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Publication numberUS1086366 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1914
Filing dateFeb 11, 1913
Priority dateFeb 11, 1913
Publication numberUS 1086366 A, US 1086366A, US-A-1086366, US1086366 A, US1086366A
InventorsJules Hector Hirt
Original AssigneeJules Hector Hirt
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Sawdust-burning furnace.
US 1086366 A
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Patented Feb. 10, 1914.



JULES :moron Hmm, or EL raso, TEXAS.


Specification. of Letters Patent.

Patented Feb. 1o, 1914.

Application led February 11, 1913. Serial No. 747,608.

Sawdust in mass frequently contains 50 per cent. or more of water, and below the surface of large masses is usuali soaking wet. In that condition it is diiiicu t to burn.

The object of this invention is to produce a furnace in which wet sawdust can be rapidly burned.

Referring to the accompanying drawings illustrating the principle of this invention in the best mode now known to me of applying that principle, Figure 1 is a top. plan view, and Fig. 2 a central vertical section at line 2 2 of Fig. 1, of a side-feed forni of my new furnace. Fig. 3 is avertical section at line 3-3 of Fig. 1, and is typical of a corresponding section at line Bfv a of Fig. 4, and Fig. 4 is a vertical section at line 4 4 of Fig. 3, of a central-feed form of the furnace. O

In the drawings, 1 is a grate, and 2 the ash-pit of a furnace the outer wall 3 of which Y is best made of or lined with fire brick.

4,'4 are two side walls of a central vertical conduit or Hue 5 for the combustion products. Between outerwalls 3 and inner walls 4,a vertical space 6, is provided for down- How of sawdust from the hopper-like extensions 7, one at one side and the other at the other side of the furnace structure. The upper end of each space 6 communicates by Ia passage Swith a chamber under the usual arch or furnaceehead 9 below which the which is preferably provided with upwardly and outwardly extending extensions 1a at the foot of each supply-conduit.

As the sawdust-supply-conduit is opened immediately above the grate into the combustion-products Hue and also communicates at its upper end with the upper end chamber of the furnace, provision is made for up- How of steam through the mass of sawdust as it gravitates to the grate, and the suction on the exit Hue ofthe furnace causes the steam generated in the hot or burning sawdust mainly to ascend through the mass of sawdust and finall to pass out of the exit- Hue. Sawdust is indicated by S inone of the two sawdust-conduits thus provided.

In the other form of the furnace, illustrated by Figs. 3 and 4, grate 1 is provided centrally with an upwardly-extending sawdust-deHector m, the apex of which points toward the open lower end of the central passageway down through which the sawdust gravitates to the grate, sawdust being put into the furnace through the funnel y in arch 9. In this form the combustion products ascend through the side spaces 6a provided between the outer walls o f the furnace structure and the inner walls` 4, 4.

The invention may be embodied in various other forms.

What I claim is:

A sawdust-burning furnace comprising an a Wall supported at its bottom by an arch above the grate to form an opening between the lower portions of the conduit and combustion chamber, and also having at its lower end a deHector for directing the downHow- 'ing sawdust on the grate; said conduit wall rising toward but not contacting with` the leating with the conduit; the conduit having top wall, whereby an opening is formed between the upper portions of the conduitl and In testimon whereof I afIix my signature the combustion chamber for outow of in presence o two witnesses.

steam; anda side Wall ofthe furnace having JULES HECTOR HIRT. an exit opening from the combustion cham- VVt-nesse: 5 ber for out-flow of the steam and of the com- G. BLAKE,

bustion products. EDWARD E. BLACK'.

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U.S. Classification110/235, 48/111
Cooperative ClassificationF23G5/16