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Publication numberUS1083712 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 6, 1914
Publication numberUS 1083712 A, US 1083712A, US-A-1083712, US1083712 A, US1083712A
InventorsSumiye Uyeda
Original AssigneeSumiye Uyeda
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US 1083712 A
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i intr y [ein sereinals ramener erranti.


wnnnmaarrannn Lasarte.

Speeicaton of Letters atent.

. Patenten aan. e, iene Application filed January a, 1912. Serial No. Gf.

This invention re ates to wearing apparel Y.

and particularly to a sanitary nether gar ment or drawers.

The object of this invention is to provide a garment adapted for ready and quick adjustment about the hips and groin, the article being so designed and constructed that it can be drawn .snuglyup to the .pelvic bone and thigh.

A. further object of the invention is to provide a nether garment or clout separable down the front and having a uid proof area to protect overlying garments from being soiled by exeretions.

This invention consists of the parts and the construction and 'combination of parts as hereinafter more fully described and claimed, having reference to the accompanying drawings, in which Figure l 1s a perspective View of the article. Fig. 2 shows the device as in closed position.

The garment comprises a band or Walst portion 2 and a back 3, the front here being shown as formed by two separable ily parts- 4-4', formed continuously with the back 3. The upper fly parts are joined to the waistband 2in which is provided a string by which the garment may be fastened about the waist. Extending downward from the center of the backl 3 is a pointed appendage 5 and the lower edges of the back and flies 4 4 form short legs when the garment is closed about the person. One of the @flies 4 is provided with buttons or other suitable fastening devices 6 to which may be attached the edge 7 of the fly when this is lapped' over the former. yEach ily is cut back at an angle from a point about midway the edge as at l8 and provided with buttons or other means. 9 to which may be secured the triangular appendage 5 when this is pulled up bet- Ween the limbs. The edgesl of the part 5 are buttonholedi as at l() to engage the buttons 9. I

`When the garment is placed on the person and the appendage 5 and flies properly buttoned up, the lower edges 15 of the iies may be drawn tightly around the limbs and aa tened by snap hooks l1. or other means at tached to the edges 12 of the back 3. The

edges l5 are provided with heins 16'in which are elastics 17 whereby the limb embracing edges :are drawn tight when. the hooks 1l are fastened to the back edges l2.

In order to protect outer 'garments from.I

being soiled there is attachedto the inner surface of this article a sheet of liquid proef, pliable soft material as rubber 17 preferably diamond shaped, and extending` over the pointed appendage 5. l

Vlien the article is worn the sheet 17 covers the lower portion of the stomach and extends between the thighs, one end or point being attached to the back 3.

Having thus described 'my invention, what claim and desire to secure by Letters Fati ent, is-

A sanitary garment including a body the back of which has a central substantially rectangular cut-away portion which extends through the lower edge of the back, the .baclr having fly parts. the meeting edges oi. which fly parts .are divergently related from a point slightly bclovvl the top edge of the back,

external means to fasten the ily parts from 'the hack and fly parts, and an appendage having its base secured to the back at the top edge of the cut-away portion, said appendage having sides whichare spaced from the sides of the cnt-away portion and which taper to a point that .is located consieflerably below the bottom edge of the back. the degree of inclination of the sides'of the ap`-r pendage corresponding to the degree of in' clination of the divergentlv related parts of the fiy parts. said sides of the appendage being provided with means vvherebv the same may be engaged with the fastening means located at the divergently related por tions of the Vily parts.

'ln testimony whereof I have hereunto set my hand in the presence of two subscribing witnesses.


llitnesses l JOHN H. Hamme,

(ln/mms EDELMAN" lll@

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U.S. Classification2/408
Cooperative ClassificationA41B9/04