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Publication numberUS1091172 A
Publication typeGrant
Publication dateMar 24, 1914
Filing dateMay 12, 1911
Priority dateMay 12, 1911
Publication numberUS 1091172 A, US 1091172A, US-A-1091172, US1091172 A, US1091172A
InventorsWalter Thayer
Original AssigneeWalter Thayer
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US 1091172 A
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Patented Mar. 24, 19%

Imemm walker TM z z the envelop in different stages -lng the gunnned edge of the .nnrrnn stains PATENT OFFICE.



Speciflcationof Letters Patent.

Patented Mar. 24,1914.

Application filed May 12, 1911. Serial No. 626,715.

' To all whom it may concern:

Be it known that I, WALTER THAYER, of

"Merion, in the county of Montgomery and State of Pennsylvania, have invented eertaln new and useful Improvements in Return-Envelops, whereof the following is a specification, reference being had to the ac- 'velop embodying my invention; Fig. II is a similar view showing the two flaps folded over-t0 one side of the envelop, prior to seallonger outer flap to the body of the envelop, below the edge of the inner shorter flap; Figs. III and IV are transverse vertical sections through of use; I

My improved mailing envelop is shown in its initial condition in Fig. I where the pocket 10, is provided along one edge with a flap 11. andalong the other edge with a flap 1.2. Flap 11, is a little longer than flap 12, to the extent of the width of the gun'uned strip 13, on its back.

For initial use the two flaps 11, and 12, are folded together down on one side of the envelop, (see Fig. II), and because the flap ll. is longer than the flap I2, the guinmed strip 13. of the former may be used to seal the envelop without involving the shorter flap .12, which rests intact between the flap l l, and the side of the pocket 10. I

aor first use the address and postage st amp are placed onthe exposed side of flap 1], and near its lower edge, or at least below the roulett-od line 15, which facilitates the,

subsequent removal of the lower half of this 'llhe first receiver, after opening the enoff the part of the flap -11, below the line 15. Flap 12, is provided Witha gummed strip along its lower edge, as shown at 16, and

flap 11, having been shortened so as to extend only to line 15, flap 12, is now the longer of the two by thefwidth of this gum strip, so that when the two flaps are folded eoincidently down over the other side of the envelop the pocket is again closed, and. may I i be sealed by use of the gummed strip 16, leaving intact so much as'remains of flap-11. The address and are placed upon the back of flap 12, near its lower edge or' at least below'the rouletted line 17.

The second addressee by tearing it along the line 17, so'that the envelop now (possesses two flaps still of unequal length, each hay'ing a single gummed strip. r 1

The envelop can be used a'third time and postage stamp for this use after opening the envelop removes the lower half of, flap 12,

also a fourth-time, as will beobvious from the above descri tion.

Having thus escribed my invention, I claim: I An envelop provided along both sides of its pocket with flaps, both of which may be folded co-incidently pocket with alternate exposure of addressing surfaces upon each flap, said flaps being ini tiallyof different lengths, and provided on their V adjacent inner faces with spaced gurmned strips, said guinmedstrips being so spaced that the flap may be successively shortened in alternation with continual maintenance of their unequal lengths, andwith the gunnned portion of the longer flap beyond the edge of the shorter, thereby permitting the flap which is for the time being, the longer, to be gummed to the side of the to either side of the envelop with the other flap intact beneath it. i

In testimony"whereof, I have hereunto Pennsylsigned my name at Philadelphia, Vania, this eleventh day of May 1911.

W'ALTER THAYER. Witnesses:


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