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Publication numberUS1090126 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 10, 1914
Filing dateJul 15, 1912
Priority dateJul 15, 1912
Publication numberUS 1090126 A, US 1090126A, US-A-1090126, US1090126 A, US1090126A
InventorsFritz Reichmann
Original AssigneeFritz Reichmann
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US 1090126 A
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1,090,21 26, Patented Mar. 10, 1914L EL a V1 ATT FNEY FRITZ REICHMANN, 0F ALBANY, NEW YORK.


Specification of Letters latent.

Patented Mar. 10, 1914.

Application filed July 15 1912. Serial No. 709,350.

To all '1r/ioni.y `[t may eonern lle it` known that l, Farra ltnleHMAINN, a citizen ol the YUnited States, residing at- Albany, eonnty ol Albany, and State of New York, ha\ e invented certain new and useful lmproreinents in ',l`ooth-llrushes, ol which the following in a speeilieation. f

"the invention relates to surh iniprovementsI and eonsists ot the novel eonstrimtion and eomhination 4ol parts hereinafter tlewrihetl and subsetnlently elaimecl.

llelerenre nray be had to the aeeonlpa11ying' drawings, and the reterenee Characters marked thereon, which orm a part of this speriliration. Similar el'laraeters relier to similar parts Ain the several figures therein.

Figure l ol the drawings a View partly in side elevation and partly in Vertiral, lon giluiliual sert/ion olf a toollrbrunh ranl'lotlyino; my intention, Fire'. is a View in side elevation olf one ol' the lnush-units detarheil.

. lfigg'. Il is a view in side elevation ol' a toothbrush embodyimf Vmy invention showing the brush-units ronnerlrit together by inter meshing gears. lt`i,e. /lis a top plan View ol the same. v

"lhe principal ohjert, ol the .invention is to cause `in the use o lf a tooth-brush a revoluble aetion ot the several bristles about an axis extendingl longitudinally ol the respeetive bristles- '()ther objeets will appear in eonneetion with the followingf deseription.

ltelerringg` to lilas. l. and Q, l the handle ot' the tooth-brush upon which are st iparately relatively mounted a plurality ot. brushunits, 2, arranged longitrulinally along the under side ol the handle. ln the pre'lerred t'orm ol my invention these brush-units are made separable and they may be removably and relatively mounted upon the handle in any known manner, suoli that the bristles will project substantially at right angles to the under side of the handle.

As shown, eaehlnush-unit, 2, comprisesI a tuttA or knot ot brietlen, 3, mounted in a head, 4l, z-u'lapted to Alforln the male member ot a snap-fastener and adapted to he sprung into, and to beyieldingly held by7 a socket, o, lforming; the lemale member of the snaptastener. 'llie socket7 5, is shown lixeil upon the lower end ot' a` spindle, G, which is rotatively mounted inthe head portion ot the handle, il.

'the nereral spindles. (l, extend perpentl nzalarly through the handle from the under tothe upper side thereot and the brushumts are thus rotatively mounted upon the handle with their bristles projecting perpeiulieularly 'trom the under side of' the handle,- and the brush-units are adapted to separately rotate, eaeh about an axis peru ptnnheular to the handle, so that a revoluble movement is imparted to the several bristles aboutran axis extending longitrulinally of the respective bristles.

lior certain purposes of the invention the tutte or knots ot bristles may oe of any cle-` sired torni. l

lo facilitate automatic rotation of the respete-.tive lnusl1-units in use, l prefer to provide the several tufts or knots with an inrlined or beveled tace or end, 7, by having the bristles ot gradually increasing length llrom one side to the other oil the tuft or knot an shown. By thus lieveling' the ends'of the tut'tk` or knots, their longer sides will tend to engage the teeth with greater :torce than the ahorter sides, thus tending', to rotate the SeV- eral lnushunits as the brush is passed by a longitudinal movement along'the teeth.

Worn hrushsunils can be pulled out of the rospo-live sockets, 5, and new ones sprung lhereiuto when desired.

Ae shownin Figs. $3 and =l, the brush-units are eonneettul together by intermeshing nears, S, whereby a rotative movement of one ot` the units is transmitted to each of the other units.

What l elaim as new and desire to secure Letters latent isml. tooth-brimh etnnprisingr a handle and a plurality ol knots ot bristles rotatively mounted upon the side ol" thehandle upon,

axes extending longitudinally of the respeetive bristleel and arranged in a row parallel with the handle, the .several knots bein beveled whereby they rotation.

2. A toothbrush having a handle and n knot ot bristles ynojeeting laterally from thehandle and rotatirely mounted thereupon on an axis perpendicular to the lnlndle, said knot having its outer end beveled.

3. In a tooth-brush and in combination, a handle; a plurality of brush-unitholders relatively mounted upon the handle; and ln-ush-nnits removably mounted upon the re- Ispeetive brush-unit-holders.

l. ln a toothbrush and in combination, a handle; a plurality of brnshanlits rota,-u

are 4adapted for sel tively mounted upon the handle 0n axes per-v gg 1,090,126 y pendioular thereto; and gear connections behaving a snap-member whereby it is removtvveen the respective brush-units, the several ably mounted in connection with the snapbrush-units having a knot of bristles pio member on one of said-brush-unit-holders.

jeoting perpendicularly from the sideoi1 the ln testimony whereof, l have hereunto set 5 handle, the outer end of said knot being my hand this 9 day of July,1912. beveled.

5. In a tooth-brush and, in combination, a FRITZ REICHMA handle; a plurality of brush-unit-holders ro- Witnesses tatively mounted upon the handle and each L. C. DAMARELL,

lo having a snaponernber, and brush-units each PHILIP Gr. RoosA.

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