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Publication numberUS1090881 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1914
Filing dateOct 13, 1913
Priority dateOct 13, 1913
Publication numberUS 1090881 A, US 1090881A, US-A-1090881, US1090881 A, US1090881A
InventorsJames F Rowley
Original AssigneeJames F Rowley
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Ankle-joint for artificial limbs.
US 1090881 A
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Patented N2122 19M tion. Fig.


Specification of Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 24, 1914.

Application filed October 13, 1913. Serial No. 794,876.

To all whom. it, may concern;

Be it known that I. JAMES -F. RowLnY, a citizen of the United States of America, and a resident of Chicago. county of Cook, and State ofIllinois, have invented certain new and useful Improvements in Ankle-Joints for Artificial Limbs, of which the folldwing a specification.

The 'main object of this inventionis to provide an improved construction for the ankle joints of artificial limbs with a view to making them at all times silent inoperation.

An illustrative embodiment of this invention is shown in the accompanying drawings, in whieh- Figure l is a plan view of an ankle joint constructed according to this invention. Fig. 2 is another plan View partly in sec- 3 is a side view partly in section. Fig. i is an end view taken from the right of Figs. 1. and Fig. 5 is a vertical section showing th joint as applied to an artilicial limb.

Referring to the. drawings, a rod 1 having; a threaded end 2 for engagen'lcnt with cooperating parts of the structure of the shin section is shown intciaral with a tube 3. Opposite the connection 4 between the rod 1 and the tube 3, the tube 3 is provided with a slot 5 extending part way arom'ul its cirrod or shank (3 passes througihthe lot 5 and has threaded engage went with a cylindrical bearing member 7 which for this purpose is 'irovidcd with a tapped hole H. The rod or shank (5 is threaded at its end 9, so that it may be conveniently secured to the foot part of an artit'icial limb. The cylindrical member 7 is provided with a plurality of annular races 1). in which races there are anti-friction rollers in the form of balls 11 bearingbetween the evlindriral member '7 and the internal surtacc of tube 3.

By the present construction, the shank 6 may rock around its pivotal connection with the shank 2, as required in the angle movement of an artificial limb. The required limitation of the relative movement between the shin and foot sections, and resistance to such movement may be provided for in the general structure of the limb. The tube 3,

being about twice the length of the cylindrical hearing member 7, provides between its ends and the ends of the bearing member a suitable receptacle for'containing a lubricant in quantity sufiicientto last during the entire use of the limb. The annular flanges 12 shown on the tubular member 3 are for the purpose of engagement with the rubber body portion of an artificial foot when rubber is employediin the construction.

Although but one specific embodiment of this invention has been her'ein shown and described, it will be understood that some of the details of the construction shown may be altered or omitted without departing from the spirit of this invention as defined by the following claims.

I claim: 1

1. In a joint for artificial limbs, the comhination of a tubular outer member having a shank extending outwardly from. its side. a cylindrical member in said tubular. mem her having a plurality of annular ball races and balls in said inner surface of said tubular member, a slot extending part way around the circumferonce of said tubular member, and a shank secured to said cylindrical member and extending outwardly through said slot.

2. In a joint for artificial limbs, the combination ot a tubular outer member. a cooperating: inner member in said tubular member having a plurality of annular ball races and balls in said races contacting with races contactingnitli the th inner surface of said tubular member, a

slot ostendin; part way around the circumference of said tubular member, and a shank secured to said cooperating inner member and extending outwardly through said vslot.

In a joint for artificial limbs, the combination of an outer member, an inner memher. one of said members having a race therein. rollers interposed between said members in said race, and a shank on said inner member com-ting with said outer member to retain said members and rollers in their assembled relation.

Signed at Chicago this 10th day of October 1913.




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