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Publication numberUS1085543 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateJan 27, 1914
Filing dateMay 7, 1913
Priority dateMay 7, 1913
Publication numberUS 1085543 A, US 1085543A, US-A-1085543, US1085543 A, US1085543A
InventorsHorace B Collins
Original AssigneeHorace B Collins
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US 1085543 A
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Patented Jan. 27, 1914w gwoon/toa OLI-.l



Specification of Letters Patent.

Application filed May 7, 1913. Serial No. 766,164.

To all 'Lo/om t mag/concern:

Be it known -that I, HORACE B. .Co'LLlN's, a citizen of the United States, residlng at Fort Vorth, in the county of Tarrant and State of Texas, have invented certain new.

and useful Improvements in Knob-Fastenings, of which the followingisa specification, reference being-had to the accompanying drawings.

This invention relates to new improvements in fastening means for door knobs and more particularly .means whereby the door knob may be quickly and easily applied to the end. of the spindle or readily removed therefrom.

The object of the invention is to-provide fastening means of the 'above character which the like for retaining the knobs in `which are ordinarily held by screws.

Another object of the invention is to provide a door knob'fastener of the above character .which will points of efficiency and durability, is inexl pensive of manufacture and at the same time place,

y 1s simple in construction and operation.

With the above and other objects in view,-

my invention consists 'in the novel features of construction and the combination and arrangement of parts to be hereinafter more fully described, `pointed out in the claim and shown in the accompanying drawings, in which-' A Y Figure 1 is a longitudinal sectional view of a door knob illustrating the application of my invention; Fig. 2,is a detail perspective view of one end of the spindle. Referring more particularly yto the drawings, l indicates the spindle, the end of which is bifurcated, as shown at 2, to form the spaced spring arms 3, one of said arms being shortenedas shown at. 4. The'knob 5 1s provided with the usual knob shank 6 having a Jsquare opening, one of the walls thereof provided Withteet-h 7 adapted to be engaged by the catch 9 of catch member 8r which is carried by the endof the spindle l.

. The catch member '8 comprises a single piece isn Vof spring metal, which is substantially Ushaped in form and arranged between the spaced arms 3. ,One .end of the member .8 is provided with the catch and useful 4and readily released.

to a fastening will eliminate the use of screws and' possess advantages informed upon one end of said 9 which engages the teeth 7 and the other end is secured by v9 from the teeth 7 when it is desired to remove the knob from the spindle l. The openings 11 communicate directly with the teeth 7 so that the catch 9 may be quickly l It will also, be apparent that the knob 5 may be quickly applied to the end of the spindle by engaging the knob shank 6 thereover, the spring member 9 readily engaging with any one of the teeth 7 to prevent the removal of the knob.

From this it will be seen that I have provided a simple and durable fastening device whereby a door knob will be quickly and readily applied to the spindle upon either side of the door and readily removed therefrom, when desired. It ent that my device is extremely simple in construction and can be manufactured at` an extremely low cost.

While I have shown and described the preferred. form of my invention, it .will be obvious that 'various changes in the details of construction and in the proportions may be resorted to for successfully carrying my invention into practice without sacrificing any of the novel features or departing from the scope of the appended claim.

VVhatI claim is A device of the class described including a spindle having its end bifurcated to form two spaced arms, a resilient U-shaped member arranged between said arms, a catch U-shaped member, a knob, a shank formed upon said-knob and adapted to receive the end of the spindle, teeth formed within said shank and adapted to be engaged by the catch to removably securethe knob upon the spindle, and said shank "being provided with a plurality of-openings whereby the catch ber may be quickly and readily released by means inserted through said openings.

In testimony whereof I hereunto aiix my signature in the presence oftwo witnesses. A'HORACE B. COLLINS. Witnesses: v


i PatentedJan.27,1e14.

will also be apparmem-

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U.S. Classification292/353, 403/329, 24/615
Cooperative ClassificationE05B3/04