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Publication numberUS1085052 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 20, 1914
Filing dateJul 22, 1913
Publication numberUS 1085052 A, US 1085052A, US-A-1085052, US1085052 A, US1085052A
InventorsMichael Lunney
Original AssigneeMichael Lunney
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Sink-trap cleaner.
US 1085052 A
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APPLICATION FILED JULY 22 Patented J an. 20, 1914.

Il /ll @uvam/tofs "Taaziwhmwmaymmi UNITED sTArEs PATENT OFFICE.

.Specication of Letters Patent.

.eatenteaaan 20,1914.

asppnwuenrnea muy zadels. f-.seml No. 1809507.

Be it knownfthatl, MGHAEL'LUNNEY, a` citizen Iof the -Unite`d -St-ates, residing atv Chelsea, in the county of Sutfolik'andstate of Massachusetts, have invented fnew and useful Improvements 1in -Sink-Trap Clean-y ers, of which the following is a specification.4

:My iin-vention :relates :to .'improuements =1n sink trap cleaners, and one of lts ohgects isf the provision of a device of this'characterwhich will permit the eectlve cleaning of a sink trap from the usual source of water supply.

A further objectof the invention 1s the provision of a sink trap cleaner which shall be simple, durable, and efficient and which may be manufactured and sold. at a comparatively low cost.

With the above and other objects 1n vlew the invention consists in the construction, combination, and arrangement of parts hereinafter fully described and claimed, and as shown in the accompanying drawing, wherein the gure of the drawing is a sectional view illustrating the use of my improved sink trap cleaner.

Referring to the drawing by reference numerals, 1 designates the hollow rigid body of the cleaner, The body 1 comprises a sub- -stantially cylindrical portion 2, and a substantially frusto-spherical portion 3, the portions 2 and 3 being preferably formed integral. At its lower edge the body -1 is provided with a horizontally disposed and inwardly extending flange 4 which may be formed integral with the body in any suitable manner. The flange 4 is annular so as to provide the body 1 with a discharge opening 4, which has a diameter a little greater than the diameter of the screen 5 of the sink trap 6. To establish a water tight connection between the body and the bottom 7 of the sink 6 about the screen 5, a gasket 8 of rubber or other suitable material is secured 1 to the under side of the fiange 4. As shown at 9 the inner edge of the flange 4 may be provided wit-h a downwardly and outwardly extending roll flange for the reception of the inner periphery of the gasket- 8 to secure it in applied position. Any other suitable means such as cement or other adhesive may be employed to secure the gasket to the flange.

The uppermost portion of the frustospherical portion 3 of the body l is provided with an opening 10 which is smaller 'f than-and' arranged concentric with relation to the opening 4a. "A member `which com- 'prises-a nozzle thi-ou h the opening l0,-thenozzle11bein Ilocate `'wholly fwithin'and the coupling l12 fwhllywithout the body :1. 'The'combin'ed nozzle and coupling member may be se- -cured i to 'thebodyfrin any -suitebte manner, Aiasifler instance, by solder as shown at 13. A 'hose`section 14 provided with couplings 15 and 16 is used in connection with body 1. `One end of the hose is connected to the sink faucet 17 by means of the coupling 16,. and the other end of the hose is connected with the coupling 12 by means of the coupling 15.

The manner in which my improved sink trap cleaner is adapted to be used may be stated to be as follows: After the hose 14 is connected to the coupling 12 and the faucet 17, the body 1 is placed over the strainer 5 of the sink trap 6'. The water supply is then turned on and the body is held in place by the hand. The discharge end of the nozzle 11 is reduced, and owing thereto and to the fact that the nozzle prolyects into the body 1, the back pressure of water within the body acts against the curved inner wall of the frusto-spherical portion 3 of the body and not against the head of water entering the body, this allows a large quantity of water to accumulate within the body and when the stoppage within thetrap begins to break away this supplyof water will rush dow-n through the trap and quickly and effectively Hush it out whereby t-he entire amount of the water is utilized to effect the cleaning of the trap 6. The gasket 8 establishes a water-tight connection between the lower end of the body 1 and the bottom wall 7 of the sink about the entrance tothe trap (L From the foregoing description taken in connection with the accompanying drawings the construction and mode of operation of t-he invention will be understood without a further extended description, changes in the form proportions and minor details of construction may be made within 11 ani'a coupling 12pa'sses the scope of'the invention without departing from the splrit or sacrificing vantages thereof.

What I claim is A sink cleaner comprising a hollow'rigid body having a comparatively high cylindrical lower portion and a frusto-sphericalupany of the adper port-ion, said portions being formed integral, a horizontally disposed land in- Wardly extending annular flange formed on the lower edge of a cylindrical body por- 5 tion, a downwardly and outwardlyfextending roll flange formed on the inner edge of the said annular ange, an annular gasket arranged on the under side of the said annulgr/flange and having its inner periphery 10 secured in the recess lformed by the roll "wf/flange, a small opening provided in the uppermost portion of the rusto-Spherical body, said opening being arranged concentric with the large opening located within 15 the inner periphery of the said annular ange a combined coupling and nozzle arrange in the said small opening and rigidly secured therein, the said coupling being located wholly without the said body and provided with a threaded extremity, said 20 nozzle being located wholly within the said frusto-spherical body and being internally and externally tapered, and means to supply water to the body.

In testimony whereof I aiix my signature 2E in presence of two witnesses. v

, MICHAEL LUNNEY. Witnesses:


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U.S. Classification4/255.9, 285/148.19, 285/192, 285/9.2
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