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Publication numberUS1083552 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1914
Filing dateAug 7, 1912
Priority dateAug 7, 1912
Publication numberUS 1083552 A, US 1083552A, US-A-1083552, US1083552 A, US1083552A
InventorsClarence S Mccord
Original AssigneeClarence S Mccord
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US 1083552 A
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' APPLICATION FILED AUG.7, 1912. 1,083,552 Patented Jan. 6, 1914.

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Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Jan. 6., 1914.

Application filed August 7, 1912. Serial No. 713,801.

To all 'whom 'it may concern.'

Be it known that l, CLARENCE S. MoCoRD,

citizen of the United States, residing at Seattle, in the county of King and State of Washington, have invented a certain new and useful Improvement in Receptacles, of which the following is a specification. My invention relates to improvements in delivery outlets that are adapted for use in connection with receptacles or containers for medicinal and other preparations of a plastic nature like ointment, salve and toothpaste or for granulated or powdered ma.- terial, but more particularly my improvement relates to delivery outlets Ithat are adapted for serving as controllable outlets for collapsible tubes that are generally employed as containers of plastic matter, and the object of my improvement is to provide a receptacle having a delivery outlet that may be adjusted -readily to control the volume or rate of flow of material from such receptacle, that shall be sanitary formedicinal purposes and which is simple 1n construction and operation.

I attain these objects by devices illustrated in the accompanying drawings in which- Figure 1 is a view in vertical-section of my invention, and Fig. 2 is a view in side elevation of same.

Like reference numerals indicate like parts throughout the drawings.

I have illustrated my invention as applied to a collapsible tube like those which are used as receptacles for paint, ointment, tooth-paste and the like but, obviously, my inventionmay be embodied in various forms of receptacles whose walls are rigid and which are adapted to contain granulated or powdered material like salt, pepper, talcum powder and the like.

Referring to the drawing, a collapsible tube is shown and as is usually the practice, the same is made of tinfoil and is adapted to be compressed or gradually collapsed by folding it upwardly from its lower end as its contents is diminished, and comprises more particularly a neck 11 provided with a stud 12 supported by a spider 13, said stud being disposed to extend upwardly and concentrically with the, neck 11. A cap-cover 14 having no internal screw-thread is adapted to fit closely and movably over the exterior surface of the neck 11 whereby such cap-cover 14 may be moved up and down or turned on such collar 11 which is provided with a pin 15 disposed near its top edge that extends outwardly through an irregularly formed slot 16 that is out through the vertical wall of the cap-cover 14, as shown in Fig. 2, whereby said capcover 14 may be turned and raised or lowered as may be required to coact with the stud 12 to open or close holes 17 that are disposed to extend through the wall of the tube 18 which extends downwardly from the inside of the top of saidcap-cover 14 whereby may be ,controlled the passageway for material from the receptaclethrough the holes 17 into the tube 18 thence upwardly out of the top outlet 19 ofthe cap-cover 14, as indicated in Fig. 1.

Manifestly, as shown in Fig. 2, when the cap-cover 14 is moved downwardly to the position, as indicated, the stud\12 may project slightly out of the hole 19 in the top of the cap-cover 14. The neck with its spider 13 and stud 12 preferably may be molded to form an integral structure of some metal that may be melted by a low degree of heat, as for instance, type metal or pewter, and the cap cover 14 likewise may be made in the same manner.

When my invention is applied to a receptacle having rigid walls, such' receptacle, manifestly would be adapted only for liquids and granulated or powdered materials since the rigid walls of such receptacles would not be collapsed byy pressure to force their contents outwardly through the holes 17 and 19.

What l claim is:

A device of the-class described comprising a collapsible receptacle, an outwardly-projecting neck thereon, a spanning spider arranged within said neck intermediate its ends and adjacent the base thereof, a cylindrical stud centrally disposed and integral with said spider and having its free end terminating outwardly of said neck. a coneshaped cover slidably-mounted upon the exterior of said neck and having a central opening at its apex, a tube inwardly projecting from said cover and terminating at a point below the medial line thereof and surrounding said opening and adapted to slidably reoeive the stud therein, said tube my name this 2nd. day of August 3A, D., provided with perforations atdits bse, the 1912. A Y' eap in its innermost position a apte to re- 1 ceive in its tube portion that end. of the stud CLARENCE. S' MCCQBD' 5 equal to its length, whereby the receptacle Witnesses: v

is sealed upon a complete closing of said cap. --GEORGE ELLIOT@ Iny Witness whereof, I, hereunto subscribe Y ANNA HAsxINs.

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U.S. Classification222/524
Cooperative ClassificationB65D47/243