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Publication numberUS1082352 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateDec 23, 1913
Filing dateApr 14, 1913
Priority dateApr 14, 1913
Publication numberUS 1082352 A, US 1082352A, US-A-1082352, US1082352 A, US1082352A
InventorsFrank C Morrow
Original AssigneeFrank C Morrow
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US 1082352 A
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MI'JMUM'IGN Mmm APR. i4, 1.013.

embed ma. $235 19H3.





Hummm .ULEB APR. 191.1.

Bac. 23, QS.


- Inventor Wlfmeabee," mwmmwr, W

9% A Attqrneys@ it known that il., FRANK (l. illonnow, :i citizen ot the United Eitetea residing nt lllellsten. in the eounty "if Jackson aud Stute et Ohio, have invented e new :imi use ful 'iei'izii'zitor, oli which the following i specification.

This invention relates to separators and more pertieul:ii-ly to nieehinee ot thiey character designed tor Screening coal so separate it int-o fliteieot sizes, ineens; being providecl whereby the different grades of 'coal muy he directed into eers arranged to receive the saine.

@ne oi.E the objects of 'the present invention is to proviwie e Separator or Screen of this character which is adopted to he built inclependcntly oi? mul seperately trom the coul tipple.

i tur-ther ohjeet te provide improved means :tor mounting' upper unil lower screens so that they will. reciprocate in opposite directions, thee reducing viol-ation to 'the minimum.

ii. further object to proi'itle e.. novel .firrimgeinent of chutee whil the clii'terent grottes oit wel can he ilireeteigl into the ez ineens being' provided Wlieielay the large or lump cool eoiietituting the lili-st grade eau be directed either into ordinary coal caire or into box cere,

ii/lith the toregoing aiicl other objects in View' which 1will appear es the description proceeds, the invention i'eeiclee in the com bination :incl arrangement of parte and in the clete'ls of eonstructimi hereinafter cle serihetl :intl cinin'ietl, it being uiiirlerfstoofjl that; .:luiugee in the precise embodiment et `the ioieution herein disclosed, can he inode within the ecolee oit what is claimed, without departing trom the spirit of the invention.

In the accompanying dreiiiings the pie Tt'erreel torni ot the invention haie been shown.

liu said cliawinge:--`ignre l. is e plan View of the .separator or screen, e portion of the upper or main screen being removedh is a eicle elevation. Fig. 3 e 'vertical longitudinal Section onv the line iti-B Fig. t. 4t is en elevation o the :trent end portion of the machine and showing;

the superposed chutes and the adjacent meehnnisin. Fig. is e section through the sei-eens on the line EMF 3, adjacent parts being shown in elevation. Fig. 6 is a perspective View et one of the screen ec tiiziting levers.

Serial, No. etftw.

. riing to the figur l reif( ence i. l lined lie-eme porterl :it Suitnlile poil' in muy pret l manner un; by menne ot colunuie` 2 toignn-wi ot Structural steel or the like. The columns to which the upper ends of the Ill-beams l are attached muy be connected by ingle beams 23 on which :irc secured liloelie 1i. ltclflitionnl ln-simpefl blociie 5 niej he eureil upon the lhceine l neer their upper ends theee blocks being couneeted by transversely intending :ingle beamsI These :ingle beanie G sind the blocks ai; support e hopper S having a bottom l5 'which may be reeiproceted by e lever This lever may be driven h5! any suitable mechanism indicated generally 29, thie`y mechanism being actuated by e geur 30 Secured to :i shaft 3l, there heingiun1 other gear 3"?. secured to this Shaft and iifhicli nieshee with e geni eeuretl. to e shaft 31 on which ie arranged :i ily Wheel This Structure constitutes no part of the @retientiiivention but luiehecn disclosed in detail. in :i copemling :ipplication constituting e division oit' the present fippliciition.

ql'ournzileil upon the ft2-heures.: l :it point-S between the @ntie thereof nre ein] Shafts azul il? :intl en intermediate ehai'tt, 35S. Secured to euch of the Sheite El@ and 38, close to the inner siffle of each .'t-'heein l is :in firm hy characters o excites inc 3Q. seid :mn heine; secured to its; shaft :it a point midway between the ends of the :irm

anni i0 are connected by trnnsverse rods t'i. which, are parallel with the shafts 3G, A In' a 84 nnrl und these rods project into eastine'e 12 secured to the upsstnndine sides of the upper or main screen 44. The upper emi portion oi Vthi@ screen extends under the discharge cnil ot the feed plute l5 :intl the Sides 43 of the Screen extcnxl outsifle of? the Sides oi. the hopper 8. The Screen 'lt-li (loess not extend the. iull length et the upstondingr eiiilce 43 hut extends op to nu inpertoimte plete 453 extcmlineun to the lower envie of the Sider, 43.

The lower etuis; ot the :irme il?? are ciuliee ecl by eros; rods 4G 'extending throng; inge 4:7 seeuretl to the nest-:online giclee t8 oli z1- lower screen 4t?. Theee opstanding :we eut nwe?. '.15 shown :it it so to ri@ ceive the shafts 3) and 38 and permit screen Additional. hangers 49 to shift relative to the shafts. The screen 49 does not extend throughout the length of the opstandingIr sides 48 but extends up to an imperforate plat-e 51 located between the lower ends oi the sides 48.

Hangers '52 extend downwardly and inwardly from the 3beains l and support a 'ho mer-like chute 53 arranffed under the free to move relative thereto during the actuation of the screen 9. l extend down wardly from the; -oeains l and support a fixed chiite' '56 which extends under the discharge end of the plate 5l so as to receive tailings from the screen t9 and direct them downwardly into a car or other receptacle which may be arranged below the apparatus.

A crank arm 57 is secured to cach end of the shaft 36 and these crank arms are connected. by pitinen 58 to smaller vcrank arms 59 secured to the ends of the shaft 3l. Thus it'will be seen thatas shaft- 31 rotates, the crank arms 59 will work the pitinen 58 backwardly and forwardly so as thus to oscillate the crank arms 57 and cause the shaft to rotate back and "forth, As the arms 39 on shaft 36 are connected 'to arms on shaft 38 and to the arms fl@ on shaft 37, by the screen, it will be apparent that 'when shaft 36 is thus rotated. the screens lll 49 will. be reciprocate-d, euch screen moving in a direction opposite to the other screen. Thus it will he seen that the coal is fed 'slowly and evenly from the bottom of the hopper by the slowly reciprocating feed plate l5, it will be. deposited upon the upper portion of screen and as tl is screen is worked back and forth rapidly by the mechanism described the coal will be fed along' the screen, -thesinaller portions dropping' through screen 44 eind onto screen 4Q so that only7 the lumps or large pieces of coal will be discharged as tailings from the screen 44. The smaller grades of coal will. fall onto screen 49 where a second separation will be effected. the fine coal and slack passingv through the screen 49 and into the chute while the larger pieces will he discharged as tailings into the chute For the purpose ol dil 'ing' tli large coal or the coal ,of the first. ade from the. upper screen fill imo cars pro' ded therefor. two different forms olf chiites o provided, one chute being ntiaed for directing' the Losanna coal into ordinary 'coal cars, while the other chute can be used for directing the Coal into box cars. It will he noted by referring to the drawings that brackets 57 are extended downwardly and forwardly from the sides e3 at the lower ends thereof, the projecting ends of these brackets being slotted so as to form forks 58". rlhese forks are adapted to receive a transverse rod 59' on which is secured a ilaldischarge chute SO the bottom of which extends under the lower end of plate 45. The ends of the rod 59 are seated loosely in the forks 5S andare held detachably by reinovahlelipins 5l extending through the forks. Channel strips 62 are arranged longitudinally under the chute adjacent the sides thereof and receive rollers 63 which are jour-nailed in the free ends of arms S4. 'These arms extend radially from a shaft 65 which is ournaled upon the lower.

ends of the side beams l. A counter-balance 66 is secured to shaft 65 /so that the said shaft can be rotated easily.

l seffinental gea-r 67 is secured to and rotates with the shaft 65 and meshes with a gear 68' secured to' a shaft- 69. This last named shaft is adapted tobe rotated in any suitable manner, as by means of a crank 70 and thus it will be Seen that. gear 68 will be rotated and motion will be transmitted through the segmental gear 67 to shaft 65. Thus arms 64 can be caused to swing no Wardly or downwardly, thereby adjusting the chiite 60 engnlarly so as to discharge coal into cars of difierent heights. A ratchet wheel '71 is secured to shaft 69 and is adapted to he engaged by a dog 72 whereby shaft 69 is held against rotation.

When it is desired to discharge the tailings or" the screen de into a box ear. it is necessary to utilize a form of chute diii'erent from that disclosed at 60. This chute is lxedlymounted between the I-heams 1 and is curved downwardly and forwardly asindicated at 73. the sides 74 of the chute being provided with brackets 75 which are mounted on and secured to the side beams l. Hooked extensions 76 are mounted upon the sides 74 and, by removing pins 6l. rod 59 can be withdrawn from the forks 58 and its ends seated within the hooks 76. The pins (il can then be inscrted through openings 77 formed in these hooks and the rods thus retained in the hooks. Thus the upper end of chiite G0 is spaced from the end of 'the plate l5 and material discharged from said plate free to i gravitate downwardly onto the curved bottom Hingedly connected to the lower edge the curved bottoni 73 is a er ion 7S having lr orally ings y adapted to be by @il loosely .mounted on the seen that woon it is th chute extension shown in Figs.

end .1 lpportinf; ho: la? l l Q adlnstcd the position

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