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Publication numberUS1087334 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateFeb 17, 1914
Filing dateFeb 4, 1913
Priority dateFeb 4, 1913
Publication numberUS 1087334 A, US 1087334A, US-A-1087334, US1087334 A, US1087334A
InventorsWilliam Norton Stevens
Original AssigneeWilliam Norton Stevens
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Incased-concrete piling.
US 1087334 A
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Patented Fwd-7,1914" 1:9 WITNESSES I v ifs 'VE/WOi? dlfii'MM M .3 13 Q QWM cased concrete p1hng,



Specification of Letters Eatent.

Eatentetl Fen. Iii

Application filed February 4, 1913. Serial No. 756,184.

To all whom it may concern Be it known that I, l-VILLIAM Nome S'rnvnn's, hi3, a citizen of the United States, residing in the borough of Brooklyn, county of Kings, city and State of New York, have invented a new and useful improvement in lncasell-Concrcte Piling, of which thefollowing is a specification.

My invention relates to certain improvements in the construction of reinforced inin which superposed tubular sections of iron or steel held in alinement at ihcir abutting 'eiuls by internal sleeves, are driven or sunken into the gronncl, a cluster oi iron or steel reinforcing rods placed therein, and the pile casing then filled with cement or concrete so as to. unite the casing sections, alining' sleeves and reinforcingrozls together and to the concrete filling to make the complete pile.

My invention,consists primarily in combining the sectioiralining sleeve, with the spacecl guides for holding the reinforcing rods in place, substantially as hercii'iafter described.

My invention also consists in making the reinforcir rods of superposed sections whose ones are adjusted. to ahut "within their respective spaced guides, so as to form in effect continuous reinforcing tools, which being hcltl in alineinent by the -uncles and being supported from the foot of the pile will coact with the pile casing and with the concrete filling when hardened therein, in

taking up and supporting the vertical thrust upon the completed. P1119.

My invention also consists in iorming the driving shoe, when usetl, with spaces; guides in alincmont with the respective rod guitles on the casing sleeves, to receive and support the lower ends of the reinforcing rocls in their proper position. i 4

In order that my invention may be fully understood I shall first describe in cletail the mode in which I carry my invention into practice and than disinctly claim the in-- vention.

Reference is to be had to the accompanying (lrawinr s forming part of this specification, in which like parts are designated by the same numbers in all the figures.

Figure 1 is a sectional sicle elevation of a reinforced concrete pile cmlmclying' my invention. Fig. 2 is on enlarged plan view of the coinhnietl alining sleeve and reina sectional view of said combined alining sleeve anti rod holder.

Referring to the drawings, 10, 11 are two tubular metallic sect-ions, forming the casing of the pile; 12 is aclriving csn preferably used for receiving the blows of the pile driver; 13 is a driving shoe forinccl with nee: l t to fit tightly Within the lower cut of the pile casing; 15 is one of the metalli internal sleeves for holding he ahuttino ends 05 the casing sections in ment, anti 1 are ieinforcing rods, placed ul hclcl vertioally apirt Within the pile casi o;

The concrete or cement lilli' is poured into the pile casing, after the casing is driven home and the reinforcing roiils properly placed therein as hereinafter described to bind anc unite the casing sections, alining sleeves, driving shoe, if used, anti reinforcing rorls together to form the complete pile.

Eifieiently, conveniently and econoniicall to receive and support the lower encls of the vertical reinforcing rods 16 in position apart, 1 preferably form in the upper side of lhe driving shoe 13, vertical socket-s or guides 19 properly spaced around the axis of the shoe to receive loosely the lower'enrls of the lower rod sections 1 Also, by prefer" ence cast the alining sleeve 15 with inwardly and radially projecting ocsses formed with vertical tubular guides 25, spaced peripherally around the sleeve 15 as the vertical reinforcing Polls; 16 are to be spaced, to guide and hohl saitl rocis in aline meat and in their proper relative positions within the casing.

To hold the a-linin sleeve 15 in position in the abutting end portions of the casing sections 10, ll, I may use any suitable means, such as indentations 22 in the casing sections above and below the alinins sleeve 15, as shown and claimed in. United States Letters dropped through the sleeve guides so that their lower curls will hear on the shoe 13, or the foot of the pile. The lower sections 0: the rods 16 are prci'crahly so proportioned lll in le ll that their upper ends will termi tiles as shown. rods 16 are then lllft their ends will ill iii The no ili pyw ill abut and e se on,

ompletecl. aeini'oirciiig rods will ierneni; by the sleeve 7 The superposed section; thus be h ld.

guides ml 1. form in effect continuous vertical IyHlfQlCllJQ rods, which being suppst=ixlecl fromihe foot the pile, will eil'eeaively ceiiei; Wi li the pile casing and i /1th the coiici'ete filling when lmrdeneni therein; in mimJoiting the vertical thrust 1 In Vie pile, and will thus greatly a and stifien the compl one.

ll im'iiialioii oi? the W i H yo lliolel 'iiig' bosses 9% "forms; an eiimemely simple, oeoimmioal ell'ective and convenient means "for guiding and holding llie sections of the i'ei iforci g rods in position and nlinement,

opeizife eiiectively wii'li the concrete filling, ilw." sections, sleeves and reinforcing rods iiiul the Wllfilf eoii'ipo .7. pile together i'm a pile of zfiostre ch and alumil Braves ii: any

lie shorter oi." long er to the length ol; the

will. i Liam? the g il 'illlllliif, square, or oi V in position by the holding bosses 24; in addition 00-.

01111, Without departing from the scope of my inveiiion.

Having thus described. my invention and. the mode in which I osrry the some iiiie 'iinejzice, I claim:

1. As new. ariicle 0i mamifaebuie, a, 'l'ubular Mining sleeve to be lifiliecl within the abutting ends of metallic casing sections, said sleeve being formed: inteirierl'y at one end thereof with longitudinal tubes for holding vertical reinforcing rods.

2. As a new article of marmiaeture, an aliniiig tubular sleeve for joining the almiting ends of metallic eas ng sections to gather, said sleeve having IlOll'llGCl at one end. thereof interiOrly-arranged elongated guiding and confining tubes for the varying meeting ends of: vertical reinfoi." lg rods,

substantially as des zri'becii reinforced lDCELSBfl eonoete piling ii'xei'ellio Easing sections, 1 tubulai iiietalim illll'llllg sleeve fitted Within the abutting ends said, metallic casing sections, said sleeves being formed interiorly Wll-ll longitudinal tubes vertical reinforcing rods held. in and by said interior tubes apzii-t lIOlll the see tlOllllll'DQllillllC casing, and 21, filling of new ci'efe in: cement Within sziitl casing and sleeve ancl between the reinforcing rods and {lie easing.

i m (mamas 11mm TVILLXAM CUNNINGHAM,

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