracted at will by means of a key. Theil' 41 is provided with a suitable closure 50, yor-may have a pipe inserted therein if it is so desired.

Fig. 4 shows aform of supporting base for the pump when it is to be placed upon a floor. 'llliey numeral 62 indicates the bot` tom flange, 60a hollow pedestal in which the pump cylinder is placed and 6l indicates the top Hange, which is integral with the hollow pedestal and to which the Hange of the pump head 3 is suitably bolted.

Having thus describedA my invention what ll claim as new and desire to secure by Letters Patent of theUnited States, is as fol lows:

l. A measuring pump for liquids comprising a pump cylinder having a piston therein, a frame secured to the top of said pump cylinder, a discharge pipe passing through said frame and connected with the K outlet of the pump cylinder, means carried by the trame to raise the piston, and an adjustable stop on the frame to determine the movement of said piston, said stop comprising a pair of blocks, av bolt securing the blocks together and tothe frame and a stop pin passing through both of said blocks, substantially as described.

2. A. measuring pump for liquids comprising a pump cylinder having a piston and valves therein, a slotted frame secured to the top of said pump cylinder, 'an outlet pipe passing through said frame and connected to the discharge of the pump cylinder, stops in the slot in said frame, said stops each comprising a pair of blocks, a bolt passing through each pair of blocks to secure them to the frame, and a stop pin passing through each pair of blocks, and means to hold sald stop pins in the extended or retracted position, substantially as described.

lin testimony whereof I-haye hereunto setmy hand this 13th day of December A:v D. 1912, in the presence of the two subscrlbed witnesses.

am. soelaas institue.

Witnesses HENRY B. Lieren,

C. i?. Gaiman.

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