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Publication numberUS1083530 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1914
Filing dateJan 6, 1913
Priority dateJan 6, 1913
Publication numberUS 1083530 A, US 1083530A, US-A-1083530, US1083530 A, US1083530A
InventorsJean Gallay
Original AssigneeJean Gallay
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Electric search-lamp for automobiles.
US 1083530 A
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Patented J an. 6, 1914.

x Ill L e a ii-"vim. r i F"? t g m i tom ii A ELECTRIC SEARCH-LAM F91 3 .ETUUTNLHIUBZL" o jiti i'l ii ig f' iih Specification of Letters Application filed January 6, 1913. 7 Serial No. 140332.

To (ZZZ ctr/tom it may concern 'c it known that I, JEAN GALLAY, manulut urer citizen of Switzerlmid, residing at it ltoute (le Frontenex, Geneva, gwitzerhtnd, u have invented certain new and useful linproveincnts in Electric Search-Lamps for Automobiles; and I do hereby declare the following to be a. full, clear, and exact de scription of the invention, such as will enohle others skilled in the art. to which it ap- ')Qltfll15l.() inalze and use the same, reference wing haul to the zicconipunying rlrmving, and P g'ures of reference marked thereon, which 1 it part of this specification. 11E? "lihe present invention relates to electric search lumps for automobiles in which the ive surface of the reflector is hermetically i eluted from the surrounding space, whereby the deposite of dust and steam mist upon to such surface is entirely avoided. Moreover, the lamp may he adjusted in the focal plane of the reflect-or Without having to open the lantern for the purpose, which affords the further advantage of no exterior projection hein presented which might hamper cleani, o ierstionsh I The accompanying drawing illustrates a sniiehle inuniier of carrying out the objecthe inventici Figure 1, being it longitudion and Fig. 2 a section on line zv-y i ector oi oi the lamp is of parabolic at its forward part it terminates in. t forming 9, seat to receive the glass i) tilt}: rear a ring a". .ln a groove rnierl in. the rim (3 is situated a rubber 0 against which the glass 6 is pressed at front ring d1 screwing on to the rim a; This ring; is in section of mushroom form on its hl'idy constitutes a screw serving with its 5 erior edge to bind the glass. 5 against the indie ruhher pecking while its outer enihr'aces'the casing e of the lamp when the renector is in position. The latter is open the rear for the passage of the lamp "itted in the plug wh ch screws Into the ng oi": the reflector and bears againstwe'rire of the casing 6, so that in screwing home plug, the reflector a is drawn to to heck of the seeing and the front ring CZ Wrcec i against the latter. The opening in the reflector for the passage of the lamp is h s movable hack 9 which can slide on the ring'f, at the front oi ilug f, and which is sold against the-reflector a by the l icafl springiz, hearing against the bottom of the plug 7'. i seated in u ring- 57 inomble ring 9 FtIlu threzulecl tube in. w? plug f. this tube sziges for the electric .lQllilS and. c2 ies u not To with stops, the not hearing ciiteriorly against 'iheplug while a. spring; 0 force the ring snot its tube 2% tows interior. By this arrangement, by tnrnir' the nut in one or other direction the can he brought. into the focal ii reflector.

The lamp isiixetl. on n sockets g which of the casing e ("7' n suspension projections on the might 9 h passes 55 hollow; it.

interiors. with the ole-onio and prevents its occidental fell by cnient with flange whenthe plug f is nscrewecl to Cl'lt'tl" go the lamp, or the refleclx is then. no longerheltl by the enga, the front ring with. the casing e a Li i fsll out i. the letting) was held. the toward, the ground" The reflector Q; is prevented from titsrui 'f in the casing e the rod passing; through the flange it, which enables the plug to he screwecl well home s ncl to hincl the reflector in the casing without turning.

Having now particularly described and ascertained the notme or" in saitl invention.

ut. o ecl front and terminstingut e rear in a screw threaded ring allowing of the introiiuction of the electric lamp, a] casing provide with the necessarv means for securing the L tern in position, and s rear plug contuiniu a rim of screw threz.

the movable back, a lam uprising a reflector hevin rent, a casing inclosin e. reflector from its front end and space therefrom, fitting in the rear end of the eesin the rearend of the reflector, the ug hei ing co-ecting meme with the re ector end the casing for drawing the reflector ancl the casing toward each other, and n lamp orranged in the 111%,

3. An electric lame for eulnmohiles come glass at the front, a casing in'closing t ereflector from its front end anol specealtherefrom, e plug fitting in the rear end of the easie and in the rear end of the reflector, the :9 ug @h'ev ing co-acting means with the reflector and the casing for drawing the reilecto'gend the casing toward each other, a, lamp inthe plug, and securing means for the lamp ro jecting from the plug and attached to the lamp, the securing means being adjustable to change the focal position ofthe lamp.

4:. An electric lamp for eutomohiles'comprising zit reflector, e casing surrounding the reflector," the reflector and the casing hevin co-acting' means for "limiting the forwer movement of the reflector and the ree wzird movement of the casting, a plug hearing on the casing and on the reflector and having co-acting neens with at least one of these elements to force them tower-d1 each other to their limit cit-movement, and a 'lernp secured in the plug.

5; An electric lamp for automobiles comprising a reflector having a, front, a casing surrounding tie reflector and lspacecl therefrom, the casing and the reflector having-means to engage each other to limit their movement toward each other, a plug fitting-in the rear of the casing and engaging the reflector to hold the casing and reflect on in their positions a mov'able back in the reflector, wiring in the plug on which the back slides, a spring hearing on the plug and on the movable back, a. ring on I so proportioned that it can pass through t e back of thereflector when the movable back is removed, and means for securing the lamp in the plug.

6. An electric lamp for automobiles com-' grising e reflector henna and in 52; glass at p s.

lass in its hrising a reflector having e glass in its frent,

fiector heving'meensto engeg each other to limit their movement tower-d esel other a plug fitting, in the rear 013 theorising en engaging the reflecton to hold the casing and reflector in their positions, e movable back in the reflector, e, ring'in the plug on which the heel: slides, e heering on the plug and on the movable tecnem on the mo 'rehle beck, e lamp so proportioned thetit cen 'pesethrougle the heel: of the reflector when the ruovenle been; remix-veil,

' s eecnree,

e lznnp ring to which the lamp the lampring being motelivle in the of the mo /table heck, e tube pro ecting the lame ring oug'h the heck of the ring, and meensjtor, eel-'usting the tube iorwere and rearwercl in t e plng., 1

7. An electri'elenw fer entomohiles rising 'uprefifecfmn innings glees inits 'g-ont, e: 'cie sing surrounding the reflector and spaced therefrom, the cesingendthe reflector heving'meens to cngege'eech-ether to limit their movement towerrieeoh other,

a plug fitting in the reer of the casing we engaging the reflector to hohl the casing encl reflector in their positions a movehle back in the reflector, e ring 1n the plug; on

which the back slides, a spring bearing on V the plug end on the movable heck, e on the movable heck, e lamp so proportions-icthat it cen pass throu h the heck of: reflector when the move 1e back 15:} remove a lamp ring to vwhich. the lamp is secured, the'lemp ring being movable 1n the ring of the movable back, a tube proiecting from i the lamp. ring through the neck oi the ing,

2 spring hearing on the lnmp ring" enei on,

the lug, and e nnt screwing on the tune and bearing on the plug to move the lamp line;

against the ection of the lest-nientione i spring In testimony, that ii clenn thetoregoing; I heive hereunto set my head this ninth tiny;- of December, 1912., Y rnsneennnr,


Louis M imme, 1 B. Somnsnenn,

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U.S. Classification362/288
Cooperative ClassificationF21V19/02, F21V19/006
European ClassificationF21V19/00C