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Publication numberUS1089279 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 3, 1914
Filing dateSep 10, 1913
Publication numberUS 1089279 A, US 1089279A, US-A-1089279, US1089279 A, US1089279A
InventorsBurton W Simer, Anthony Nichols
Original AssigneeBurton W Simer, Anthony Nichols
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Self-closing sack.
US 1089279 A
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Patented Mar. 3, 1914.


Loeeeiu lPoilen'leol EL, Zill- T0 all whom 'it may COS-wem Be it known that we, llon'lon lll?. @mien and ANTHONY NiouoLef citizens oi the United States, residing as kElelnion in ille county of liexnli and lva'le of liisilxo, lieve. invented new and useful lmpx-ovenienlis in SelClosinieg Sacks, of which @he following is a speeiieoliion.

This invention is in improved seek o1' bag, adaptecl for holding cement oi' other mele rial uml which een be closed witliouf sewing; and een lie readily emptied and refilled, ille oloject of the invention beingl lo provide on improved sock of this @hamster which een be heincllei, filled or emptied without. the necessity of sewing up the oi iippii'ig the sume when il is 'elesiieel lo empty the seek, the ,invention eonsisting in zonsl'ruclion combination onli arraneement of devices liei'einafler deseiibefl miel Claimed.

lo ll'ie accompanying drawing: Figline l 'is a side elevation oil. zi self closing saei oonstruetecl in accordance with our invention showing llie some opened. Jig. is o similar View showing; llio snel( clos/exil Figi. 3 :i plan ol ille same partly in eeelion. 's o vertical seoi'ionnl View oil lie uppef' poilion of @he suoli.

'lllie Seel; 'l may lie suilulile oise and shape 11ml may lie meile of" any suilzilile material ll Dei-mamen, elosefgl liolili ends, sind one end Z which liefe mi open end. foi'i'neil al; one sf il which et one corner of idziptecl izo lie eclemleel longiliuoinolly there from nto open elle sack nml to loe folded' across the umuei' end of *elle seek in oiclei' lo close the same. This Seoul; is here shown as lapeifine in 'form from ifs buse or iones end lo its upper oi clisolniige emi anni is oon strucled inte# all:T 'willi the suoli, all oi' tlie upper enel of the suoli; being permanently closed as by ineens of stitching Il, excepting the mouth 5 of `the spout. The upper end of the sack is provided al; ille sicle 4opposite thespout 3 with an eyelet 6. [in opening cord Y is allaelled to the outer end. of tlie snout, on the outei: side of the lutte?? :mol a closing eoiel 8 is ailzlaelid lo tli'e opposite corner llieieof l s sl'iown in lligg'.

Uur improve'cl Snell' may lie iemlily openeel und closed, may lie i'eanllily lilleci miel emp lied, unil llene@ muy lee i'eueell fi i'uiinbei oil limes films ellecting :i consu wilile l by lengthening( the lilo oi eri/ice of, lf. and also greatly reducing l ing lime in (mening .wel closing; ille While Woluwe here i `luown and (le: .iibeil the preferred form oi: our :invention sie would have it uiifleiuilool that changes only be :nude in the i'oiui, piopoi'lion mill construction olf llie several paris Witliooli ile perline; from 'the spii'i,` of' oui1 invenlioi'i enel wiihin tlfl -eone of ille. appended claims.

Ham/'imi illus flesei'ibed oui' invenlzion We claimt.

l. il mieli: Closed et 'both enfls :mol pio vlileil et one oi' its closed ends with a, spout mlaoif-i'l lo be exlenileel therefrom or lo lie 9*" olilefl on lie sume, und a closing; eoi'el lil',-

l'uelieil lo the said spool, the seid @losing oord beine' arranged on ille innen side oil lille spool; unil on 'the inner side of ille seein eil-- lending meros-s liesml :incl Ming lecl oui tluoilgli on opening in one side oif'llie seek.

Q 'l'il socle closed :it bolli enfle mol pra vided al; one of its Closed ende willi spout aflopiefl to loe extended liei'elliom oi to be folded on the same und o closing eoil al;- tuehed lo'tlie said spout, the sold closing ooi-d being; arranged on lie innei siilo of the spout :mel on the inner side of llie seek, extending across lille sack and "being led. out through :1n openingy in one side oi the sack, the sack beine' provided with an eyelel in the said opening :md tluough which the seid cord extends.

3. A suck of the class des lbel'l closed at bot-l1 ends and povicled at one of its closed In testimony whereof We ax our signatures in presence of wo Wnesses.


ends with an integral, flexible spoui'J arranged at one corner thereof and adapted to be extended therefrom or folded across the same, an opening Cord attached to the outer side of the spout at its mout-h and a closing Vtnesses:

cord attached to the inner side of the spout R. H. JOHNSON, at its mouth. E. W'. VJHITCUMB.

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International ClassificationB65D30/24
Cooperative ClassificationY10S383/906, B65D31/00