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Publication numberUS1082113 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 23, 1913
Filing dateMay 5, 1913
Priority dateMay 5, 1913
Publication numberUS 1082113 A, US 1082113A, US-A-1082113, US1082113 A, US1082113A
InventorsEdward Thompson Diden
Original AssigneeSamuel John Nummy, Edward Thompson Diden
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Pneumatic conveyer.
US 1082113 A
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Description  (OCR text may contain errors)

.9 R1. H5 Y NEA VI ENn DOD ICU. Dmn .mn EBA Nm PL P P Patented Deo. 23, 1913.



Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Dec. 23, 1913.

application filed May 5,1813. Serial No. 765,620.

To all whom imag concern 1 Re` it known that l, EDWARD 'lnoiurson4 'DmnN, a citi-zen of the United States, re-

4siding at Prattville, in the county ot' Autauga and State ot Alabama, have invented new and useful APneumatic Conveyor, ot'

which the following is a specication.

This invention relatesto improvements inv V'elevators and conveyors and more particularlytothat class of vconv'eyers known as pneumatic conveyors.

An object 'of the' present invention is to improve the construction of' the. conveyer whereby thel tendency voit material to clog .therein will be largely eliminated, and furthermore to provide a conveyer which'may v be 'readily disassembled for the cleaning that'changes in vthe invention herein disclosed, can be made bination and arrangement of parts and in the details of construction hereinafter de-` scribed and' claimed, it being understood the precise embodiment of within the scope ot what is claimed, withont departing from the spirit of the invention. au.'

In the drawings accompanying this speci'- titration and forming a part thereof, the


preferable form of my invention is illustrated in whichl. 0

. Figure l is a view in elevation of my 1mproved conveyer attached to an air pressure anand adapted to elevate and convey material fromV a bin. Fig. 2 is a similar view of a slightly modified form.

vReferring to the drawings 1n which similar reference numerals designate correspondving parts throughout the several views, l

is a pressure or blower fan for tbe supplying of air pressure. A bin or receptacle 3 illustrated cross section is supposed to contain the material which is to be elevated and conveyed, the device in` question being adapted to handle such materiales cotton, wood pulp, wood shavings',l etc.

Aneject-ing nozzle Il comprising the outer cnical casing 5 isl connected to the fan or air blower l by means ont the pipe 6.i Extendi within the conical casing '51s the pipe i the same comprisingthe truste-conical portion 8 vthrou h whicli entends the central anerture 9.,

he end ci? the pipe 'i extends within the. bin or receptacle containing the material which is to be elevated and conveyed. rlhe head l() is provided with the annular flange 1l, the same thrcadedly engaging the casing 5 as at l2. Said head 10 is-provided with va central aperture extendlng therethrough and which threadedly engages the pipe 7 as at 12 and is adapted to abut against the shoulder 13 formed at the outer lextremity of the truste-conical Y.portion 8. rlhe manner in which the vhead 1s mounted allows lthe same to be readilyremoved, to thereby render accessible the portion of the 'ejecting nozzle lying between the outer surface ot' the portion 8 of the pipe and the innersurface of the casingl dl t at Also it will be readily appreciate should the elevator and conveyor become clogged, by removing the yhead 10, a suitable bar or poker may be inserted therein and the same inserted within the cylindrical portion lll of the delivery end of the nozzle to thereby eil'ect-ually clean the said pipe. The ejecting nozzle renders it unnecessary that the raised and conveyed material pass through a' tan and therefore the elevator and conveyer herein described is adapted to handle large 'material such as blocks of wood, wood shavings', and similar material. The detachable head l0 as explained, allows the ejecting nozzle to be readily opened for inspection and should the delivery portion i4 thereof become clogged, suitable steps maybe taken whereby the same will beopened up. rlhe air delivered by the fan 1 rushing through the casing 5 and around the portion 8 ci the pipe 7 creates a suction. therein which will etectually elevate material which may bek disposed-within the bin 3 and after the said material has passed the said nozzle the saine will be conveyed by the pressure created by the fan l.

The modified form as illustrated in Fig. 2 of the drawings illustrates thedelivery portion 14 formed integral with the head 10 and connected tothe pipe or injecting nozzle 7 by solder or other equivalent means as is the juncture between the pipe 6 and the pipell effected.

Having thus fully described the invention,'what l claim to be new and original with me is i. Anejecting .nozzle tor a pneumatic conveyer comprising a casing including a cylindrical and truste-conical portion, a detien, :i heed threedediy engaging the Said Can; sait heed provided with an aperture wtenc'iin` theretin'ugh,y and an ejeeting ner/Zie extending thfough and engaging the b mee, i :i3

Twith t di ended annuar Hnge edapted te engage the ieai extremity of the said easing, said previded with .a threaded aperture extending eenti'aiiy tiieietiii'engfii7 and u pi'eeeure supply pipe extending tin ugh Tfined said iastinentiened aperture and pr with a shoulder adapted to abut the innei surface of said head.

n testimony in a claim the *foregoing is my own have hereto aixed my signn- 25 time in the presence of two Witnesses.

EDVED THUMPSON BDEN. Wvitnesees XV. Vf. Hinton, D. B. CHAneLiN.

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