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Publication numberUS108949 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateNov 1, 1870
Publication numberUS 108949 A, US 108949A, US-A-108949, US108949 A, US108949A
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Improvement in fan-blowers
US 108949 A
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FAN BLOWER- Patented Nov. 1

25m/emptor exact description of the same, reference being had tovstructed'tiins, of inwardly-projecting ilanges, substan- -screws, u, which pass through tlanges at the edges of on the outer side of the case across said openings, to

,G, said shaft beingl arranged through the air-openings yin the position shown in the drawing.


Letters Patent No. 108,949, dated November 1, 1870.


The Schedule referred to in these Letters Patent 'and making part of the Bam@- To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, .LORENZO l). Wnnnnnn, of Fitchburg, in the count-y of Worcester and Commonwealth of Massachusetts, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Fan-Blowers; and I do hereby decla-re that the following is a full, clear, and

the accompanying drawing forming part ot" this specitication, in which- Figure 1 represents a plan view of my improved faublower; Y.

' Figure 2 represents a side view ofthe same;

-Figure 3 represents a side view of the interior, one v,aside of the case being removed; and

liiguret represents acentral vertical section on line A B, g. 2. f

` To enable those skilled in the art to which my in vent-ion belongs to malte and -uso the same, I will proceed to describe it more in detail.

The nature of my invention consists- First, in the combination, with the fans, of a periphery supporting-wire, substantially as hereinafter explained.

Secondly, iu an improved fan-blower, the parts of which are constructed and combined together substantiall y as' hereinafter' described.

n Thirdly, in the combination, with the peculiarly-contiaily as hereinafter described..

The outside case of my improved fau-blower is made in two parts, indicated in the drawing by the let-ters A Af, each of the parts forming one side ofthe case, and the two sides are secured to each other by means of the side pieces,as shown in the drawing.

Each ofthe sides A and Ais formed with an opening inlits center, through which the air passes tothe interior of the case, and curved arms B B are formed support the bca-rings b if, in which turns the fanshaft The driving-pulley I) is arranged upon the end of the shaft C outside of the bearing b, and the hub E of the fan-wheel. is arranged between the two arms B B', so that its central part will be in linc with thc center ofthe space between the two sides ofthe case A A.

The fans F are secured to arms' G, which radiate from the central part of the hub E, their outer ends being curved backward, as indicated in fie". 3.

.ihe outer ends 'of the fans are made narrower than their inner ends, which latter are notched out as shown at j, to match the inwardly-projecting anges l ll', which surround the central openings.

'lhc outer ends of the fans are secured to a periphf ery wire, c, which acts as a brace to keep the fans steady, thereby making the fan-wheel very strong.

The central portion of the case is made to conform to the curvature of the sides of thc fans, the twosides being drawn toward cach other, so that, just beyond thc circumference of the fan-wheel, at the point fm., the internal diameter of the case Ais about equalto the width ofthe fans at their outer ends.

Beyond the point m the case is rounded outward, to form a spiral air-passage, I, commencing at the front ot' the case, and gradually.increasing in diameter until it merges into tbc delivery-pipe H, to which thc conducting-pipe is to be attached.

The air-passage I is circular in form, and its diameter increases equally in all directions, while the spacewuy. m, between the air-passage I and the tan-chamber, is the same width throughout its full circumference.

By reference to thc drawing, and from the foregoing description, it will be seen that the construction of my improved lan-hlower is suoli that the size of the airpassage I gradually increases, to accommodate the increasing volumc of air, so that auI equal current is radiated ti'om the fans throughout the full circumferenceof the fau-wheel, whereby no loss of power is occasioned by the fans holding the air, nor is there liability ot' the a-ir beingdrawn into the fan-chamber from the dischargin g-tube at their point of junction at And again, the form ofthe fans is such that the air is rapidly drawn in and passed through theAan-wheel, s o that the blast produced by the blower is very strong, while, at the same time, it requires comparatively but little power to drive the fans.

Having described my improved fan-blower,

' What I claim therein as new and of my invention, A' and desire to secure by Letters Iatent, is

l'. 'Ihe combination ot' the peculiarly-oon'structed fans F with the inwardly-projecting flanges d d', substantially as and for the purposes stated.

2. An improved fan-blower, the parts ot which are,v`- constructed .and combined together, as herein shown and described;


Witnesses Taos. H. DODGE, Guo. MILLER.

anni @da y

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