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Publication numberUS1086568 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 10, 1914
Filing dateDec 6, 1912
Priority dateDec 6, 1912
Publication numberUS 1086568 A, US 1086568A, US-A-1086568, US1086568 A, US1086568A
InventorsFrank B Stirckler
Original AssigneeFrank B Stirckler
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Fastening device.
US 1086568 A
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L86,56& Patented Feb. 10,1914.


cilfifiiizjffi fifi Syeciflcat ior. oi Lettms Patent.

Amflicarimn filed ."flecember 4%., 19155.

10 a a, whom it may comem: a reduced portifl w 1h lmawn that l, FRANK Ehmcmam, in. x I

an of 141m Swiss, residing injam-111g a ere-55s QQSQOH, counfigy of Suffolk, and State of gages the under side @i m w E ilassmhusett, have invented 2:11 Improva- The skis 18 3 1145 haw mam in Fmstsning' Devices, of which the Ectemferenca 02:

one disk imilowing description, in connection Wiih time enables the max-raw a c zmnggsmying c imwingfi is a specification like lettms 0:;1 drawings mpresenting like 1 parts. i

I la

Thjs invention rela tas 0 a fmsenimg d2 W21? mm; especmliy adapmii among athw uws umhmd #50 be employad on zlutomoblles, bows and. kmaiemhiv 11M $1249 like for fastening curtains, covers and lower 5115mm for like parts ill place described. Chm arm 4 The invantion has fox abject to pro film hoilow bmiy vide a simpie, inexpansive and efficient denended from-1 vice, fmr the purpose specifiacl. To this and,

thereef throl 1 sinks 511efaatening device csmprises male memties; of the hollow bod 5 91351 75 7032- (11% move construction, as will be dearelmmmlly pressad sum My W mail? scl'ibeti and a female um'arnber whish is ends pmjecfi; oufizsilcle, wile 13M j preferably 0f 11011-21 mnstmciinn, m5 will be Syd-n.5, herein ShGWKl m; a uni" a r ibgd, flaming 26, which 1 cum: 2:

l is an elevation 0f fasiiening .the 211m). 16! In the pl'esel'ai'; i 553 ieviae. embodying this invenuionn Fig. 25, a 26 of the spring we 366M011 on an mflavrgad male taken 11 'Lhe ho ies 2? in the hbidimg; arnw 2--2, 3, sayiew like 2, 20 have cnpws siwwing; H15 .0 male-mmnber in the mm a? *uppm surface 2?, Ewing slipped onto the male member.

{lei-m l of one of the lnrsking devices 2111" v I #I'QCE 30. head, is womb 1 l L0 the drawing, the M 5 mam-- iixactimz. by em shqxm comprises a, b21343 plam a 3 extended from i: a hollow body parfion 0 mammmfiy 1pm at its upper lower The hmflnwbody purtion 5 am uf the head, fne arms 16 3 me a efem'bly will be made sheet metal in? Wan-(11y 50y mm spring has 3.5 tegml "Win the ham a M16 struck up theraguided in its nwvemem by the stem 1 mm mm E50 form 1m cylinder haying: its lower ing through the plate or disk a. and an annularshaulcler10,5ee1fiig. 2, against said head. is prevenizc from bei which disk 01'. piate 12 is held by amiable from the Pyiinfler' Z1, when 15E1 2 new clipg 13, 0r 0 Wis a see varied i k *r mime T A 'dy part-inn & g ide for 1d imadad from the under sidm of a) hem? 1 A L Q11, whicl misses the upper 01' ones. and. 0&6 1 0mm mm;

u H I y is: 33' cymm r1011}. bqdy 390mm. Tge hddmg uggper 01: 013%857 5mg may and. pieiemmy 2 refez'mci to, are located substant-mily m provlcieu m1 up my 02." outer 5121' m 3 with wheveled Yp metrically opposite, and each can wiapamtefl the uncwr wit sumfaaes la GE arm 16 my my of the fingers 20, to more securely hold the in Fig. 3 by the engagement of the female member with the inclined upper surfaces 21 of the h lding devices. When the female member lias passed by the fingers 20, the holding devices 16 are moved by the spring 25, 26 into their vertical position shown in Fig. 2, and the fingers 20 are extended over the female member and serve to firmly hold the latter on the male member. To release the female member, the head 15 is pressed upon by the thumb or finger of the operator, and pushed into the hollow body- I) sufiiciently to cause the inclined under surface 28 of the said head, to act against the inclined surfaces 21 of the fingers and force the latter back into the body portion Z), and thus Withdraw them from engagement with the female member and permit the latter to be slipped'ofi'of the hollow body 6.

The holding devices have an oscillating movement and are practically pivoted to the disk or plate 12, which is efiected by the narrow web 17 fitting the slot 18 loosely and by the head 19 and shoulder 42 being separateda suflicient distance to permit the arms 16 to oscillate.

I have herein shown one construction of fastening device embodying the, invention, but it is not desired to limit the invention to the particular construction shown;


1. In a fastening device of the character described, in combination, a male member comprising a hollow body portion open at its upper end and provided with slots near said upper end, holding devices within said body portion and provided with fingers normally extended through said slots and having inclined upper surfaces, means for yieldingly holding said devices in their normal position, a head movable into said hollow body portion and provided with an inclined under surface which engages the inclined upper surfaces of said'fingers to move the latter'into the hollow body and permit a female member to be removed from the hollow body portion, a'studattached to the under side of said head and extended into said hollow body portion, and means cooperating with said stud to limit the outward movement of said head, substantially as described.

2. In a fastening device of the character under surface cooperating with the inclined upper surfaces of said fingers, means for connecting said head with said body portion to move therewith and to permit movement of the head independently of said body portion to enable the inclined surface of the head to engage the inclined surfaces of the fingers and move the latter within the said body portion and permit a female member to be removed from said body portion, substantially as described.

3. In a fastening device of the characten' described, in combination, a male member comprising a hollow body portion having slots in its upper end, a disk secured to said body portion at. one end and provided with slots extended from its circumference and with a central opening, means for securing said disk to said body portion, arms provided at their lower ends with reduced portions which are inserted in the slotsof said disk and having a head and shoulder to engage the opposite sides of said disk, fingers on said arms normally extended through the slots in said body portion. and provided with inclined. upper surfaces, a spring to hold said arms in their normal position, and a head provided v with an inclined under sur face to engage the inclined upper surfaces of said fingers, and provided with a stem extended through said disk, substantially described. J

4. In a fastening device of the character described, in combination, a male member provided with a hollow body portion open at its upper end, arms within said body portion having fingers extended outside {thereof surfaces, a head toclose the openend of and movable in said hollow body portion and provided with npperand lower inclined and having an inclined lower surface which; I

cooperates with the inclineduppcr surfaces.

of said fingers and providedwith a stem extended within the hollow body portion, means for guiding said stem and for connecting the movable head with the said hollow body portion, and a female member fitted over the male member and having an inclined lip which engages the inclined under surfaces of said fingers, substantially as described. v i

5. In a fastening device of the character described, a hollow body portion open at its upper end, a holding device within said body portion and provided with a finger extended outside thereof and having an inclinedupper surface, 'and a head for said hollow body portion movable therein and havthe stem and head to the body portion, sub- 0 ing an inclined under surface which coiipstantially as described. erates with the inclined upper surface of In testimony whereof, I have signed my said finger to move the latter into the 1101- name to this specification in the presence of 5 low body portion by movement of the said two subscribing witnesses. 1

head, a stem attached to said head and ex- FRANK B. STIRCKLEB. tended into the hollow body portion, and Witnesses: means within the hollow body portion for JAB. H. CHURCHILL,

guiding the said stem, and for connecting J; MURPHY.

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U.S. Classification24/607, 24/110
Cooperative ClassificationF16B21/06