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Publication numberUS108739 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateOct 25, 1870
Publication numberUS 108739 A, US 108739A, US-A-108739, US108739 A, US108739A
InventorsWilliam H. Taylor
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Improvement in harness-hooks
US 108739 A
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York, have invented a new and improved Harnessits point-and a portion of the body being sufficiently tntml tate WILLIAIM'H. TAYLOR, 0F BALDWINSVILL, NEW YORK.

Letters Patent No. 108,739, dated October 25, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters` Patent and making part of the same.

To. all whom it 'may conce-ru:

' Be it known that I, WILLIAM H. TAYLOR,l ot' Bal`dwinsville, in the county of Onondaga Aand StatgI of New Snap; and I do hereby declare that the following is a fnll, clear, andexact description thereof', which will en able othersv to make and use the same, reference being had to the accompanying drawing forming a part ot this specitcation, inwhich'- Figure l is a side view of my invention', and

' Figure 2 is a plan view. 4

Similar letters of reference .indicate like parts.

The object of this invention is to do away with the ordinary spring heretofore used generally in harnesssnaps, thereby obtaining a more durable article, and making an important saving in cost;'and

The invention consists in a malleable cast-iron hook,

light to have a degree of elasticity, and the entrance contracted so that the hook is engaged with sufcient resistance to spring its point and body slightly also, in forming one or more shoulders on the point ofthe hook-7 and a corresponding number of fingers on its body, to aid the hook in retaining its hold, as hereinafter more, fully described.

In the accompanying drawing- A is the eye of the hook B, the body; vand f O, the point.

'lhe point C is made quite light, so as to have some spring or elasticity at its extreme end.

In litting a harness with these snaps, the Workman takes a pair of pliers and compresses the point until the entrance e is slightly smaller than the bit-ring, with which it is to engage.; and this alone would, perhaps, be snicient to retain the ring within the hook; but in addition to this contraction ofthe entrance, I make the point C with several shoulders or curves, 1, 2, and 3, and provide the body B with lingers, b' b, that are inclined toward the loop of the hook; and the said curves 1, 2, and 3,- te'nd to throw the ring within the fingers b b when the ring moves backward toward the entrance of -the hook. The fingers b b are inclined toward the loop of the hook, so that, if the ring should get past one .or both of them, it will return readily to the loop of the hook when strain is put upon it. y

These shoulders and lingers may fbc one or more in number, or they can be altogether dispensed with, and the contracted entrance c and theelasticity ofthe hook be relied 011 for the hook to retain its hold.

By these means an important savingis made in the cost of the article, and they are more durablethan by the ordinary construction.

Having thus described my invention,-

VVhat I claim, and desire to secure by Letters Pate ent, iso l v 'The snap-hook AB C, constructed substantially as described, with the curves 1 2 3 and projections b b, for the purpose set forth.`

The above specification of my invention signed by W. H. '.rAv'LoR.l

lme this 19th day of July, 187 0 Witnesses:


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Cooperative ClassificationF16B45/00