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Publication numberUS1088748 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1914
Filing dateSep 24, 1912
Priority dateSep 24, 1912
Publication numberUS 1088748 A, US 1088748A, US-A-1088748, US1088748 A, US1088748A
InventorsHyman Uffner
Original AssigneeHyman Uffner
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US 1088748 A
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APPLICATION FILED snr'r.24,1912.

a ffdrwe Patented Mar 3 19M 2 SHEETS-4111131 1 Jmw/ r zfhiesgs mama: uv uwuna n c STATES.


' Urmmn, or vnw-Yonx; n. y.


particularly applicable to albums for holdmg in pockets heavy articles like phonograph-record disks or the like, although it is' not limited to such use.

The object of theinvention is to provide a book of simple and neat construction, which will have each of the leaves securely, and preferably independently, fastened in place, and which will be so constructed that.

one set of leaves, even if damaged or torn, will not cause thfiSEPfi-Itltlfill of the other leaves from the book.

In carrying out my invention I provide a plate having a series of long parallel slots through the plate, the plate being slightly less than the height and width of the boo back. I anchor each leaf, or each pocket as thecase may be, to anchor strips which are passed through adjacent slots, and secured to the back plate. When all the anchor strips are in place, and, properly secured I fasten the plate directly to a can vas backing, and to a segment preferablyof wood, shaped to give the desired contour to the back of the book. The canvas backing I secure to the cover portions of the book, and the segmental 'block I glue .in place againstthe back of the cover, andv I depend upon strong rivets to hold the slotted plate, canvas and segmental block together.

The scope of my invention will be pointed out in the claims.

In the accompanying drawings: Figure l is a perspective view'of my improved album. Fig. Qis a sectional detail showing apart of a slotted plateand the pockets in section. Fig. 3 is a section on line 3 Fig. 2. Fig.

4 is a section of the back plate. back and part of the covers of theibook with the pockets shown in side elevation. Fig. 5 is a section on line 5-5 Fig. 4. Fig. 6 is a plan view of the slotted back plate.

In carrying out my invention, In constructing an album for holding phonograph records, I provide pockets 1 having central openings 2, and closed at each end .3 and 4,

' but open at the topas indicated at 5..

This invention relates to albums, and isspeciflcaitioii of Letters Patent. Application filed September a ma Serial Ila. 722,940.

Patented Mar; 3, 1914.

- I provide a slotted plate 6, preferably of meta ,.having 'a number of parallel slots 7 substantially throu bout its length, and provided with a num r'of rivet holes 8. I also provide, preferably of wood, a back block 9 of such shape or contour as will ive the proper appearance to the back of the bcok,'and a canvas stri 10 for a purpose hereinafter .to be descri ed. I provide anchor strips 11 and 12 of suitable fabric,

the anchor strip ll passing throu h' two ad acent slots '8, (se'eFig. 2') on t e outside'of an anchor strip12. These strips may be cemented or glued together, exceptin at their ends, where they form a yoke 13, wfiich is glued to the pockets 1. A rivet 14 serves to secure each anchor strip to the back plate I 6. When all the anchor strips and pockets. are in place,(i t will be a parentthat two anchor'strips may pass t rough the same slot, but turned in opposite directions) then the'plate with the attached anchorstrips and pockets is secured preferably by rivets, such asl-B, to the canvas strip 10 and. the back block 9. I then secure by glue the back. block to the back of the cover 16, and the ends of the canvas strip 10 to the cover portions 17 and 18.

In carrying out this invention, details of construction may be varied from those shown, and yet the essence of the invention be retained; some parts might be employed without others, and new features thereof might" be combined with elements 'old in the art in diverse ways, although the herein described type is regarded as embodying substantial improvements over such modifications.

As many changes could be made in the above construction, and many a parently widely different embodiments of the invention could be made without departin from the scope thereof, it is intended that a matters contained'in the above description or shown in the accompanying drawings shall be interpreted in an illustrative and not in a limiting sense. a

By the term leaf-carrying member as used in the claims, I means strips or the like, which pass through the slots, embrhce the metal intervening between two slots, and

1.The' herein described album, compris--.

ing a cover, a slotted backplate, the sl ts in the back plate extending through the plate and disposed lengthwise thereof,' a plurality of leaf-carrying members secured thereto, each leaf 'carrying member passing through at least two'o'f said slots, and means for securing the back plate and the assembled leaf-carrying members to the cover;

2. An album comprising a cover, having a back portion and sideportion, a block ad- 'jacent the back of the cover,'a back plate havin a plurality of elongated arallel slots,

the s ots in the plate exten ing. through 'the'pl'ate and disposed lengthwise thereof,

leaf-carrying members passing around the l's'portion'sof the plate between difi'erent slots and extending from the back plate, an

means for securing the back plate to the block and cover portion.

3. An album comprising a cover having a back portion and side portion, a back adjacent the back-of the cover, aback plate -having a plurality, of elongated parallel slots, leaf-carrying members passing around the portions .of the plate between difierent slots and extending from the back plate, and means for securing the back plate to the'block and cover portion, the said leafcarrying members being in pairs with their ends open to form a yoke, and a leaf having its edge within said yoke.

3 4. Th herein described means for fasten-- ing together a plurality of book leaves con- I sisting ci a back plate provided with a luing'a cover, a back-plate having elongated slots, 'the slots parallel one to the other,',and' two adjacent leaf pcrtlons secured together at'one' end by a leaf-carrying member, said leaf-carrying member passing throughtwo. slotsof the back plate and around the in-.

tervening wall 6. The herein descrihedf al-bum comprising a cover, a back'plate having elongated slots, the slots parallel one to thepther, and; two adjacent leaf portions secured together at one end. by a-leaf-carrying member, said leaf-carrying member] passing through two slots of the back plate, and around the intervening wall, said back pla having a plain surface both in front and rear.

Signed at New York city,New York,

21st day of September, one th0usand ,nil.1e hundred and twelve.


' Witnesses F."WA1&REN Wmcnr, Alinnnr H. F. Berra m.

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U.S. Classification281/22, 281/24
Cooperative ClassificationB42D1/08